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May not be the "Best" shows but these are the shows that left a mark on me and continue to leave a mark.
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My own personal favs ! Some rock because they are good, others nostalgia !
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The hottest ladies in hollywood.......Well in my eyes! Love you all ! hope you read this list
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It is criminal when a good movie gets passed over or forgotten. This is my tribute to 20 of these titles.
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I *beep* Hate them ! They make me cringe !
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I just dont like'em
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I'm a huge movie fan..own 2100+ movies but for some reason these ones just didn't click.
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Guys want to be them and girls want to be with them...the eat lead and piss bullets type. They don't make them like this anymore!
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Either because they were halted before they caught on, they were watched but somehow forgotten.