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As the title says, my favourite endings.

The list is not in order after Cuckoo's nest.

(Under construction)
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As the title says, this is a list of my 10 favourite directors, haven't been interested in movies for so long really, about 2-3 years or so. Mainly, I rank them based on the feeling I get when I'm looking at their movies, with that being said, I really love cinematography, and sometimes a still shot of something trivial can be more explosive and powerful than a very good actors performance.

Conversations is also extremely important to me.

And I don't want anyone saying something like "Where is Godard?!" This is MY list, based on MY taste.

(I don't have anything against Godard, just used his name as an example)

This list is always changing.

Honorable mentions: Jim Jarmusch, Lindsay Anderson, Hayao Miyasaki, Godard, Mike Leigh
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As the title says.

The first ten is in order.

Almost only movies from the top 250, so there's not many movies you haven't seen here.
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changes: Expanded to top 20.
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A mixture of heroes and anti-heroes.

Changes: Colonel Dax was replaced by The Little Tramp

Randy "The Ram" Jackson was replaced by Dersu Uzala
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I wanted to put Maria Falconetti on the top, but since I've only seen her in one movie, that seems a little unfair.

changes: Diane Keaton went from 6th place to 1st