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Bee Movie, 13 April 2013

The best thing about this movie was the line ... "... the government would never lie to us!" Almost fell off my chair! I don't care for B movies, and I'd like to be aware, from the beginning, that I am spending my hard earned money on a film that just isn't worth the price of a DVD. I've enjoyed most of the Aliens movies ... as well as the Predator movies ... but this one made a huge joke out of them. First off ... why all the dim lights? So much of the movie's best parts were so dark I couldn't see much of anything. The dolphin squeals were disturbing! The early Alien and Predator movies were as visual pleasing as they were with their sound effects and animation ... this movie is a cheap knock-off that just doesn't hit the mark. As a matter of fact ... doesn't even come close to getting half way there! Walk away!

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Good Fun, 18 February 2013

First off ... my most important tweek on this movie is that I would have not used Angelica for the part of Morticia. Though she was quite good in the role, I believe, as much as the original role screamed for Carolyn Jones, the movie role screamed for "CHER!" As I said, Angelica did a fabulous job, but Cher was more suited to the role! Measuring up to John Astin in the role of Gomez was not an easy task, but Raul Julia was more than adequate in the role. However, the people that stole the show were Christopher Lloyd and Christina Ricci, especially the latter! I would agree with others that Christina needed more center time in the film, and the chemistry between her and Jimmy Workman was exceptional. Getting back to Chris Lloyd ... he was able to fill the shoes of veteran actor Jackie Coogan was no easy task, but he conquered the role and expanded it magnificently. However, when it comes to the role of Lurch ... Ted Cassidy still reigns supreme.

As a footnote ... I love that Thing was turned into the Bionic Hand ... that really made my night! Well, if you're looking for a few giggles, with nothing taxing your brain ... The Addams Family movie hits the spot! BUT ... I still wish Cher had played the part of Morticia!

Little John (2002) (TV)
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Interesting, 1 January 2013

This movie has a powerhouse of seasoned actors. Unfortunately, the scripting left more to be desired, and miscasting is quite evident when it comes to Patty Duke! Don't get me wrong, I like Patty (Anna Marie), but this role was a no fit! Patty Duke is way above that role, which was placid, sweet, and totally boring! On the other hand ... it was nice to see her looking so good ... in 2002 ... but a wallflower she is not! The story pretty much stinks with contradictions in the role of Little John's mother, played by Gloria Reuben. Another fine actress wasting her time with this movie. First, she appears too young to have the position she has acquired as a Judge. And, being a Judge that makes extremely important decisions in regards to abused children ... and, basically, having done the same thing by abandoning her own baby ... is totally crapola! Her role, as already said, was ridiculous and contradictory of her own inner qualities. Plus, the idea that she never told her father that she was raped is highly improbable! Anyone, having their own father telling them that he was disappointed in her because she allowed herself to become pregnant ... would ... scream RAPE! Its a matter of self-preservation when it comes to a child being scorn by a parent for something he, or she, had no control of. Emotional reflex! Ving Rhames ... I don't dare say anything against him ... we share the same birthday. Frankly, this a a seasoned actor and did a great job with his part ... but, alas, he was also miscast! Ving Rhames is like an action hero ... volatile, somewhat like Patty Duke, that bites the reins in most of his roles. So, basically, what I am saying here is this ... the cast was subdued ... sat in a chair and had the hands tied behind their backs ... like alka seltzer without the fizz! One keeps waiting for the high dramatics, which Patty and Ving are loved for, but all we get is a two day old flat soda ... a bore.

As for the main character ... same goes here also. When you see this little kid take care of his grandpa ... and drive this truck to a diner for help ... you think ... this is going to be a winner! Wrong! The bottom line is this ... a lot of good actors were hired to waste their time developing a loser that is beneath every one of them! The acting was quite good, all around, but it was still a bore!

