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Very unsettling but for a small budget film very impressive, 2 July 2017

Cruel Summer is very much along the lines of Eden Lake. A young adult with autism goes camping for his Duke of Edinburgh award to find himself at the mercy of a young thug with revenge on his mind.

This is a small budget film and a simple plot but nevertheless it's extremely well made and always engrossing if exceptionally uncomfortable viewing. I thought it was very realistic and all the actors involved did a great job. Danny Miller has received rave reviews for his performances in the British soap Emmerdale and it is clear that he is a hugely talented actor that if he wants can go far. The rest of the cast are less well known but all convince.

I found this quite emotionally draining and pretty upsetting and it will live long in the mind. The fact things like this happen makes it all the more sad. The ending was heartbreaking and beautifully done.

This is an unsettling film and not a film to necessarily enjoy as such and therefore won't appeal to everyone. Still for those with the stomach for it this is a brutal but impressive film.

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Decent shark film, 27 May 2017

A US surfer gets stuck in the shallows hunted by a great white shark.

There is only so much you can do with a shark movie but this still manages to entertain despite the relative predictability of it. It's well filmed and makes the most of a beautiful setting.

There is some decent tension built up and some predictably bloody deaths. There are some nice touches done with the local wildlife of jellyfish,dolphins and gulls which all helps you keep your interest and makes you forget you've seen this all before.

This is an entertaining and decent entry into the shark movie genre and worth watching with a couple of beers on a Saturday night.

Bleak but well acted and enthralling drama, 14 May 2017

Every Secret Thing is a mystery drama about the previous murder of a young girl and the search for a currently missing girl. It mainly relates to the two young adults who were found guilty of the death of a young girl 7 years previously and who are now suspects in the current missing girl case.

The film is very well paced and totally enthralling. It uses flashbacks very effectively to show what could of happened during the previous murder so you don't really know who was responsible until the end of the film.

The strong cast featuring Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks, Dakota Fanning and Nate Parker are excellent but special mention goes to Danielle Macdonald who I'd never heard of previously who does a brilliant job as Alice Manning.

You never know how the film will end up and I found the very end of the film to be especially chilling. The only negative I can find is that I thought the film could have been a little longer in length.

It's quite rare to find decent intelligent dramas these days but this small effort really does hit the mark. Highly recommended.

Winter (2015/I)
Bleak but superbly acted drama about grief., 4 April 2017

Winter is a drama about a man who has a breakdown following the death of his wife. The story follows how this affects the lives of his two boys.

A sparse and haunting soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment to this bleak drama. Tommy Flanagan is great as the husband struggling to cope with his enormous grief despite knowing that it is affecting his children. The hugely likable and ridiculously young looking for his age Tom Payne is also great as the responsible older brother.

Although this film lacks standout moments it always holds your attention thanks to it's fine cast. As you'd expect this is not a fun film to watch but does a great job of showing how hard grief can hit us all.

Winter is a very good emotional drama done on a small budget that is better than the sum of it's parts. Highly recommended.

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Fairly enjoyable despite it's flaws, 28 February 2017

A woman goes missing on a bike trip around Argentina and her friend desperately searches to find her.

This is a fairly familiar tale as two naive girls find out the hard way that if you're traveling around a strange country you need your wits about you.

The Argentinian setting at least makes a pleasant change from normal USA thrillers and there is some nice cinematography. Amber Heard does a good job as the woman looking for her friend evoking the sense of desperation you'd feel looking for someone in a foreign country. Karl Urban as the man helping her is likable if a little wooden.

Based on the relatively low IMDb rating ( currently 5.2) I wasn't expecting too much. In truth although nothing outstanding this is fairly engrossing and at times tense thriller. It does at least try and spring a few surprises that you don't see coming.

The ending is fairly predictable but this is still a fairly enjoyable ride.

Pretty entertaining for what it is, 26 February 2017

A former student in love with a Professor goes on a gun rampage at a school.

This is a made for TV movie and expectations should be set at a lower level when watching the film. There is relatively little violence for the subject matter but still more than in most TV movies.

Grant Harvey does a pretty decent and believable job as the psychotic ex student looking for revenge. The rest of the cast are OK but nothing outstanding.

The film switches between the past meetings between the Professor ( Katee Sackhoff ) and Harvey. This is to tell his back story and work pretty well. The hostage situation is well filmed and at times pretty tense.

You can pick holes in the film and plot but if you watch the film as pure entertainment then this is still entertaining enough. One of the more interesting TV movies which at least isn't as predictable as most.

Enjoyable despite a great cast being somewhat wasted, 25 February 2017

A singer goes back to Las Vegas with her new husband and becomes embroiled in a murder investigation. A fine cast including Vincent Price, Jane Russell,Victor Mature and Brad Dexter make this an entertaining watch.

The case revolves around a valuable missing necklace. Although at times fairly predictable it is an absorbing story helped by some good acting and some interesting characters. I felt that the film somewhat wasted the intriguing start and turns into a straight chase film near the end.

The Las Vegas story isn't a classic by any means but it is always good to watch legends of the screen and so for me this was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.

The Den (2013)
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Disturbing social media horror, 21 February 2017

Hacked or The Den ( what is it with these stupid alternative titles? ) is another film based around the dangers of social media.

It starts very similar to Unfriended and becomes more SAW like as it progresses. The overwhelming impression I got from the film was just how banal and pointless most of social media is. Just sad people desperate for a bit of attention.

Although not groundbreaking it is fairly creepy and at times disturbing and keep my attention throughout. It didn't quite go where i thought it would and unlike many horrors I thought the ending was very good.

This is a very good effort for a low budget film and very effective in what it is trying to convey. Worth watching.

13 Cameras (2015)
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Average but some nice touches., 20 February 2017

A young couple move into their new home but their new neighbour takes prying to a whole new level.

This film isn't going to win any awards for originality but it isn't a bad film for its genre. Neville Archambault is perfectly cast as the ultra creepy landlord. In his case you really can judge a book by it's cover.

Although the pacing is maybe a little slow and repetitive it does at least build up the tension with a couple of really well done and creepy scenes.

The film never really goes anywhere but the ending at least tries something different.

This is just an OK film nothing special but not terrible either and being pretty short maybe worth watching once if you're at a loose end.

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Compelling and heartbreaking film, 31 January 2017

The true story of an Indian maths genius who gets to Cambridge University just prior to WW1.

On the face of it a film about a mathematician seems a dull subject for a film and to many it probably is. However this film is so well done it doesn't really matter what the subject is about.

Rarely does an actor come across as likable as Dev Patel and his role in this elevates it a notch higher than maybe it should. He plays Srinivasa Ramanujan who stuns Cambridge by solving a mathematics puzzle that was thought to be unsolvable. Patel lights up every scene he is in and receives great support from the ever dependable Jeremy Irons.

It may be slow in places as it charts Ramanujans struggles but the film slowly sucks you in before unleashing a body blow right at the end of the film.

This is a superb and heartbreaking drama that is much more enjoyable than you think it will be. Highly recommended.

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