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Your Highness.....not, 17 August 2011

When I saw the trailer I was doubtful, because it looked like Year One meets Pineapple Express. And I was right there.... Its the same thing of Year One, the same story.

Here Prince Fabious and Thadeous have to go to a quest to save Belladona from the hands of Leezar the evil wizard. It sounds like a good-lame story. And if the Director from Pineapple Express is doing it, How it can be bad?

Yes, it can. There are a lot of bad tasteful jokes....OK, I can laugh when someone says penis, or when someone doesn't have a penis(remember the eunuch of Year One?) but when of every 5 lines of dialog, 3 are of jokes of sex, C'mon..... SuperBad nailed it in that aspect but here is lame, boring and ultimately pointless, You don't laugh of that.

What I'm trying to understand is what Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel saw in that script, because James Franco did Pineapple Express with Danny McBride(who is awful in the movie, so I'm going to avoid mention him) so I understand him, because it looks like a good movie but failed terribly. Meanwhile, Portman and Deschanel I thought want to make good things.

Deschanel was good in Yes Man and 500 Days of Summer, while Portman should avoid this type of movies.

Overall, is bad. It has some jokes and yes your are going to laugh sometimes but at the end, is not even worthy.

The Smurfs (2011)
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Some things shouldn't exist on movies, 31 July 2011

The Smurfs is other example that not everything is made for exist in movies. Like Garfield and Alvin and the Chipmunks, Smurfs lost all his substances that made it a great show but not a good movie.

The 3D is bad, don't waste your money. Is like Cars 2, the 3D doesn't give anything to the movie.

The story is a mixed up between the show and (you guessed it) the real world. But it don't delivers well, it has the same jokes of almost every cartoon movie. Example... New creatures come and make a mess in the life of an human. We have seen that in Alvin, Garfield, Mr. Poppers penguins, etc......

The voices, well it was good to hear Katy Perry like Smurfette but I don't see a movie only for that.

The acting is bad... Hank Azaria as Gargamel is lame, bored and plain. Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays and Sofia Vergara should stay in TV Shows (HIMYM, GLEE and Modern Family) and avoid this type of movies.

Overall, Don't waste your money. Is boring, lame and sadly overrated(Katy Perry)

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The first taste of an epic story., 30 July 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger.

The film tell us the origins of the Captain, The war and the Villain.

Story 8/10. Is based in the comic book, but it has some faults. Some deaths that shouldn't exist. Some geographic, time-line errors. But besides that is a great story.

Special Effects 7/10. For a Marvel/Disney movie some effects are pure CGI. I'm not talking TF3 CGI but it abuses sometimes. Specially in the scene where Captain meets the Villain.

Acting 9/10. Chris Evans has to be, with Robert Downey Jr the best casting for The Avengers. He is the Captain America, his acting as "Little Steve" is a great performance (making us forget of the Fantastic Four). Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter is a good actress, Her scenes with Chris are better by far than the Portman-Hemsworth or Paltrow-Downey. Sebastian Stan has a small role but it delivers a great acting as Bucky Barnes. Overall the casting was way good. And they know how to act!!

The movie is enjoyable, is the best of the marvel films yet.... Works, is not bored. Great movie.

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It ends in an amazing way., 15 July 2011

We have been witness of the Harry Potter mania since the first movie came 10 years ago. We have seen the actors grow in front of our eyes for 7 movies. And yesterday it all ended with the 8th movie.

Withouth getting in spoilers...... The fighting sequences are great to the view, the special effects don't seem very wasted. Every match perfectly to create a great environment.

The acting is great. The three main characters make a great work in all the movie delivering their feelings. Ralph Fiennes as Voldermort is perfect. Ruper Grint, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson shouldn't have problems to get roles in a future. Hey Emma even has a role in Perks of being a wallflower so they have a good future coming.

But not all is perfect. The environment is dark and that is good because the movie has to be dark, the reason of this commentary is because of the 3D.

The 3D works good in light environment (Avatar, Tron with the neon lights, even Thor makes that work) but in this movie which almost all the time is pass in a dark place the 3D don't seems to work very good.

Overall, is a great movie to end an epic saga. Just don't waste your money in the 3D, is not that worthy.

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X-Men gets a decent movie., 25 June 2011

OK, I liked the first X-Men movie of Bryan Singer. But the X-3 and the X-Men Origins:Wolverine was bad. So I was hoping for a decent movie this time and it delivers.

