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Tank Girl (1995)
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Fantastic Fun For Fun.... Fluffs!, 14 August 2004

Fabulous Film! Loved every moment! Girls the world over should see this and take note. Girls don't wanna have fun, they wanna TANK! Gimme more PLEASE!!!! I loved this popcorn munching evening getting lost in all the plot holes etc, what a scream! Everything is there, poor cgi, poor lines, poor screen play, but a fantastic story and idiots acting between all. This is a must see for all!

Dimm the lights. Switch on the surround, and make sure you have all the popcorn you need.....then ENJOY!

If you can't do that then you are brain dead or a critic without a brain.

nuff said

Paycheck (2003)
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Pure Popcorn Brilliance, 7 May 2004

Wow! What a great film to see! Twists and turns abound in this candy covered film, I enjoyed it immenseley. This is a pure popcorn ride that tittilates the eyes and ears without remorse. Ben does a good job as the lead, and does his best to "love" the leading actress - Uma Thurman - A goddess in all my books! - Nuff of that. This film is using aspects from others in the past if one want's to look deep enough. However as a poor bloke dragged into the theatre on a wet Saturday just coz the Mrs wanted to see Ben, I was delighted to enjoy a good yarn performed and delivered with twists an turns that made my attention focus on the whole film. Maybe everyone needs to be dragged into the cinema on a wet Saturday afternoon by their better half's. What a great way to let your girl (or guy) drool over Ben and have a good time as well! Sure there are plot holes, this film was not designed to be a blockbuster but it does deliver at the end.


*****/5 for fun and the ability to switch off and ride with the story.

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It is a girly film but don't let that distract you!, 14 February 2004

Well as a bloke with a strong feminine streak (somewhere!) inside, I have to say that I sat down this afternoon and watched this movie with my girlfriend and ended up laughing and crying with her. OK the first 25 mins take there toll but it does pick up in a warm and snuggly way that identifies with anyone who has loved and lost. I am not saying that this film is perfect or brilliant, just that it is a good story, well acted and delivered and worthy of an evening or afternoon cuddling with your other half and enjoying it for all it is.

A girly film which delivers exactly what is on the box, and if one wishes to nit pick, one can, but why bother? Enjoy it for what it is.

Matcho guys need not apply, nor watch, cos there is bog all that will turn your nuts!

Nuff said !

**** out of 5 (and this is from a bloke who HAS loved and lost!)

Carry on Christmas (1969) (TV)
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What a Carry On........., 27 December 2003

Very amusing television show, with every slapstick innuendo, classic line possible from all previous and future films and TV specials.

This is 50 mins of little giggles to huge belly laughs. Barbra Windsor is wonderful with her wicked giggle. The rest of the cast (familiar from all our favourite Carry On films including Frankie Howard) all have at least two roles to play and it is obvious they were having fun filming the show. There are too many instances where you can see they are about to giggle while delivering lines to mention. If you get a chance to see it on a TV special, and you are a Carry On fan and missed it. DO IT! What a carry on Xmas giggle........

For those perfectionists it is a 1 star

For me it is the perfection of television humor in the 70's and is worthy of TEN stars (out of ten) for the classic 70's humor back then.

Feel free to Flame Me but this is classic Brit Humour from the 70's

This humour will never be seen in new shows, enjoy!!

Comedians just want to have a giggle. It would be great if they could be as open and honest as the Carry On team, and funny, without the HR Political Police ruining it for the rest of us.

My score is 5 out of 5 but NOT on a cultural scale, just a Carry On scale..... simply brilliant and funny.

Hulk (2003)
Hulkin pile of crxp, 12 June 2003

I am sorry, but after seeing the screener of this, for the first time I am able to say that a film sent me to sleep. I was waiting for an all action MARVEL comic film..............soreeeeeee it ain't!!!! All I can say is go to X2 instead! ...and DO NOT take your kids to this!! You will only hurt after!

0 out of 10

sorry guys, this is a bummer of a film