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Heavy on the melodrama, but it really rings true, 19 June 2015

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Serena and Dan finally come clean about being crazy about each other, despite that they come from opposite worlds. Dan is planning to consummate their romance and give his virginity to Serena. The plans are halted when Vanessa walks in on a make out session unannounced to try to hang out with Dan. Vanessa suggests candles as a way of impressing Serena, in his quest to make love to her. Chuck is considering investing in a strip-club to impress his Father. Jenny discovers some interesting information about her parents. Blair manages to coerce Jenny into telling her a secret about Nate. The secret is that Jenny kissed Nate by accident at the masked ball, after he thought she was Serena. Blair takes it personally and decides to disown her. Blair spills the beans to Nate and things get really awkward at the The Archibalds and Waldorf's dinner party because of it, leading to a break-up between the two. Meanwhile, Nate figures out his Father is doing drugs.

Normally, I dislike too much melodrama. This show is a rarity for me. It manages to engross me with it. That's because of the really strong writing. I've heard this show gets worse as it goes along from a couple of friends. I really hope that isn't the case. I'm addicted to the show! I'm watching until the end, no matter what. This episode delivers plenty of memorable things. I still think Nate is a bit to Vanilla" but he's starting to warm up to me a bit. His situation with his Father was rather powerful and I empathized with Nate. I'm not sure if I'll ever be "Team Nate" , but I may end up liking him after all. Chuck legitimately cracked me up. He can be so devious! I even felt a bit of a sympathy for him. It made me realize the parents are more immature than the kids! Last but not least, my favorite! Dan and Serena. I'm WAY too into them as a couple. Everything they do is gold to me, so I'm biased. There was a lot of realism between them. The pressure to lose virginity is all to common in life. I really felt for Dan in that situation. You get scared and want to slow things down, but then you realize you're in too deep. Serena was a complete sweetheart about the situation and I couldn't stop smiling with what she did at the end. The way Serena tells Dan about how nobody has ever looked at her like that made me melt. (I'm a guy, but I'm a romantic! I can't help it) As much as I love Penn Badgley, I'm envious because he gets Blake's kisses and those kisses look incredible. Rufus and Lily take a backseat here, but I'm digging their storyline. We even get a big hint with Chuck and Blair! I rather liked it. Vanessa doesn't have much to do but be a pain.

It started off a bit slowly, but really picks up steam quickly! I'm really interested to see what happens going forward. I checked this show out for Blake Lively! Now I'm hooked. There are a lot of possibilities going forward and I'm really intrigued. My only complaint was the lack of development for Vanessa.


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Very entertaining for a disaster flick, 19 June 2015

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Ray (The Rock), a rescue chopper-pilot, is having major family issues. He is not over the death of his daughter Mallory and he is still in love with his wife (Gugino), from whom he is separated from. Ray goes to spend some time with his daughter, Blake. (Daddario), but finds out his wife has moved in with her boyfriend Daniel (Gruffudd) . When A humongous Earthquake begins to hit California, Ray is forced to cancel his time with his daughter. Daniel takes his daughter instead. During the earthquake, Blake gets put in a very precarious position and Daniel abandons her. His wife gets put in serious danger as well. Ray must overcome all the obstacles to save his family.

I was pretty excited to see this movie. I've been a huge fan of The Rock's for years. Disaster movies can be hit or miss, but the trailers I saw looked pretty awesome. The story isn't anything special. It's pretty routine, but it gets the job done very efficiently. I got very attached to Ray's family. For something as simple as Disaster movie, that's a pretty big feat. Not only is the cast extremely talented, but the characters have some depth to them, despite a relatively ordinary script. The last 30 minutes are filled with genuine emotion and lots of suspense. I was really surprised by how much it kept me guessing. The ending toyed with my heart a bit and I was unsure of what was going to happen for once. This movie won't contend for academy awards, but it's a blast to watch. It's big, loud and I loved every minute of it. If you're an adrenaline junkie like I am, you won't be disappointed. The Rock has become a huge box office draw. This movie made a lot of money and he's earned it. He's become a very dependable leading man. I believed in his plight and I was with him every step of the way. Carla Gugino is great as the love interest. Daddario is really easy on the eyes, but a pretty good actress as well. She was strong-willed, but vulnerable as well. I thought she conveyed all emotions very well. She's going places. Johnstone-Burt and Parkinson are fantastic as Ben and Ollie. They are very likable as the Brothers. They provided laughs and became a big reason this movie was so entertaining. Paul Giamatti's role is kinda thin, but he was pretty solid.

