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Good , solid, different ,excellent not quite., 21 January 2008

A few weeks ago I didn't know much about this movie so I had little expectations, but a friend of mine wanted to go see it so I came here to see what people had to say. After reading a lot of comments I felt that this was a can't miss movie. So my expectations were turned from not much to anticipating this movie.

All in all this movie was indeed solid, it had a lot of the same type stories that you can compare to other movies but with a different take on the presentation. The story was decent, it did however lack details but I think that if you think of it as a first person experience you wouldn't have all of the details either.

The camera shaking was good for most of the movie, except some parts was making me dizzy and had to turn away if not I was going to be sick.

If you get a chance give this movie a try, it is a short movie and the pace was good the entire way.

My take this is a different movie in a lot of ways and if you sit down and think about it most people will enjoy it, but it isn't worth a 9 or 10.

Superbad (2007)
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Absolutely fantastic, 22 August 2007

I wasn't expecting a lot from this flick after seeing the previews the first few times, I had told myself that most of the funny stuff would be in the trailers, however I was completely wrong. The movie was absolutely hilarious from the start to the finish. After watching Knocked up thinking I hadn't seen a funny movie like that in a long time and wasn't expecting to see on again for many years, I was wrong again.

This movie was maybe not better then knocked up but sure does stand up to it. The actors representated their roles really well, Jonah Hill was quite good for a leading role, and Evan and McLovin were very good.

I can't remember a movie when everyone were so into it,the crowd was laughing non stop, cheering for the characters and gave it an applause at the end of the movie. This was on a tuesday night a 1 am :) I really don't believe there is any words for this movie other then go see it for yourself and trust me you will enjoy it, if you don't then you really don't like many comedies of this genre.

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Great, fantastic, unique (Is this what you look for in a movie), 24 February 2007

OK first off, I haven't read all on the comments here or to be honest not many however I am positive there must be some that wrote that Carrey shouldn't be doing anything else but comedies.

This is where I want to start with, this movie was great and would have been real good even if Carrey wasn't in it, but because Carrey was in it, and did such a amazing job this movie was a monster success in my opinion.

Carrey never gets the respect he deserves. The Truman Show, Ethernal Sunshine and The Majestic are some of my favorite movies of all time, because they are so different and the acting he did in them was nothing but spectacular.

Again last night after the movie , most seemed real satisfied with the movie, but behind me someone said to her friend " That sucked Carrey is supposed to make you laugh" tell me what did you expect you were going to watch "Ace Ventura 3" seriously.

OK now for serious movie freaks this movie will not disappoint you, all I can say everything was perfect and however I had some doubts at the end that would of ruined it for me because there is just so many movies what that type of ending but then came the twists that finalized things with perfection.

Joel did a great job and so did Virgina.

Jim deserves a Oscar nomination for this flick and thats how much I think this movie was great.

Be your own judge, give it a fair chance and forget about Jim's past movies look at it with a free mind.

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My take on Narnia, 9 January 2006

I have been looking at the ratings for this movie for the past few weeks and as much as I wanted to see this movie I didn't get a chance until today. The ratings were decent so I was expecting a decent movie but I didn't get a decent movie, I actually think that this was one of the best movies I have seen in years.

I think the rating doesn't pay its respects to this awesome movie. I haven't read any of the books therefore I can't compare both although for someone who has never read these books I must say I was shocked on how beautiful this entire adventure was. I seriously can't remember the last time where I have been at the movies and haven't at least once looked at the time during the movie or left the theater with an "awww" feeling about it. I actually felt like I wanted to take part of this amazing adventure.

I got to the movies about twice a week and after watching King Kong I fought it would be impossible to beat but Narnia did that simply for the story and the point of the movie.The effects were well done, the characters were true and so realistic which is what made this movie incredible.

I would vote in 10 on 10 because not once did I ever have a negative comment which is rare in my case :) What I like about this movie it completely removed any worries in my mind, made me think of my youth and how imagination can be at times.

I think that this movie is great for all groups of ages because no matter what we all have youth in us and I truly believe you will at least enjoy this! Enjoy

The Forgotten can be forgotten, 2 October 2004

I had only seen one trailer before going to see this movie so I didn't have much of an idea what the movie was going to be.

After the moving building up "greatly I must add" the ending was simply horrible.

1 hour in the movie I was feeling pretty happy to have spent 10$ but the ending pretty much ruined that.

All in all a great movie but because of the final 10 minutes it doesn't deserve more then 6/10.

If you are looking for some good suspense and even some jump out of your chair scenes well it's a good movie for that even the story builds up greatly. Then there's the very questionable ending as to ask yourself if the writer just didn't know how to end the movie so left us with questions of what exactly was the story about


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Great simply hilarious, 24 August 2004

I would recommend anyone to go see this movie.I really wanted to go see this movie becaue M Lillard is my fav actor and he didn't disapoint.Although I didn't like the movie because of him but because of the story how it was simple but at the same time entertaining.The others Green and Sheppard did a great job as well. I think everyone could relate to this movie as im sure it has gone through everyone's mind just to be able to leave with your friends on some sort of adventure.

I think for anyone to not like this movie means they didn't understand it wasn't meant to win an oscar. This movie was meant to entertain all of us with some great laughs which it did. When we left from the movies you could see in everyone's faces they enjoyed it.

To me this was exactly what I wanted.

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Amazing, 14 April 2004

This movie was simply amazing.

There isn't one thing that I didn't enjoy about the movie.I actually would of liked it more if it was another hour longer :).

The movie was so unique and the acting was spectacular.

Jim Carrey is the most underrated serious actor out there because he is simply the king of comedy.

The Truman Show was amazing which I keep telling people is probably my favorite movie of all time

The Majestic was also fantastic even Man on the moon was good

And Spotless mind didn't disapoint in any way. It has you thinking right from the beginning and wonder what if this opportunity came to you what would you do??

I can see people not enjoy the movie as much as I, but I think some exagerate in their comments by saying it was the worst movie ever or they walked out they couldn't take another moment.

Honestly if you are a movie buff like myself definitely go see this movie.


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Amazing, 28 February 2004

I honestly loved this movie alot. Two of my favorite actors are in this movie Matthew Lillard and Ryan Reynolds. This movie was very good because of the actors, the suspense in it wondering what will happen next, and the story line was good also.

What made this movie so good is that this is a story that can happen to anyone, imagine yourself walking down the street and finding someone's wallet what do you do? Well this is what the movie was entirely about.

I had no expecations when I rented this movie but I must say after watching it once I had to watch a few more times.

10/10 movie

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Decent movie, 28 February 2004

Im a huge M Lillard fan that's why I ended up watching this movie. Honestly I doubt that if he wasn't in the movie i would of enjoyed it as much or even watched it but once I did watch it realize the story was pretty decent. A bad ending I must say but I did see it coming. It's a low budget movie and some of the actors weren't really good but all in all I rated this movie 7/10.

The suspense of wondering what Lillard was actually up to was what really keeped me interested in this movie.

Its a good rental!


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Good movie, 28 February 2004

I really enjoyed this movie because it was very relaxing and different then the typical american movie. Don't get me wrong Im all for explosion's and Effects but this movie was good in its own way.

I think that anyone who has watched this movie enjoyed it in its own kind of way. After watching this movie I started thinking of stuff that can be invented and must say it got me thinking for a good while.

this movie would of been more of a hit in the late 80's early 90's.

The actor's in the movie were funny,I never felt like the movie was starting to get very long. 8/10

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