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Nine (2009)
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this movie was a total waste of time, 11 October 2010

This movie was extremely horrible. Hackneyed, clichéd, boring, what a waste of so much talent! It's that close to a Saturday Night Live sketch! (r u kidding? am I being punked?) how could they possibly make Daniel Day Lewis come off as some tired totally unsexy old man? The direction or script I guess. I had so many expectations for this as well. Geez. Penelope Cruz was very sexy. Nicole Kidman was pretty but boring (and I kept hearing her Australian accent, but that's the least of my problems with this total piece of crap). And Kate Hudson, she had maybe .5 seconds of screen time? Fergie did a good job, but what's the deal with all the freakin' sand! Then when you're finally get a payback for putting up with the whole mess, they cut it short! In fact, the only really good scene was with the wife playing stripper at the end. I want the 1.5 hours of my life back! WTF? and all the crappy musical interludes on scaffolding? R U trying to make a Broadway or art movie or what?