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Inside (2007)
Not flawless, still not bad for a first movie
4 September 2015
I admit, there are a lot of flaws in that movie, it's a bit clumsy (special effects are one example, especially near the end) and the acting is not exactly top notch. Yet it kind of works, the more you slip in, the more you get caught in this fury of blood. One major obstacle at the beginning, to me, was the yet to be born child, and his mother's pregnancy. Personal reluctance, nothing more. There is also this french atmosphere that may repel some of the viewers, that could explain a lot of the very nasty reviews I've read. It certainly doesn't deserve a 10, but it's a convincing effort to me. I recommend Martyrs, which is way more elaborate.
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Narco (2004)
Poelvoorde's search in mediocrity
17 December 2004
Don't misunderstand me. I liked the movie.

At first I was disappointed. I was mostly examining the flaws in the acting , the poverty of dialogues etc. And then, I don't know how, I was enjoying the film very much.

The way I see it, Poelvoorde's evolution in cinema is always aiming to get closer and closer to the poor simple guy, struggling to get a sense to his life. In that one we have three. Two are best friends, the third is Gus' wife. I won't spoil the story since I think it deserves to be seen, but they managed to give a true picture of very particular yet totally second-rate lives.

Despite the apparent poverty of the situation (except in Gus' dreams), there's a lot going on, many clichés and references to Tarantino's movie making as well. And Van Damme is perfect: a counsellor for a dumb clueless guy who thinks he's the best karateka in the world. I think he's got his place there too.

Pretty hard to get a clear opinion on this, there's a lot of mixed messages ... Once again I won't recommend it for people used to mainstream movies.

I gave it 8 out of 10
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Avalon (2001)
Just a few words
11 October 2004
Well, this movie I enjoyed very much. To answer to those complaining about the slow pace: you're right. That's what's different and pretty nice in my opinion. For instance that moment when Ash is slicing a cabbage, cooking in her apartment. Boy! What a slow yet intense moment. Nothing to "see" but how much to feel. I'd say i like John Wo's movies too you know, but this style is the opposite, and better i think if a comparison can be made.

You might think i'm a weirdo but next time you see it try to focus on the apparent emptyness of some of the scenes ... like the one in the subway ... i hope you'll see what i mean.
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Shrek 2 (2004)
I don't like Disney's cartoons
12 August 2004
... yet I had a great fun watching this sequel to Shrek, which i quite liked as well. The concept of taking many good children stories and messing with them to make'em funny and in doing so, producing a totally iconoclast movie is very enjoyable. Some would complain about the fart jokes and such ... well it's rare enough in regular stories to be highly appreciated, it's also necessary to break the usual tale imagery. We adults can have a lot of fun recognizing old tales and assessing the "damage" done to them, and kids can find here a disturbing yet well built storyline. Except for some doubtful parts (especially the end) or characters (god do i hate this donkey) there plenty of entertainment here. The question i still ask myself is how will kids react to 'serious' stories after watching these. So far i've witnessed no 'negative' effect about that. And noone can deny the 'finish' of this numeric production. wow! Those guys sure know their job! It's gorgeous! As for the music ... i won't debate that, it's a question of tastes ;) I gave it a 8/10
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Office Space (1999)
Is this funny ? (***spoilers ahead***)
12 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Well at first, it is funny. I caught myself laughing at times, that's right. Basically the first part of the movie describes some true and nasty or boring aspects of office work, with a pinch of humor. The consultant just put a another layer on the top, with a reverse of situation; the hero getting a promotion instead of being fired. But then it collapses. The try to put up a scam on the company and the guy kinda break up with his girlfriend. Finally everybody gets, let's say, right next door doing a slightly different job (but in the same place). And the two lovebirds get together again. Ha! Ha! that's funny to you ? The conclusion is "nothing ever changes", don't try to break the rule or you'll just be criminals, stay in the line and believe that's it's the right thing to do. The funny part is just there to catch on people who work in such offices (as i do). 5 out of 10 because i only lost one hour, the remaining half an hour was worth it.
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Not fair
12 May 2004
It's funny how when it comes to french movies, french people are just so harsh (i'm refering to previous comments about this movie and others)!

