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WALL·E (2008)
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If only I could give this an 11 out of 10., 3 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***Only minor Spoilers*** I went to see this movie with no specific knowledge of what it was about other than it was a Pixar movie and had something to do with a robot alone on earth. Pixar + Robot... could it go wrong? Absolutely not.

I have seen hundreds of movies in my lifetime and never once have I felt so emotionally connected with a character in a movie, let alone an animated one. The fact that Wall-E only really makes clicks and beeps keeps your intrigue in the character to a purely emotional level. Relating to his situation when something scares him or makes him happy, it causes you to feel the same.

The story in the movie is fantastic. A love connection between two robots, humans living in self-indulging lives, and a nice throw back to 2001 a Space Odyssey with crazy computers. This movie has everything! A love story, lots of things blowing up, chases, crashes, sci-fi, drama, A++++ animation... the list goes on! Do yourself a favor and see this movie. Don't compare it to Ratatouille, Cars, or Finding Nemo.... as honestly the only thing that any of them should be compared with, is their animation. Take Wall-E for what it is... Something you'll connect with, something you'll treasure, something that even with as little dialogue as there is will still keep you interested, and something you'll never forget.

Shrek the Halls (2007) (TV)
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Great Fun, and some redemption, 30 November 2007

I have been a long-time Shrek fan. Since basically drooling over the trailer for the first Shrek movie since it was released on the net. It was groundbreaking, and absolutely hilarious that appealed to both children and adults. Shrek 2 came along, kept a lot of the same formula, and again in turn was a very good film. However with the coming of Shrek 3, I was very disappointed. My wife and I hardly laughed at all, and I found the film to be drawn out and boring for the most part.

***Enough of the lead-in*** With Shrek the Halls, comes redemption and hope for the franchise. Yes, this special was short, however in that short amount of time I laughed more than the entire full length of Shrek 3. This wasn't a cheesy made-for-TV video either, the animation is beautiful and the jokes were spot on (the entire Gingerbread man / Santa thing was great). I'm not going to spoil anything away, since there's really not much *to* spoil away, but just know it's fun for the whole family, and for something that you can watch in the comfort of your own home without having to pay for theater admission, how can you pass this up?

Amazing...., 18 December 2003

I can only really describe this movie using one word....


I'm sure a lot of you were disappointed by the conclusion to the Matrix movies, yes... We all were... However this movie brings every emotion of every last person who sees it to the very edge. Throughout this movie there were people clapping, people crying, laughing, gasping, and crossing their fingers. Everything you could ever hope for in a movie, has certainly been delivered brilliantly by Jackson. Everything you could hope for in a conclusion to a trilogy of one of the greatest set of films ever...... Has been flawlessly brought forth. I for one will be seeing this movie several times in theaters.... I know you will too!

Drawn out at first... yet exciting, 6 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first bit of this movie, while long and drawn out, start to reveal answers to many questions. Which of course answers were what a lot of us were wanting in the first place. Reloaded didn't really take any major steps in innovation for the fight scenes, however Revolutions knew that what may have been lacking from Reloaded, wouldn't be overlooked this time. Revolutions took fighting to the extreme, as you can see in the trailers (of course to avoid spoilers) Neo fights agent Smith. This is an amazing fight scene and rivals most anything seen in movies before. While the very ending to the movie (last 2 or so minutes) was slightly a disappointment to me, since the rest of the movie answered a lot of the things I had questions for, it was completely worth it. I rated as a 7. Flame me if you want, but it was better than expected after hearing so much flack from the 2nd.