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A Real Shame!, 2 September 2014

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As a big fan of John Le Carre and Hoffman, I was excited (and a bit sad) to see this film. I expected it to be terrific. Perhaps because of this expectation I was very disappointed. I understand that it was intended to be a character study, but it was not a very well detailed study of anything other than bad film-making. What could have been a classic instead became a bore. I felt none of the edge of seat excitement that Le Carre novels are known for. Instead, I got a solid understanding that the character (or was that the actor?) was a drunk and a mess... and when it all blew-up in his face at the end no-one could have been surprised. Worse yet, by then I was glad that my 2 hours of pain was finally over. A real shame!

The Bag Man (2014/I)
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Could have been great, but instead it falls well short, 16 March 2014

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"The Bag Man" had all the makings of a potentially great movie. Instead, it turned out well short. The cast is terrific and the story is also potentially terrific. Instead of what could have been a film noir-styled classic, it turned out to be some odd mix of a bad Tarantino-esque body-count farce. As I watched the movie, about 1/2 way through I started to think that the actors seemed to have mailed it in, and worse, the directors must have been bored or stoned too. The silly errors of where the motel setting actually is was just stupid -- sorry, but it's either close to Pittsburgh, Memphis, or New Orleans... but it can't be all three. I started to think that it was supposed to be a comedy of errors, or was it? Maybe just bad editing? The worst part was that Deniro could have been terrific, but instead he just seemed idiotic. A real shame, as it could have been a nice film. (Plus, IF they wanted it to be a comedy, then perhaps the bag should have contained dinner instead of an obvious part from Jack's dead girlfriend. I mean, we have ALL seen "Seven" already, right?)

Mud (2012)
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The best movie so far for 2013, 2 May 2013

I went into "Mud" with no idea of what it was about. I immediately had flashbacks to "Stand By Me". That said, I think "Mud" is a better movie. I thought the acting was exceptional, the photography both real and lush, the lighting well done, and the story was fresh, real, and terrific. The direction MUST have been terrific also, as the result is a near-perfect film that everyone can and should enjoy.

The 2 young actors (playing the characters of Ellis and Neckbone) were amazing -- especially Tye Sheridan playing the lead character, Ellis. Sam Shepherd was great as Ellis' "assassin" neighbor (and longtime friend of Mud), the actor who played Ellis' dad was TERRIFIC and stole every scene he was in. Reese Witherspoon was only on film for perhaps 10 minutes but she was perfect as Mud's white-trash girlfriend. And this was Matthew McConaughey's best job EVER. (Until now only his role in The Lincoln Lawyer was good to my mind, and I was tired of his constant good-old-pretty-boy act in everything else!) I hope it was not made too early to get consideration for the Academy Awards next year. Although it's a lowish-budget independent film, "Mud" is sure to become a classic! I saw it the other night with my wife... and I plan to see it again soon with my teenage son.

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Atlas? No...AT LAST... THANK GOD it was over!, 8 November 2012

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The first 30 minutes of the movie were confusing. At about 60 minutes is got a bit interesting and I was looking forward to seeing how it would end. At 90 minutes I wanted it to wrap up. At 2 hours I REALLY wanted to leave. By 2.5 hours my legs were restless, and the other couple we were there with was also obviously giddy to depart. After 3 hours when it FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY ended, I was THRILLED -- not with the movie but to get out of there.

Over the years Tom Hanks has made one good decision after another. This movie was not another good decision for him or Halle Berry. I understood the symbolism of how the character's decisions impacted prior and future reincarnations. This was obvious rather quickly. Jesus Christ famously told his important thoughts 3 times... but 6 times was at least 3 times (and 60 minutes) too many! The highlight of this dreadful movie was the character escaping from the mental institution for the aged in about the middle of the film. His "soilent green is people" comment foretold the conclusion and supposed climax of the film. Yes, we not AT ALL surprisingly learned the genetically engineered race of nubile Asian sex kitten waitresses were raised as mere protein to be fed to later generations of entertainers/waitresses once they passed their 12-year adult shelf life. I GOT IT! We ALL got it.., how did anyone not see this was coming? But, I did not need to hear her give the same speech over and over throughout the film from different angles and through different media. BTW, I also found the make-up rather disconcerting, and the odd Cajun-esque/Gaelic brogue of the future more than annoying, and also rather unnecessary.

BUT, AT LAST... the movie was over to the groan of the audience. Frankly, I can't understand how so many people seem to like this terrible film! We go to the movie theater every Wednesday, and in a year of mediocre and bad movies, this monstrosity is likely the worst! I rate it a 1 on this scale... but 10 rotten tomatoes on another.

The Words (2012)
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Terrific movie... ignore the naysayers!, 20 September 2012

If you never see a movie unless EVERYONE else LOVES it... then skip "The Words". However, if you are able to enjoy a movie in spite of silly reviewers questioning the ending, the plot twists, or perhaps and don't require countless Dukes of Hazard-style car chase scenes and seeing the nude bodies of the leading ladies... then go see "The Words" and enjoy it! My wife a I went with another couple last night, and we all generally liked it or loved it! We planned on dinner afterward and this gave us time to discuss it... and that was helpful because we all had taken away different interesting bits. The actors are good to terrific. Jeremy Irons is exceptional! BUT...WHAT did it all mean? WHO CARES!!! It meant, quite simply, they made a great movie that requires one to have a mind to enjoy it. ;) Enjoy "The Words" for what it is... something different, finally!

"Rubicon" (2010)
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The best new show on TV!, 18 October 2010

I watched every episode. The series began with promise, filled-in the gaps along the way with great acting and plot twists, and ended the season with real edge-of-your-seat excitement. Those who need electric soundtracks, chase scenes, and over-the-top pseudo-excitement will likely not like "Rubicon". Those who prefer intelligence, depth, fascinating characters, terrific acting, and a great plot will be entertained and enthralled. It will be a crime if Rubicon is not brought back for another season!

What makes "Rubicon" so interesting is the cast. In this government agency, you meet characters ranging from obvious spies (Kale, and other shadowy characters), to brilliant eggheads and code breakers (Will, David, Miles, Ed), to others were not exactly sure what they really are (Maggie, Tanya, Will's neighbor, and more). As the season progressed we learned a lot more about most, and very little about others. Some are exactly what we thought they would be, and others are far different. There are MANY layers to these various onions! Add in a pinch of intrigue... and in a post 9/11 world it all makes for a great TV show.