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I have what I like to believe is an eclectic taste in movies and I feel like I should keep track of the ones that I see and really enjoy. These aren't going to be all new, all old, nor will they be in any order (not best to worst or chronological or even the order I see them.) It's just a way for me to keep track and be able to pick one when I need a pick me up.
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Every family has them; those movies that we all watch over and over together. This is the list of the movies that my family, my mother, father, older sister and I will pop in whenever we feel so inclined. I'm not saying that all of these are what some would call "Family Friendly" but just specific to my family. We know these ones by heart and can come in at almost any moment and tell which one it is. If you like them, awesome. If not, you aren't part of my family, so who cares?
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I need to write a film analysis for my Criticism of Film and Television class. These are some of the films I'm considering.