The story is simple. You get to know Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr relationship since they know each other and the story of what causes the eternal fight of Mutants against Mutants.

James McAvoy is a magnificent Xavier and Michael Fassbender is a awesome Magneto. They scenes are the best of the movie. The rest of the actors are good. Nicholas Hoult, Rose Byrne and Jennifer Lawrence gives good acting.

It has some flaws in the date accuracy and if this movie is a prequel for the other 3 x-men movies it has some flaws.

Overall, It works, is great and make you forget Brett Ratner movies.

Super 8 (2011)
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Is not Cloverfield 2 neither E.T, 25 June 2011

Great movie. Good Story. Nice Acting.

JJ Abrahms again demonstrates us that he can make a movie that is going to keep your attention all the way. The sense of fear that the actors gives you delivers well.

Spielberg hand is demonstrated here. Is not E.T and thank God is not E.T. But you feel like watching a monster movie for the family.

The critics told that it was like a Cloverfield prequel/sequel but not. The monster gives a sensation of terror.

The bad thing of Super 8 was all the viral things. Like in the Cloverfield time. The Super 8 page with the Editing Room, Development Room and clips appearing every day, 2 days.

Is very enjoyable.

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Is not that bad but is not that good., 25 June 2011

Being a comic geek, I was happy when the Green Lantern news was called. Ryan Reynolds looks like a great choice and Peter Sarsgaad was a good choice too.

The day came and......Boy I was wrong. How can you manage to ruin a movie based on a comic.(OK Dragon Ball Z and X-Men 3 doesn't count).

The story is based on the comic but the acting......

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan is bad. Just bad. You don't care about him because Hal Jordan is not like that. Ryan was funny in a movie that doesn't need to be funny. Peter Sarsgaad as Hector Hammond fails badly. The way that this villain is in the comic is not even close as the portrayed here. The Best thing of the movie was Mark Strong as Siniestro. He is a hero/villain in the comic and here they give him this evil touch.

The CGI was push over a lot. Thor worked good with the creation of the planet and environment but here all looks CGI.

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Bad Teacher is a Bad Movie., 24 June 2011

The idea is simply a bad teacher(Diaz) who smokes and curses students is dumped by her fiancé and she mets the substitute teacher(Timberlake) and tries to win it.

OK, it sounds like a good comedy movie. But it fails.

The first hour is bad, OK it has some jokes and some good moments but you cant make a movie just of jokes.

The acting is poorly. After watching Timberlake in The Social Network I thought he could be a great actor but this movie was a bad choice for him. Diaz tries to bring her career back but it doesn't work.

Lucy Punch and Jason Segel are the best things of the movie. Segel is funny person but is wasted in the movie. In the first hour he is vanished.

Overall, is like Bad Santa but a bit funny.

Maybe is good for a raining afternoon with some popcorn in your living room.

Cars 2 (2011)
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Not the best of Pixar, 24 June 2011

I enjoy kids movies, I really do. But this fails to deliver a great story. Cars was a good movie with a great plot. But Cars 2 was a mix of stories. The sequels are never like the first one and this is not the exception.

The cars aren't developed enough to care about them. Mater(Larry the cable guy) fails. He was funny at the first one but now he is simply annoying.

International espionage? Really? I Don't think that was a good idea for the plot. The 3-D is kinda useless like it happen with Kung Fu Panda 2. Maybe not all movies have to be made in 3-D.

Overall, was a bit enjoyable in some parts but if you are waiting for a great sequel you are going to get disappointed.

Thor (2011)
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The only God of The Avengers, 26 April 2011

After seeing it in a Special Screening I only have to say it. Wow, I wasn't expecting that, I knew that Kenneth Branagh is a great Director but the way that he translate the story and the comic into life was marvelous.

The acting is good, the actors bring the characters to life, Hemsworth brings an excellent Thor (maybe the wrestler fighter Triple H was a better choice because has more the look of Nordic),with an splendid Odin(Hopkins) and a great Loki(Hiddleston).

The only failure that I can find is the size of the hammer, if you have seen the trailer you will know what I am saying, I think was too small for the size of Thor but besides that the movie is great.

The 3D in this movie was good but sometimes is a bit unnecessary.

8/10 for some dialogs and some excessive use of Special Effects.

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