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One Missed Call One Scary Movie, 19 February 2012

I was really surprised with this movie , because all over the Asian movie line it is hyped to the top with ringu and Ju-on, which i have not got round to seeing. But nowhere mentioned this scary gem by horror legend takashi miike. The storyline is good and the acting was at its best for a horror movie. The only bad thing would be that i was expecting to jump a bit more than i did. However this film still leaved me pretty restless.

I won't be answering my phone to any unknown numbers any time soon. The concept of ghosts getting to you through technology is something very scary, and clearly Asia is extremely good and covering this concept.

Now from what i have heard people say just another grudge movie. Now i do dis-agree as ever movie is different in itself. This was directed and acted brilliantly and the effects were visually great. Many cliff hangers which you expect the film to end on but it just throws you back into the world of darkness again and again and again. This is a classic horror epic and i recommend to any horror fan. Ps. subtitles aren't a problem for me, But whatever you do don't go see the crappy remake.

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One of the best films i have scene, Emotional , Scary, Romantic. Beautiful., 31 January 2012

Another amazing masterpiece by M. Night, After watching this movie , I was left speechless. I can honestly say that this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The cinematography was beautiful, I had a hunch about the ending of this movie and I was right, so if you have seen scary movie 4 then you might guess a couple of things through out. However their were still twists and plots that completely shocked me.

I have to say I didn't know I was in to actually be scared, I saw signs and thought that M. night would do another Gothic style thriller, I was wrong. For a 12 rated film this was really eerie and intense and did actually scare me a couple of times. This is also amazingly acted and I give so much credit to all the actors involved. The set was beautiful, and the plot was phenomenal. One of the best movies to date. I don't know maybe its not for everyone , as I have seen some negative review but my personal opinion and I am sure others agree that this is a beautiful film and will stay with you through out the rest of your life.


Carrie (1976)
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Carrie Ripped my heart within 90 Minutes, 18 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a beautiful film , It shows the things in life that some people have to go through , late puberty,bullying,parent abuse. These are all subjects this film covers very well.

Now when I heard the storyline that she had telekinesis I thought that it would make this film unrealistic but turns out it was strongly believable. The emotion that Carrie suffers, touched me and this is one film you won't forget , its a amazing novel as well. Carrie will touch your heart and it has a life lesson to it that bullying can cause to drastic consequences. The likeliness of a girl with telekinesis killing everyone is out of the picture. But people who have been strongly bullied and have no support try to kill themselves. This film powers that so strongly. The only aspect that i didn't like was that in fact its labelled as a horror film when its more supernatural. However the ending made me jump.

Carrie touched my heart and will touch anyone who has one believable and great acting 9/10 teenagers all around the world will be able to relate to this one.

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its so bad its funny., 9 January 2012

now I have seen the first film and thought it was quite good, but this was just terrible I mean the sex, blood and violence is funny but the acting is just poor and had no twist or decent plot. The characters are good , but in my mind this film could be turned into something so twisted and scary , but its made a joke out of. The acting was probably the worst thing, but above all this was quite funny to watch and some of the jokes were quite funny, so sure watch it , just not if your looking for a good griping horror/comedy because this is complete and utter stupidity. But that's what makes it funny , its just like a bloody porn movie and really ins't anything special.

I give it 3/10 just for the laughing factor

Fragile (2005)
You will be feeling fragile after this horror, 31 December 2011

Wow as I got this in a triple pack box-set I was not expecting such a great horror flick, now what usually makes me scared are the shock horror jumpy moments, this really didn't have many yet I was still shocked and quite scared by the appearance of Charlotte in the end. The "mechanical girl" phrase was used to good use to lay out the plot, I especially liked it because its what a young girl or boy would call her and it really plays tricks on your mind. The acting was brilliant , and it holds onto one of the greatest plots in modern horror, think a remake should be made , and i think it should be made into one of the extreme horrors of nowadays , well one of the horror films were it really pushes the boundaries. Now that would be an amazing film.

Its an amazing film and will certainly scare you a lot , this film doesn't need cheap scares or jumps , its a whole new world.

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Amazing , leaves you with the desire to find someone perfect., 28 December 2011

This has to be one of the most amazing and inspiring films I have ever seen. This story tells what a lot of gay teens across the world are going through, modern society is a cruel world and does not take likely to different sexually orientated people, but this film shows you that you shouldn't care what others think and that it should be what makes you happy, it is a beautiful film , anyone who watches it will be left with the heart warming urge to find someone like Steven and Jamie, congratulations to these amazing young boys , to me this film is flawless , it has changed my life completely. The romance between the young boys is the cutest thing you will find on film , showing their affections and insecurity. The relationship between Jamie and Sandra is such a passionate bond. This film is high class entertainment, and I shall keep watching it for inspiration to find the one I love

10/10 "most heart warming tale on film to date "

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A top notch thriller , blasted with gore and suspense, 28 December 2011

Now i have seen all the final destination movies date and it all comes back to the original which is clearly the best , the others are good but the concept is just too familiar they didn't introduce any new ideas weather as this one was the first , and when theirs a long line of movies , the first one is always the best (e.g) saw, nightmare on elm street, Halloween, Friday the thirteenth , their all the same.

Back to the film, after all of that ranting the film in my opinion is still one of the best thrillers to date , however its not scary as such just lots of teenagers getting slaughtered , which is pretty amusing. the plot line is one of the most clever dilemmas seen in recent movies and will leave you on the edge of your seat the entire film from beginning to end. The characters were amazing, theirs a real connection between them and the audience. A master thriller , packed with gore and suspense.


By far the creepiest episode , but others are better., 26 December 2011

now this is one of the best masters of horror episodes , think it is on the same line as cigarette burns and incident on and off a mountain road. They all follow behind the number 1 episode pick me up, but even so this was by far the creepiest one of all i got pretty scared when i first saw the creature its movements the face , everything about it is shockingly creepy.

and i was not expecting to jump as many times as i did , but felt that they should have shown more of the creature and played out the romance between Tara and johnny , but all is fair , great horror flick i have seen better but I have seen a lot worse.

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best Episode of masters if horror., 26 December 2011

Now this is tale of two serial killers who hit a bump in the road , that bump in the road is each other . The camera work was done really well and most of the time it was brilliantly acted , the storyline was really good , I was hooked to the screen and I didn't want to take my eyes of of it , but the down side is that its not a master of horror , horror nowadays is overrated, someone gets stabbed in a film and somewhere down the line someone calls it a horror , horror genre should be films that make you scared , unfortunately I wasn't scared, I think their should be a different kind of genre for these types of movies and that is Gothic thriller , so its all around the Gothic theme it has gore and vampires or whatever but doesn't actually scare you, pick me up is exactly that the plot was amazing and i just loved the bond between the two serial killers, cliché ending though could have been made more exciting , but it made me smile really good film 8/10

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Good classic horror with quite a few jumps and scares, 14 November 2011

Now, this is very good horror movie for the opening to 00's it is filled with a lot of scares and jumpy moments , to give your heart a pounding but not scaring the hell out of you. The story line is good and the jeepers creepers song was a good creepy song put into the movie. IF your from the age of maybe 8-11 and watch this then it would probably give you nightmares for weeks but any older then you'll probably get a little scared but not massively.

The monster i really liked , being able to grow what it has eaten made this monster extremely fascinating, however was not the most scary looking of things. Good acting through out the whole movie but effects on the monster could be improved worth taking a look at , a moderate horror film good for a teenage sleepover or adults who want a quick adrenalin rush but not really for kids!

6/10 good horror film.

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