I had a good time at the movies! It's one of the better disaster movies I've seen. I'm going through a really rough time right now. This movie provided me with a nice distraction. It's popcorn entertainment at its finest!


A chore to sit through., 19 June 2015

Nikolai Cherenko's family is killed in a gunfight by a drug-lord, "Sasha Popov" He stays away for a while and starts working as a mechanic. When he is offered a bunch of money to rescue somebody's daughter, Nikolai jumps at the chance when he learns Sasha is involved. This is another STV dud from Lundgren. The storyline is actually interesting, but it's executed poorly and I was pretty bored for a lot of the duration. There is action, but not nearly enough of it. It's dreary and cheap looking as well. Dolph actually plays a pretty badass character. He excels at anti-heroes, but will somebody please give him a decent script? I only recommend this to die-hard Dolph fans


Nothing spectacular, but somewhat cute., 18 June 2015

Credit to (Filmtwob) Ryan's dreams for catching the eye of the 'goddess of the high school hallway' has a chance of becoming true when her cousin (Chris) offers to make him a deal. All he has to do is help Chris to win the heart of his best friend, the beautiful enigmatic Maggie. This sparks off a damned cute comedy as 'boy helps boy to get girl'

I admittedly don't remember much about this one. I'm not all that familiar with Cyrano de Bergerac. I just know that this was apparently a modern version of it. I do remember that this was pretty cute. The cast had energy to spare and they seemed to have fun doing it. There is good eye candy for the gals and guys. Teens will love it and adults will find it slightly amusing or at least tolerable.


What's all the fuss about?, 18 June 2015

I love Hammer movies, I love Christopher Lee. With all the praise this movie gets, I was really looking forward to this movie. Shockingly, I was very disappointed. I actually thought it was rather dull at times and somewhat dated as well. There is some good atmosphere at times, but I never felt truly terrified or threatened. Maybe I've seen too many of these movies or something, but I wasn't all that effected by it. I also hate how people automatically deny that it's happening. It happens in way too many horror movies. The set designs are lavish as usual, for a Hammer movie. It was also fun to see Christopher Lee play a good guy as well. Robert Gray gives a chilling performance as a disciple. It was far from bad, just disappointing. This is the second Devil related Hammer film that I've been disappointed with. The first was "To the Devil a Daughter" This one is better than that movie, but it's nothing outstanding. Apparently, this is Lee's favorite film that he made. Why?


Piranha (1978)
Pretty mundane spoof of Jaws!, 18 June 2015

Dante's movies are either hit or miss for me. This one was a huge miss. It wasn't that funny or thrilling for me. They were clearly trying to cash in on the Jaws fame by making a spoof, but he fails miserably. Everybody takes everything seriously in this film. I was just completely bored throughout the entire thing. The attacks are dull and lack suspense. There were no interesting characters, even though the actors seemed to be game. Greats like Steele and McCarthy add some much needed class to this movie, but I disliked everything else. If you wanna watch a really fun Piranha movie, watch Piranha 3D (NOT the crappy sequel, Piranha 3DD)