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Totally Sin-a-licious!, 24 December 2012

Okay ... first things first ... buy it and watch it whenever you are desperate for a laugh! This is a fast paced movie that keeps you laughing all the way through. The chemistry between Streisand and O'Neal is totally unique as no matter what Ryan O'Neal's character does, he can not lose Barbra ... the woman just keeps popping up and causing mayhem where ever she goes.

The story centers around a few pieces of popular luggage, approximately the size of a doctor's bag, that becomes an object in a keep-away game, and is owned by three or four different people ... one containing rocks, one containing jewels, one containing secret papers ... you get the idea. Throw in some spies, a couple of jewel thieves, a guy trying to get financial support for his rock studies, a frantic fiancée, and the biggest jinx in history ... and you have a mad house of fiascoes and misadventures with one heck of a surprise ending! The acting is top notch ... Streisand and O'Neal are in top form ... and Madeline Kahn was the perfect choice to play the matronly fiancée! This movie is no great Oscar Winner ... but it is Family Fun, Fun, Fun, at its best!

Love Story (1970)
Almost Perfect, 24 December 2012

Love Story hit the theaters in 1970 and instantly became an international mega hit! Its cast was excitingly strong, using some of the best dramatic artists available at that time ... including Ray Milland! The biggest love affair with this movie was between the audience and Ali McGraw ... with so many young women trying to copy Ali McGraw's look, and attitude throughout the 1970s. However, the love, as well as the tears, also flowed for Ryan O'Neal as his career went global! The cast, as stated, was/is most powerful ... and it is Ali McGraw's character that crashes into the dramatics with her smart aleck comments which truly make this movie so enjoyable. The script is superb, and the acting /directing is perfection. However, there is one line that confused the public (big time) ... "Love means never having to say you're sorry!" Probably one of the most ridiculous lines ever spoken by a leading lady, and could have destroyed the movie had it not been for the rest of the movie being such a wonderful experience.

One thing I really liked was the relationship between Ali McGraw's character and her father, played by John Marley. Perfection! Basically, this movie was so good that they produced a vinyl recording of all the best parts and it sold quite well in record shops.

A quick note ... a couple of years later, Ryan O'Neal and Barbra Streisand made a sin-a-licious comedy called "What's Up Doc" and Ryan O'Neal gets to voice his opinion of the disastrous line from "Love Story" ... the audience applauded enthusiastically! Touche'!

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ouch, 5 December 2012

They'd have to tie me down, clamp my eyes open, and I would still avert my eyes from this loser. Totally boring, and, frankly, I am sick to death of seeing Dean Cain as the bad guy. He just doesn't suit the part. Unfortunately, he did suit the part of that creep that killed Stacey Peterson and her unborn child ... which pretty much destroyed his career.

The acting is OK, when thinking about the other parts ... but the movie is, as already mentioned, a rip-off of Home Alone, and not even a good rip-off. And, actually, the dog was not that great either. So, walk away and find something better to do with your time. Unless you like being bored. Bottom line is ... nothing special here excepting for the holiday decorations, and one other part mentioned below ... and whom among us want to watch a movie just to see a few good decoration?

Now, let us get to the part that infuriated me ... which is the part played by Elisa Donovan ... shame, shame! Why any woman would consider taking a part, such as this one, where a woman towers over the man, and basically treats him like a child ... well, shame, shame. However, seeing Adrienne Barbeau, as the cat lady, tickled me greatly. Adrienne usually plays the Hard Hearted Hanna roles, and to see her in this role was a lovely Christmas Surprise. We can use seeing more of her in the future ... she has been greatly missed!

Queen Sized (2008) (TV)
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Horrible Hateful Trash, 15 October 2012

This is one of the worse movies ever made! It was so bad that I will never be able to watch anything, ever again, with Annie Potts in it. Why can't actors get it that the role you play can very easily destroy your career! Frankly, seeing Annie Potts in the future will definitely bring this movie role back up ... destroying anything new she does.

