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Absolutely Fantastic, 29 February 2012

Catherine Hick's performance rates 10 stars! No one has ever captured Marilyn to the extent that Catherine Hicks has in this unbelievable film. I will add that Sheree North also did an excellent job as Gladys Baker ... Marilyn's manic mother. I was so happy to see that she had a worthwhile part in this movie, considering that she was, at one time, being groomed as Marilyn's replacement, and ... Sheree was one of the few actresses that truly admired Marilyn, as well as one of the very few that felt that the rest of Hollywood should have been ashamed of how they treated Marilyn ... behind her back! Unfortunately, the wrong person was chosen to play Joe DiMaggio! Frank Converse's acting was extremely forced ... specially in the dramatic scene of Marilyn being hospitalized, where Catherine Hicks has one of her best scenes! Miss Hicks may not have looked like Marilyn, but within the first 15 minutes of the movie, you totally forget that fact, as you continue to be blown away! It is as though Marilyn, herself, came down and entered the body and mind of Catherine Hicks! I have never gotten over the whole experience ... unlike any other film I have seen about this tormented Hollywood Icon that I was extremely fortunate to have met when I was 7 years old.


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All we are saying ... is give peace a chance!, 24 November 2011

This is the perfect movie for anyone interested in the truth about the sixties, the lengths we went to, and how America learned that its people are pretty powerless against the powers that be. Kim Darby is perfection in her role, as she always was, and is! The climax is a living nightmare ... yet, total reality! This movie also shows you why so many Americans turned to drugs, why America is what it is today. When a nation feels powerless, the majority of that nation turns to fantasy / science fiction, and anything else that will make them forget what they have no power to change. This movie showed us the end of hope, and self-respect ... and the beginning of this mess we leave to future generations ..... oblivion!

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fun, 25 June 2014

If you ever wonder where Jean Stapleton came up with the voice of Edith Bunker, in "All In The Family", watch this movie. She steals the show!

Tab Hunter was not the first choice to play Joe Hardy ... but the studio boss demanded he play the part! Frankly, though Tab was acceptable in the role ... I would have used a blond Elvis and Ann-Margret, in the lead roles ... however, Tab and Gwen did fine jobs, especially Gwen ... but neither were a huge box office draw, not compared to the alternatives. Now, I will admit that Gwen was excellent in the part ... but, if you are talking about a sexy woman that men cannot ignore ... you're talking Marilyn Monroe and/or Ann-Margret! Gwen's problem was that she was never a huge beauty ... and her body was rather boyish, compared to what the most desirable woman should look like! They actually did consider Marilyn Monroe for the part ... but Marilyn was not a dancer, and rehearsals would have been lengthy and strenuous! However ... Ann-Margret would have been a whole different story! Mitzi Gaynor was first choice, but Mitzi turned the role down. Mitzi would have been a hit in the part ... however, Mitzi was smart enough to know that playing the devil's stooge would not be good for her career as a wholesome girl next door ... whereas Ann-Margret could have cared less!

When it comes to Tab Hunter ... nice guy, but the director didn't like him in the part ... perhaps the director was homophobic, as he did complain that Tab was too "faggy!" I will agree that Tab was a bubblegum actor ... good looks, little talent. There are parts in the movie when he does become comfortable in the part ... but, those moments are far too little to make a huge difference. But lets talk about Gwen Vernon! This is a woman that had to wear corrective shoes, after a childhood accident, to straighten her legs, and she wound up with a pair of legs that could dance their way into the hearts of millions of fans! Unfortunately, her posture was a disaster area, even in this film. If you keep an eye out, you'll see what I mean when you see her profile ... her back was bowed, why no one let her know that is beyond me ... because it could have been corrected. Gwen hunched over quite a bit. Even so ... you will see some of the finest dancing ever in her three main numbers ... "Two Lost Souls", the Lola strip number, and her mambo number. By the way, most of the Broadway cast was used in the film, which was a great idea!

I've never cared much for Ray Walston ... excepting for his role in South Pacific, which was a memorable performance.

Someone I am always drawn to, when I see him in a movie, or on television, is James Komack (Rocky), this is a man with the "IT" factor that never became a legend. Having the "IT" factor is not a guarantee of success, unless you seek that type of success. Many of us are scared to death of that kind of success ... seriously, look what happened to Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, three tragic stories of three wonderfully talented people that are loved worldwide ... still ... but they all died young ... tragic!

Poor scripting ... poor lyrics ... were the downfall of this movie ... nut it is still fun to watch ... especially the "Two Lost Souls" production ... great number, with the exception of a couple of Tab Hunter moments that stunk!

