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Glee: Hold on to Sixteen (2011)
Season 3, Episode 8
20 March 2012
I happened across this episode recently and watched it for 10 excruciating minutes. I have no idea why anyone thinks this is a 'superior' series - the so-called acting was non-existent, the 'stage-production' scene was awful, and the pathetic fake crowd screaming applause bizarre. My daughter's Grade 9 modern dance class is far superior to the poor timing shown by the cast (even with ridiculous 5 second editing cuts). These 'actors' and 'producers' get paid for this stuff? I despair if this is what USA TV has fallen to. What is the point of putting a fake character in a wheelchair on the stage? Simply to try to make the episode look twee so that the idiots that watch American Idols watch this rubbish. Compared to the realism of "The Secret Life of American Teenager" this is not even fake entertainment - it should make any intelligent person cringe with horror.
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