The movie on a whole is pathetic. The script was obviously created by someone that hates fat people ... to excess! No one runs to the fridge, tosses everything out of the freezer in search of mint ice cream ... they scream, they cry, they pout, they scream a little more ... and then they punish themselves by eating everything in sight! If everyone treats you badly ... you get into the same line they are standing in ... and ... what you do to yourself is a million times worse than what they do to you! Basically, there are only two reasons a person is over weight ... a physical/biological problem ... or ... a mental/emotional problem! Either way, whomever sets out to create more problems for someone that already has a full plate ... well ... they are, simply, not worth the air they breathe! If you are into hating people ... by all means, watch this movie! If not, then pass this one by! LadyShalene

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Come see, come saw, 13 October 2012

To be honest, for personal reasons, I don't like Shannen Doherty at all. Believe me, she is nothing like the people she plays in these television movies and series. So, that was the first problem with this movie. Type casting is very important to movies ... and the casting was screwed in his case. However, I did enjoy seeing Kate Jackson, but she was miscast also. Personally, Kate is a very nice person ... even though it is believed that she is bi-polar and manic-depressive. Kate has the "IT" Factor and most of her fans were a case of love at first sight.

The special effects left a lot to be desired, and the last 20 minutes of the movie was a huge letdown. So, basically, if you want to see a good movie, watch the original Satan School For Girls ... that one is a classic as far as I am concerned. Yes, it had a few problems too ... but the casting was a huge improvement over the remake.


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Loved It, 24 September 2012

I hate going to theaters, but I should have gone to see this one ... the visual effects are wonderful, as are the very artistic scenes, which means that I totally disagree with the one review I read from Mek Torres ... whom I find to be quite unfair in his appraisal of this film.

I purchased the DVD at Wal-Mart ... and I have watched it, and only it, for the past three days. Why? Because of its depths, and because of its many messages.

There are a few things I found less artistic, as well as less realistic (as in to their world). The brother's scarred face was a huge mistake. If the Queen was so powerful, then why wasn't her brother as beautiful, and without scars ... afteral, she did heal the gash Snow White gave to his face. So, that ruined the fantasy a bit.

Charlize Theron's over the top acting, in many scenes, is quite typical of the personality of the Queen in the story of Snow White. Royalty often appears overly dramatic ... almost godly ... and definitely eccentric, if not mad! As for Kristen Stewart ... her acting was top-notch ... but she just doesn't measure-up in the beauty department. Don't get me wrong, she is very attractive ... but Snow White was definitely a Marilyn Monroe type character, with a very pale complexion ... the part of Snow White should have gone to Charlize as well. That is the only way the Queen would have deserved second billing to Snow White ... common sense! And the picture would have been worthy of a nod from The Academy.

The scenery was exquisite, as were the costumes ... and there is a lot to be taken in with this movie. Most of the casting was spot-on ... especially when it comes to the dwarfs! Oh, three cheers for the creators of the fairies! All in all ... a very pleasant experience that could have been better, but, still, will be a movie I will enjoy in future years.

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Really Good Episode, 15 July 2012

I gave this an 8 star rating due to its ending ... which basically made me quite angry, and ended my support of SVU. One expects a story to have a beginning, a middle, and an ending ... mess with the formula will cost you! I will say that I found Shannyn Sossamon to be quite the actor in this piece, unfortunately, I can't say as much about her work prior to this piece. Frankly, I don't particularly like anyone that acts as if they are some type of royal figure to be bowed to, especially as she usually has very little to offer a part other than her looks ... their is no meat to her performances ... just a great looking appetizer, per say, and you leave still hungry for something of substance. So many actors, today, really do not measure up to those of past decades. Actors of yesteryear would never deny giving an autograph, nor would they treat a fan as though they were beneath them ... because, without fans the actor would not survive in the entertainment world, not leave a store full of people thinking ... "What a B%T@H!" Ms. Sossamon could stand to take some lessons from someone like Jasmine Guy ... whom seems to always be a class act, and a descent actor / entertainer! (hugs & kisses, Jasmine!) LadyShalene

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