Rumor has it that someone is talking about doing a remake ... sounds like a waste of time to me. However, if it is being thought of ... seriously ... some huge changes need to be made. Change the female leads first song ... change the devil's bedroom by removing the cherubs, they are everywhere in the movie ..... either make the newspaper woman an enemy of the team, or make her a supporter, she can't be both! Also ... a devil doesn't talk about the blessings in his life ... he is anti-everything good! Make some sense of the female lead wearing a costume that she never performs in. Create better backdrops. In the home scene, you can see that the walls are phony pieces, which also is evident in the devil's bedroom. Oh, and use Nicole Kidman in the lead (Gwen Vernon) female role! I'd like to see George Clooney as the devil, even better yet, John Leguizamo(?) ... and Ewan McGregor may make a good Joe?! He and Nicole have great chemistry.

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Waste Of Film, 29 February 2012

The only thing this film got right was the fact that Norma Jeane disliked sex, a problem that most people who were molested and/or raped in childhood have in common. Although, such things can be overcome for short periods of time ... the person tends to slip back into their norm.

Misty Rowe ... what can I say about her performance that would not be cruel? Can't! Anyone taking on this role, as written in the script, had to be 100% STOOPID! The script turned Marilyn into a vulgar brainless twit, and no real fan of this Iconic Star would have accepted this role, as written! It amazes me that this trash is out on DVD, while Catherine Hicks' "Marilyn: The Untold Story" has never been released on DVD. The latter being thee best film on Marilyn ever created .... SO FAR! LadyShalene

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Scary as Hell, 25 February 2012

Having been raised by a mother that was exactly the same as Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper ... I can tell you that this movie gave me a new set of nightmares to deal with. Which speaks volumes in regards to the acting and directing. I would imagine that Elizabeth Smart's life must also be full of nightmares ... and this will continue throughout the remainder of her life.

As seems to be the norm in these abduction cases, the police continue to make life even worse for the victims of these crimes against families. In this case, even though the abduction is witnessed by Elizabeth's younger sister ... the police still go after the parents. On the other side of the coin, it often is a parent that is the guilty party ... Jon-Bonet Ramsey ... but, with a witness, in this case ... a lot of time was wasted on trying to pin the crime on the parents. The person they tried to finally pin it on looked nothing like the real monster, as said by the only witness. Unfortunately, the police pretty much ignored that witness.

Believe this ... there are plenty of people, out there, that are exactly like the abductor of Elizabeth Smart. BELIEVE IT!

Scrooge (1970)
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The Best Christmas Movie Ever, 7 April 2014

I fell in love with this movie back in 1970, when I saw it, numerous times, during the Christmas Holidays, at Radio City Music Hall. Truth is ... this movie was my Christmas for 1970.

Albert Finney should have received an Oscar for his performance in this wonderful movie. One thing that never ceases to amaze people is the fact that he plays the part of young Scrooge, as well as the part of old Scrooge ... the performances are so unique, and masterful, that people find it hard to believe he plays both these part ... but he does, and he does it to perfection! I know one person that literally hates musicals ... but he did like this movie! The sets are spot-on ... the costumes are extraordinarily realist for the period ... and the special effects are unbelievable when you realize that this film was made in 1970! My favorite part of the movie is when Scrooge meets the ghost of Christmas Present. The talent that went into this scene is absolute perfection ... which means that not only did this movie have perfect casting ... it had the perfect film crew as well.

The excellent casting includes Dame Edith Evans, whom plays the ghost of Christmas past like the quality actress she always has been. I think the greatest thing about this movie, and what makes it such a classic, is the choosing of just the right actors ... Shakepearian Actors! I know, hard to imagine such an actor singing and prancing around like a little kid ... but it is done in this film to, here comes that word again, perfection! Kenneth More makes the perfect ghost of Christmas present ... his acting, and costuming, were so well done that I had a hard time accepting the actor as being Kenneth More ... but, I guess, that was the whole point. By the way, don't get me wrong, Kenneth was a wonderful actor, I was just blown away that he didn't look, or act, like the Kenneth More audiences had become use to seeing.

Well, I shan't bore you with praises about all the other actors ... I will just say that if you never see this film, you will have missed my favorite Christmas movie ... and that certainly would be a pity ... because this movie will put practically anyone into the spirit of creating as wonderful a Christmas as is possible to make for all they know and love ... and a few they don't know as well! By the way ... it has always bugged me that this film has never become a Holiday regular, as has Miracle On 34th Street, and Its a Wonderful Life ... because it belongs right up there with those two sinalicious classics!

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Stupid, 30 October 2013

I don't see the attraction. The guy is totally annoying, the girl is as boring as they come, and the script sucks pimentos. And the credits seem to go on forever, and ever, and ever.

I bought the three DVD set, mainly because the first movie was listed in The 50 Scariest Movies, and I was pretty bored throughout the movie, to the point that half way through I went to bed and watched the rest when I got up in the morning. The movie was so lousy that I see no reason to watch the other two DVDs in the set. Maybe when I have absolutely nothing to do, I'll watch the other to ... if that day ever appears ... God, I hope not.

