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Caesar's Writers (1996) (TV)
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Funnier than a roomfull of monkies!, 16 January 2004

I had the great pleasure to watch this video. A gathering of the hearts and minds that worked on great comedy TV. I'm a "second-generation" fan, I guess you could say, of Sid Caesar's TV works. I saw the programs as they were rebroadcast during the 80s. But still, this did not diminish their impact and humour. So, seeing the crew of writers gab it up was a gas!

Witty, fast on the repartee and cutting, these gentlemen spoke of the times and events that surrounded the writing of "Your Show of Shows" and "Caesar's Hour". They sometimes performed classic bits, other times they joked about great moments.

If you are a fan of classic TV, and especially of Sid Casesar, you must see this wonderful video!

Time of the Apes (1987) (TV)
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My oh My, 7 January 2004

This film was really wacky... in a good way. Probably not good for normal people to watch, but I enjoyed it :). It was really surreal... especially since the dub job was done by people who did the dub for Dominion Tank Police.

Maybe it would be really cool if they did an anime of it. It did have an anime feel to it.

Neat theme, 2 December 2003

That show had the neatest theme - not the greatest; just the neatest. Anyho, I remember watching the show a lot, and it really influenced me (even though it was in reapeats and I was really young). They don't make TV like that anymore... not that small of scale or that creative... everything goes through a giant screening process; what's left is like pulp from orange juice: yucky.

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Greatest friggin' movie, 17 August 2003

Biased my view is for this movie, but I really love it. A great story and great action. I thought the camera angles were great. Sure, Dolph can't act, but that Skeletor is one of the best renditions ever. Those who don't like He-Man aren't gonna like this one, but those who do will find it magical :) Chacon a son gout

Daredevil (2003)
Awesomeness, 3 August 2003

The Daredevil movie was as true to the comic as it could be. It's not just important to carry the imagery over, but to carry the atmosphere and the mood, and the movie does just that. The tone is great. It reminds me of the first two Batman movies. Total Awesomeness A++++++

Encino Man (1992)
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Could it be..., 9 May 2003

This film is not exactly like it, but is similar to "Eegah"! In fact, the young Richard Kiel looked very similar to Brandon Fraser :) . Both feature a prehistoric cave man in California deal with the modern world as well. I'm not saying it's a straight copy, but is it possible that the person who wrote this film have seen "Eegah"? Good film, in any case...

Not the worst, but not far off, 7 May 2003

Just to make sure this movie makes it in the worst 100 list, I voted 1/10. The editing sucks. No excuses... there was plenty of good editing in that time period... the movie was just done wrong. The continuity errors are blatant... the acting often forced. Using random people as extras isn't such a good idea :). There is nothing artistic or dramatic about the film: it's bad. I'm sure Coleman Francis was a good actor, and from all accounts he was, but he was surely one of the worst writer/directors out there, with some pretty mean competition.

On the plus side, Mike and the Bots did a great job with this one. Comparing it to "Manos" was classic.

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Worst... movie... ever..., 7 May 2003

Well... not as bad as "Manos", but a close follower. Definitley in the bottom 10 movies of all times. I voted 1/10, just to further its voyage to the bottom 100 list. Like Francis' other "accomplishment" Skydivers, Red Zone Cuba features bad editing, bland acting, a convuluted plot and mediocre photography. That's the best I can say for it; the photography isn't that bad (other than the jump cuts). I know John Carradine accepted pretty well any role, but I think he could have been just a touch more choosey in this case (he did okay, otherwise, tho). As a MST3K episode, this was great. Some great lines and riffs. Mike's mental anguish from the film was funny. And who could hate that Bouncy Upbeat Song? :) I loved the Laurel & Hardy reference made by Frank at the beginning! That was great! In summary: Coleman sucks, the Bots rule, MITCHELL!