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The best documentaries about movies, plus some extraordinary DVD/BD extras (mini- or full-length docs).
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My favorite ghost story movies.
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Funny horror films that satirize or spoof the genre.
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A personal & subjective review of films that left an impact on me throughout my life, from the 70s to present.
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Over-looked films with supernatural/horror elements...
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Realistic depictions of life as I know it, portrayed by pop media.
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Creepy atmosphere, from space stations to ancient buildings.

Some are "haunting" movies (i.e. with ghosts) and some have another twist at the end. *Please don't give away spoilers in your comments!*

Feedback and tips are appreciated.
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Tales from (or inspired by) childhood stories, with elements of horror, fantasy & surrealism. Plus a few good "family-friendly" films.
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Movies to keep you up at night.
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Horror films set in the tropics. Some good, many bad... Only criterium: set on a remote island, beach, or desert.

My favorites are near the top, except #1. It's there for the picture.

Any missing, please let me know. Thanks.
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Filmmakers who continue pushing boundaries. Future projects are highly anticipated.

Suggestions/comments welcome.
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If you want to see every Peter Sellers movie, here are some over-looked roles, plus the classics that every film fan must check out.

Top 5 are the essentials, then some over-looked gems and lastly, others of interest.
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My favorite movies that play with the head: cerebral, surreal, mindbenders -- whatever you prefer.... hope you enjoy :)

This list focuses on more 'accessible' films, for example "Mulholland Dr." over "Eraserhead". For really out-there films, there's a companion list....
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Television on the edge, in the spirit of ground-breaking "Twilight Zone" and "Fringe".
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Who or What is the killer?
If you like mysterious horror films, particularly where the killer is not a zombie or vampire yet a scary shadow ("The Haunting", "Cat People") or shape-shifting menace ("The Thing", "The Mist").
In short: Scary films that never (or rarely) show the 'monster' or antagonist.
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Required viewing for humans who care, or want to learn more, about the world around them.