This one starts really (i mean really) good and, it's true, goes through worse scenes ... but the end ... well I loved it! It sure can be accused to mimic american movies (just listen to the music and the "passing-above" camera moves) but shortly after it really turns ... well ... "french". But it's not a bad thing in my opinion. Talking about the characters, You just can't help thinking "what's with them ?", why are they acting like they do ? I like to think it's because of a tradition in french cinema. Characters have to be twisted and torn apart because of their deep feelings.

In the sequence of events, it can be perceived as seemingly weird ... and I have no answer to that ... Yet I appreciated it quite much and I'm looking forward to watching the next Samuell's piece. I rated it 9 out of 10. And i can only tell: watch it!
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Immortal (2004)
Well done, still much to do
28 March 2004
Since Tykho Moon, I was impatient to see the next 'oeuvre' from Bilal. I particularly like his comics, and 'La trilogie Nikopol' was the one I liked the best. I saw the movie yesterday and well, I'm not quite sure what to think on the overall ... Some of it is really good, some is approximative, sort of unfinished ... Sure, there are plenty of computer-generated characters moving smoothly, crossing real actors on the set, nicely done. Yet I couldn't stop asking myself: "why not real people ? Did they run short of funds ? " After the movie I was still puzzled, was it a showroom for digital image technology ? As if a particularly talented child had been able to use for a while a set of state-of-the-art machinery to provide us with an unmature sequence of random images ... Yes it's almost verbatim the original scenario but something has been lost on the way. Even if some new elements have been added. I saw something amazing but it's not quite what I was (and still am) expecting from Bilal. I say let's wait for his next movie. 8 out of 10
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Identity (2003)
Could be better
28 December 2003
Some ideas but this movie doesn't manage to build a real "psycho" atmosphere. Action scenes are just poor, not much of a thrill for a thriller. Acting is average. Well maybe if there hadn't been so many stories about the same subject it could have been interesting. 5 out of 10
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Irreversible (2002)
Yes indeed
27 December 2003
That's right, it's probably the most violent movie I've ever seen. Not because of the blood amount, there's only a little. Though, the rape scene makes you want to beat the crap out of that (let us not forget it) human being with a baseball bat (it's long enough so that you get to that violent emotion). I don't know if there is another 'bottom line' in that movie, because there's not plot at all. It's very straight. Vengeance. Anyway that kind of things happens and that's intolerable. Not the movie itself. It starts horribly but the following scenes lets you cool down and understand what may lie beneath these "news items". Not recommended at all for US viewers ... too real.
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Vidocq (2001)
Peculiar but nice
27 December 2003
I am quite puzzled of reading other reviews, this is in my opinion quite an interesting movie. Surely there's a lot of room for improvement, yet it managed to focus my attention all along. Darkness, clair-obscur and colors ... Sure, the angles are unusual but what about the light ? One thing or another borrowed to Jean-Pierre Jeunet maybe, anyway the details are there. Too much detail ? Probably. It lacks a further perspective, it may look somehow confuse. The acting is not bad at all, and the plot, though linear, saves the surprise of the identity of the alchemist till the end (no spoiler here, don't worry). I hope another movie could use some of the 'spirit' of this one, with a little more distance from the scene especially for fight scenes. I think this movie contributes to open new doors in French cinema. 9/10.
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That's french popular humor
14 December 2003
If you like it, you're half-way to become a french "classics" amateur! It's not quite understandable for someone who doesn't know a bit about french comedies, yet it can allow you to grab a glimpse of what makes froggies laugh. It's full of references for one who knows a little about France, but it's definitely not a 'clever' movie. Lean back in your seat, imagine you're an average person who just wants to relax and you're in!
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