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It is What It Is - But Entertaining, 25 February 2011

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Thanks to Amazon Prime Streaming, I was able to check this movie out which I probably would never even watch on cable or rent on DVD. I saw it as a rental in the 90s and I thought it was OK then. But now, it's still funny and the politics are still funny. But don't think of this of a political movie. Think of it as a buddy movie with some political insight. James Garner and Jack Lemmon are great in this movie. I am not used to them "swearing" but they do and I can't help but laugh. You could call this Grumpier Old Men Go To Washington. It's funny to see how life might be like living as an ex-president. The movie was entertaining from start to finish.

Worth The Full Price of The DVD, 6 February 2011

I put this on when the mood strikes or we have people in the house and just want some entertainment. Not a lot of songs you don't know, it's just a great live performance of some of his greatest hits. I have busted it out at parties a few times and most people sit there and watch the whole thing. His performance is interesting to watch. He's a great performer but you also notice he keeps his eyes closed most of the time. Also interesting to note how much smoke is hovering around the stage. You can't help but think how much joy this man would have provided with his music had he lived longer.Happy birthday Bob, your music lives!

Buried (2010)
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Unexpectedly Good, 21 January 2011

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I watch tons of movies, all types of genre's, etc.

I briefly remember this movie being released and briefly saw a preview. I thought to myself, hmm, this could be good. But it's out on DVD now and wow, while watching it, what came to my mind was "why isn't this movie talked about more?".

It was very tense, the acting was solid. I usually associate Ryan Reynolds with comedies, but I think he shows some great range by his performance in this film. Like I said, it's very tense. They do a great job of slowly bringing out the details on how he got to where he was. You are never really sure how they movie is going to end.

I enjoyed the movie a lot. This will be one of those movies that none of my friends have seen that I will be recommending.

Burlesque (2010/I)
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Entertaining Through and Through, 28 November 2010

I wouldn't consider myself a fan of musicals. I found Burlesque to be very entertaining. Christina Aguilera was excellent as was the rest of the cast. The story moved along so you didn't feel like it was song after song like most made for the theater musicals. . I don't think I have enjoyed a movie as much as Burlesque in a long time. The crowd often would applaud or hoot after each number. And surprisingly, there were tons of LOL moments.

If you have the slightest thoughts that you might like this movie, take a chance with this one. Burlesque was worth the full admission and outrageous prices at the snack counter.