I felt it was simply "OK" at best., 18 June 2015

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Joshua Hardaway seemingly has it all. That way of thinking changes when he runs into somebody that meant very dear to him, Candace, His girlfriend Linda gets fed up and tries to ruin Candace. Meanwhile, Madea runs out of chances and is sent to jail. Honestly? I didn't think this movie was all that. I'm a Madea fan, but this movie is a bit overpraised for my liking. It piles on the melodrama and I wasn't as emotionally involved as I should have been. It's a typical Perry story, but it does have some good things in it. I like Tyler because he can laugh at the raunchy things, while maintaining his beliefs. He can let loose and have fun. His passion is evident and I really like him. Josh and Candace's story is sweet and heartwarming. I also enjoyed Linda's character. (Ion Overman) for a while. I didn't think she was "truly" evil. I just thought she was like a lot of people. She doesn't understand what it means to be less fortunate. I really disliked how they went OTT with her and made her do despicable things. It didn't ring true for me. It felt like they were trying to add more melodrama for the sake of it. I was disappointed that Perry resorted to such clichés. Madea being in jail is amusing, but not as funny as you may think. I don't mind this movie. It's just not one of my favorites. If you wanna see some great work from Perry, check out "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" , "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" , "Good Deeds" "Family That Preys" , among others.


I was very impressed!, 18 June 2015

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A bunch of jewel thieves posing as werewolves are terrorizing a circus in Atlantic City. The gang goes undercover as circus performers to see who the culprits really are. This one is actually pretty good! It's very creative and has entertainment in spades. Get ready for some hilariously bizarre stuff in this one. Did you ever think Scooby would turn into Shaggy after getting bitten by a werewolf? How about Daphne being a badass on a motorcycle? Usually she is very danger prone. Normally, I'm not a fan of werewolves. They aren't that intimidating to me. I have to say the werewolves looked pretty cool here, even if more than one werewolf nullified the impact a bit. I also enjoyed the storyline of Shaggy getting too big for his britches. Watching him develop an ego was interesting and I thought they pulled it off very well. It was really unusual to see Shaggy be such a condescending jerk. It was also funny to see Shaggy jealous of Scooby. There were some original story lines in here and I loved it. Fred's obsession with the circus provided laughs as well. The villains aren't that predictable either. Usually, I can predict the villains in anything Scooby. This one managed to keep me guessing with some good twists.

I really enjoyed this one. It has a bit of everything. Scooby fans will love it!


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What a Joke!, 18 June 2015

This was a HUGE mistake. The second movie was a little disappointing, but at least it had the original cast members. I don't know what they were thinking going ahead without McCulkin. I know he refused to come back, but they should have known it would have failed after he refused. It was a ballsy (and stupid) move to try to do a new story. This series was dead. There was no need to revive it. The gags aren't anywhere near as funny either. You'll get what you expect, just less laughs. Alex Linz is pretty bad as the new kid. He lacks McCulkin's charisma and lacks the talent to carry a movie. The only other noteworthy thing about this film is the debut of Scarlett Johansson. If you're a fan of Home Alone, stay away from this movie. Home Alone is one of my favorite movies. This is just crap. The fourth movie is even worse and went STV. Crazily enough, they just released a 5th movie recently (!)


I didn't mind it at all! I rather liked it., 18 June 2015

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Matt Sullivan (Hartnett) is still in love with his ex. In order to get over her and start fresh, he vows celibacy for 40 days. When he meets Erica (Sossamon) , Matt's quest to stay celibate may be much quicker than he was hoping for. I actually had a decent time with this movie. It has some originality and it was genuine. It's also filled with smart humor and doesn't cross the line with crudeness. One of the funniest scenes is Hartnett faking an orgasm with Emmanuelle Vaugier. It still falls under the category of "typical Rom-Com" though. That's not a bad thing. I enjoy the genre, even the recycled ones. This one is definitely above average. Hartnett is winning in his role. I've always been a supporter of his. He's got charisma in spades and it sucks that he's not in the spotlight like he used to be. Sossamon is unique and winning herself. She's cute and spunky, something that was refreshing. She wasn't your typical love interest.

This was a fairly fun flick. It's sweet, funny, cute and genuine. It's nothing that reinvigorated the genre by any means, but it'll give you some laughs. Isn't that what counts?


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