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British comedy at it's best, 13 October 2012

We saw this film at the San Diego Film Fest. I wasn't expecting much but my partner wanted to see it. I'm glad she dragged me to it. This is a film full of humour and women's in jokes about men and sex. My partner laughed more than me (and I laughed a lot). This story had heart and that is not usual for most comedies. We cared what happened to these guys. The four lead actors were so endearing, and typically British. The girls auditioning to join the brothel was a joy to watch. My partner got hiccups she was laughing so much.

Not enough "feel good" movies around but this is one of the good ones. We would see it again when it comes our way.

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Documentary/ mockumentary, 28 December 2010

Exit Through The Gift Shop is a documentary...or is it? That is the debate. Does it matter if this film is one or the other. Either way, it is entertaining. It shows that in this age of visual eye-candy and ridiculously high budgets a film can be made and succeed. I feel half the fun of this film is wondering if such a strange mix of obsession, art, and humor can be real. Life is all of the above and that is real. If we make a documentary does it have to be heavy and serious? I have watched numerous documentaries and features, more than I would have liked, this was worth it. As many films can be, it was a little long but enjoyable.

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Acting at it's best. Nominations will follow., 28 December 2010

Another Year is the kind of film an actor wishes they had been in and any director wishes they had made. Mike Leigh's skillful directing is at its peak. Long, lingering shots of the characters angst (which normally frustrate the audience) are achieved in an effortless way. The acting is so flawless that it is difficult to find fault. The story is simple and meandering...but it works, and works incredibly well. Another Year will not be to the taste of the young kick-cutting action packed generation. It requires a mature audience or an audience that have at least pondered about what their life would be like after their forties.

This will gain nominations and should win Oscars.

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A very enjoyable romp!, 12 October 2010

We saw Rebels without a Clue at the Cannes Marche screening in May. This dark comedy is not without fault (but what film can't be picked apart), occasionally the acting is slightly uneven. No more than Angelina Jolie's performance in Changeling (does that make her a bad actor, or Clint Eastwood a bad director? I think not).

If you enjoy watching UK films, with their quirky humor (I'm originally from the US), try to watch this entertaining film. The setting on the moors is stunning, and strangely fits right in with the natural and witty dialogue. I have only been to the moors in the north of the UK once but it is breathtaking. After spending many years in the business, having to watch many films, I find it refreshing when I can watch an original, truly independent, and entertaining film. Well done.