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Bart The Genius, The 2nd Best Episode of season 1, 27 November 2010

Bart the Genius is the 2nd best episode of season 1 because it took all the greatness of the 1st episode and improved it.

This episode helps to develop Bart as a character as well as a great father and son between homer and Bart and balanced the main plot with the father and son B story.This has a excellent premise and is executed is a beautiful way with a funny ending.

The plot begins with a IQ test in witch Bart cheats and has a IQ of 216 and is he is moved to a smarter school and this is were the B story comes into effect at a opera where bat and homer make fun of everything that comes into mind.

The Third Act is the best Act in this episode where Bart admits to Homer he is not a genius the music is problay the best part of it then it gets to the funny side where Homer chases Bart and Homer keeps banging on the door of Barts room.

My Final Rating:


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Great Start to the best series ever, 27 November 2010

Simpsons roasting on a open fire is not the quality of a episode today but it is very funny.The story works and is in deph with the characters well developed and always giving something to do.

The emotional side of this story is very well balanced out with the humour with Homer trying to get a job so he can get Christmas presents for everyone after he does not get his Christmas bonus from Mr.burns and Bart gets a tattoo and Marge spends all the money she has to remove it.

The ending is a turning point when Santas little helper jumps into homers arms and a happy ending to a great episode with more episodes coming. My Final Rating:96%

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One of the worst movies ever made, 2 November 2010

Star Wars Episode 1 the phantom menace is one the the worst movies ever made for many reasons.

Firstly it does not make sense at all.There is no character development it is disappointing to the Star Wars fans and movie fans in general.You can not buy that anakin is going to become Darth Vader at all he just comes off as a annoying.

The Podrace was boring when you know anakin is going to win.Jar Jar was supposed to be a friend instead he comes off as a racial character saying that Lucas cannot write a story and it is a letdown as he wrote the classic trilogy witch can be viewed as its own movie but with the prequels there is no 12 hour movie instead watch 4-6 and stop there.

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just below average, 10 October 2010

With only 5 hours left jack now goes to Cole to get Dana Walsh to get what he needs so jack kills everyone who is torturing Dana the get the information and Dana escapes,Jack chases her and kills her.

The biggest problem is the president and even CTU does not get anywhere with this, that is the bad thing about this episode it over shadows everything that comes up good.Other than that I really do not have a lot to say about this episode it is going to get better next 2 or 3 episodes.

Close to average but no.


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A Mixed episode, 10 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

the last few episodes were disappointing on 24 standards and now it is starting to pick up.

First of the pacing of the episode was much improved and CTU Is finally starting to do something in the episode On the peace conference plot Taylor is starting to be like Logan to keep the peace conference alive.

Here is the biggest problem,it is starting to get very predictable and lousy.

On Jacks side of things after getting off the helicopter he goes to his only friend to get weapons and uses his house as a base and goes after Dana Walsh who was escorted from CTU to be tortured for information.


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At Least better than last episode, 10 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well after last weeks awful episode I did not want to watch the rest of season 8 i would rather watch Season1-3,5,and 7 (4and6 were okay)but then I said to myself how can it get worse than last episode so heres what i thought Taylor is going to CTU for some reason and meets up with jack on Logan's advice she locks down jack why?Logan never said a word to her and still wants to lock down jack because she thinks he is out of control because she would not give Dana Walsh immunity.

And once again ctu ins giving nothing to do in this episode.So what does jack do all this time nothing at least until the plot requires him to steal a helicopter for the plots sake.