And the credits are still running. Two people in the movie, and a million people in the credits.

By the way, I do love a good ghost story, and I don't like gore! This film has neither.

And the credits are still rolling!

Mamma Mia! (2008)
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One Of The Best Musicals Ever!, 23 November 2013

First off ... I gave it a nine star rating due to a couple of mistakes, a slightly over the top musical number, and one of the major parts was possibly miscast.

When ABBA was on top, I was elsewhere ... I've never gone for fads, and, being an entertainer, at their time of solid hits, I was too into my own career. Being autistic, I generally have tunnel vision. So, my real introduction was years after the craze ... in the Aussie film "Priscilla". Cute movie ... interesting. However, I did not manage to become an ABBA fan, even after the fact. And then came this movie!!! The songs were done very professionally ... and the casting was superb, other than one part that seemed miscast, and I am not going to name that actor, as he did the best he could ... but he had some real heavy talent to be intimidated by.

Meryl was as excellent as was her back-up girls! Frankly, I thought the casting of the two others was rather odd ... but that thought vanished as quickly as it appeared. Most of the major actors are not seasoned singers ... especially Pierce Brosnan, but he seemed to meet the challenge head-on, and did a superb job of it! God love him. I actually blew a chance on meeting Pierce ... but I can tell you this ... the man is very much the actor, meaning that he is as cool in person as he is in the parts he plays. A gentleman! One scene that bothered me was the scene on the roof of the goat-house. Were the people on the roof suppose to be invisible to Meryl? That part did not play well, for me.

The big surprise, but not shockingly, is Christine Baranski!!! This is a woman that should be busy, every minute of the day, working on some film project! The woman is a dynamo. The beach number she does blew my mind. Oh, the over the top part was when the male dancers leave the music behind them with a fast forward strained section of the number. Short, thank GOD, but still a big mistake. However, the number is so perfect, otherwise, one just needs to blink that section into oblivion! There was a scene between Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper, in bed, which was deleted from the released movie ... and it should not have been deleted. Fantasy is what this type of movie creates in the minds of its audiences, and that scene was filled with fantasies for both women and The Rainbow Connection. The chemistry was hot! Lets talk Julie Walters. I'd never seen her in anything before, but she has a new fan with this movie. The woman is so naturally earthy, and in your face, that you can't help but want to become friends with her. I found her a total delight ... and she had no problem matching talent for talent with the rest of the major cast. I would love to see more of her in the future. On the other hand, I think I've seen a little too much of Stellan Skarsgård ... the man has guts, I'll say that for him. But I'd rather had seen the deleted scene instead of Stellan's breakfast scene. Although, I imagine a few senior citizens went wild over that one.

All in all ... this is definitely one heck of a classic that will never lose its popularity!

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Good Fun, 18 February 2013

First off ... my most important tweek on this movie is that I would have not used Angelica for the part of Morticia. Though she was quite good in the role, I believe, as much as the original role screamed for Carolyn Jones, the movie role screamed for "CHER!" As I said, Angelica did a fabulous job, but Cher was more suited to the role! Measuring up to John Astin in the role of Gomez was not an easy task, but Raul Julia was more than adequate in the role. However, the people that stole the show were Christopher Lloyd and Christina Ricci, especially the latter! I would agree with others that Christina needed more center time in the film, and the chemistry between her and Jimmy Workman was exceptional. Getting back to Chris Lloyd ... he was able to fill the shoes of veteran actor Jackie Coogan was no easy task, but he conquered the role and expanded it magnificently. However, when it comes to the role of Lurch ... Ted Cassidy still reigns supreme.

As a footnote ... I love that Thing was turned into the Bionic Hand ... that really made my night! Well, if you're looking for a few giggles, with nothing taxing your brain ... The Addams Family movie hits the spot! BUT ... I still wish Cher had played the part of Morticia!

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Totally Sin-a-licious!, 24 December 2012

Okay ... first things first ... buy it and watch it whenever you are desperate for a laugh! This is a fast paced movie that keeps you laughing all the way through. The chemistry between Streisand and O'Neal is totally unique as no matter what Ryan O'Neal's character does, he can not lose Barbra ... the woman just keeps popping up and causing mayhem where ever she goes.

The story centers around a few pieces of popular luggage, approximately the size of a doctor's bag, that becomes an object in a keep-away game, and is owned by three or four different people ... one containing rocks, one containing jewels, one containing secret papers ... you get the idea. Throw in some spies, a couple of jewel thieves, a guy trying to get financial support for his rock studies, a frantic fiancée, and the biggest jinx in history ... and you have a mad house of fiascoes and misadventures with one heck of a surprise ending! The acting is top notch ... Streisand and O'Neal are in top form ... and Madeline Kahn was the perfect choice to play the matronly fiancée! This movie is no great Oscar Winner ... but it is Family Fun, Fun, Fun, at its best!

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