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This is a follow-up for my previous list which contained possible actors for the upcoming JLA film. I actually think THIS would be more fun to watch if it ever arose as you could make it from a good-turned-bad perspective in a similar way the film Chronicle attempted it.So, enjoy and remember, it's only my humble opinion!
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You are viewing a list comprising of my take who should be in the 2015 film version of The Justice League of America. I shall base my choosings on current actors plying their trade in certain roles and guesswork for other characters! This list is just for fun but I DO hope that they finally make this promised film. Batman and Superman never featured THAT much in the comics so surely the directors and producers shouldn't worry too much as to whether they would get Messrs Bale & Cavill. There could even be an Injustice League of America going by the sheer numbers of enemies there were and the characters would be untapped gold. So here goes, a list of what could be...imho! PjR.
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My own private IMDB of a list!Essentials only and, as usual, mostly underground sleepers and not predictable folly.In no particular order...
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Opinions come and they go but these are a few excellent actors who are instantly recognisable but you sometimes find yourself IMDB'ing the film/TV series to find certain names!