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Bad Adaptation, Sorry to be That Guy, 4 December 2013

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You know, I just wrote a long review on how the central flaw of the film is that Sellers ruins the character from the book by hamming up the buffoonery to such a point that the plausibility that this simpleton could be taken seriously as a sagacious "deep thinker" is destroyed. But then I remembered that I live in a country that voted for G.W. Bush....twice. So I deleted it. It's horrifying to me that the reason I think this is a bad adaptation is actually a real thing that happened in the history of this country. In the book, Chance is, yes, very simple, illiterate, uneducated, undeveloped, retarded, etc. But despite this he acts relatively normal. I think at one point the agents trying to research him say that he's the most well adjusted human being they've ever found. He's also described as young and handsome too. In other words the book does a better job of creating the illusion that people would buy into Chance as a soft spoken savant. Whereas in the film, Sellers plays Chance as an over the top dumb dumb right from jump. This detracts from the sting of the satire for me. But as I noted, reality is stranger than fiction because holy good god ***SPOILER ALERT*** G.W. Bush was elected TWO TIMES. So I guess in the end Ashby and Sellers weren't incompetent adapters of a brilliant novella but visionary geniuses of political satire. Bravo.

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File under: Unintentional Comedy, 10 October 2010

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SPOILER ALERT!!!! COLUMBUS "DISCOVERS" NEW WORLD AT THE END!!! Just saw this on TCM and was laughing and laughing and laughing. I swear,it was almost as if the Coen brothers had traveled back in time and made this movie. There are so many awful treasures in this well-made horrible movie I don't know where to begin. First: Frederic March's 1940's typical American Joe accent is priceless. Just picture Joe Biden playing Columbus. Did they even have casting directors back then? The filmmakers also take copious liberties with the story, my favorite one being that they paint Columbus as this maverick who sasses the Spanish court judges commissioned to approve or deny his voyage. He was this close to lighting a cigarette, popping his collar, hopping on a motorcycle and riding into the sunset. I could go on and on, but you get the drift. Batten down your brain cells and set sail to Over-Acting Island.