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What's your vehicle (be it a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle, or other vehicles) colour?
If you own more than one vehicle, just pick the one you like best.

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Which one of these animated male lions do you like most?

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What kind of natural disaster would you be in films / Which natural disaster do you like best in films?
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What's your most favourite unarmed fighting style (martial arts) in the movies?

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My personal favourite
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in the first followed order
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Actors mostly seen in films i watched
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Many characters from Marvel Comics were portrayed by actors in the live action movies. Which one's the best up till 2013?
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Notable characters lived by many actors
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These guys undoubtedly made some unforgettable, different, and uncomparable works which i really enjoy.
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Some great classic actors whom i notice and enjoy watching in couples of their movies.
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Actresses most seen in films i watched