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Extremely Import Film, 27 January 2014

Anyone with a kind heart, as well as a mind that is governed by common sense, needs to watch this film ... because this film speaks in a language that makes it clearly understood that drastic changes must be made in this country ... for that reason alone, you may find other people leaving 10 star ratings because it hits home with super strength! The acting is adequate, the filming is adequate, and the script is absolutely fantastic ... for all its, in your face, messages for a better world than we have now. No, it isn't preachy, by no means, it just states the facts of what America has become. One immediately gets that the writer is describing our world, even though it is suppose to be a description of the condition of Oz since Dorothy left.

Anyhoots ... every family needs to see this film ... as well as every single person in America ... it is that important. It delivers the message of The Love Ministry perfectly!

Amber's Story (2006) (TV)
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Great Movie, 25 February 2012

I have no idea what the other reviewer has against Elizabeth Rohm, obviously a personal problem ... because I enjoyed Elizabeth Rohm in Law & Order ... and I also found her portrayal of Amber's mother to be top rate, accent and all. Each person reacts differently within a devastation, and accents depend on living one's life around, and amongst, others that speak with the same accent. Some people have strong accents, others have weak accents. Perhaps the other reviewer has been swayed by the last episode of Law & Order that Elizabeth Rohm was in, where we discover that her character is a lesbian? Whatever ... this is a movie worth watching ... and the acting is spot on ... all around. Elizabeth Rohm shows us that she is a much better actor than given credit for ... the way she shows the character's strength of control as she forges forward to demand that authorities take the "Amber Alert" idea seriously ... is truly remarkable. Could it have been a better movie? Maybe, because much of a movie depends on the Director, as well as how those being portrayed actually acted through their personal devastation. But the message is exceptionally clear ... PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY ... or lose them!

For Better or Worse, 23 September 2013

Few series actually come together with perfect casting, but, when they do ... the magic gives us a hug that we must experience as often as possible! Basically, anything that includes Judi Dench has to be a winner.

The story is that of a young nurse, and a soldier, that meet, fall in love, and due to a lost letter ... after the soldier is shipped off to Korea ... they lose each other for thirty years. The opening of the series touches one's heartstrings and plucks a most brilliant chorus of intrigue. The characters of Lionel and Jean go from surprise, to smiles, to confusion, to jealousy, to even becoming a couple of snapping turtles ... and it is far too obvious that they were meant to be together ... sooner or later! The acting is superb, all around. The writing/scripting is top grade, and it was nice to see that the two characters did not fall into that old parody of "I Remember It Well!" They actually do remember it well! Moira Brooker was wonderful as Jean's daughter, and the only criticism would be that her opening hairstyle did not last ... lots of waves flowing in the air. Changing it to straight and rather lifeless was not on! However, there are no criticisms on her acting.

Jenny Funnell plays the part of Sandy, Jean's secretary. She also had problems with changing hairstyles. Her look is quite Sprite-ish, much like Goldie Hawn's beginnings. A little longer in the back would have been a slight improvement ... too attractive to have much of her face hidden by her hair. Here also I have no complaints about her acting. As with Moira, she too was an instant delight.

Philip Bretherton plays Alistair Deacon ... wealthy, cocky, and slightly irritating. One wonders if this was no type-casting, he was a little too comfortable in the part. He did have a bit of a problem trying to play the rich man becoming a poor man scenes ... was nowhere near as believable! There is also a particular area of his face that should never have gotten a close-up! That part couldn't possibly have a facial blemish or two! It just couldn't happen! The series is filled with laughs, and unpredictability's ... which is what makes a successful series ... much like "Are You Being Served"! I purchased the complete DVD set ... however, if you are planning to buy the set, be ready to discover that Warner Bros. totally messed up the order of the Episodes! And trying to get them into their proper places is maddening! DVD placements should be ... 1&2 gray and 1&2 brown, are 1992 and 1993 ... 3 and 3, are 1994 A&B ... 4 and 4, are 1995 A&B. The second folder is correct.

I shall enjoy this set as time goes by for me too.

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Bee Movie, 13 April 2013

The best thing about this movie was the line ... "... the government would never lie to us!" Almost fell off my chair! I don't care for B movies, and I'd like to be aware, from the beginning, that I am spending my hard earned money on a film that just isn't worth the price of a DVD. I've enjoyed most of the Aliens movies ... as well as the Predator movies ... but this one made a huge joke out of them. First off ... why all the dim lights? So much of the movie's best parts were so dark I couldn't see much of anything. The dolphin squeals were disturbing! The early Alien and Predator movies were as visual pleasing as they were with their sound effects and animation ... this movie is a cheap knock-off that just doesn't hit the mark. As a matter of fact ... doesn't even come close to getting half way there! Walk away!

Black Swan (2010)
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Unbelievably Sinalicious, 21 July 2013

Unbelievably Sinalicious ... is the only way to describe this work of art that totally blew my mind and took me back to a few famous words spoken by Lily Tomlin ... and I quote ... "I worry that drugs have made us more creative than we really are!" I would add, after watching this movie ... if the writer, and others that were instrumental in creating this film, were not taking drugs ..... they have my sympathy when it comes to what is going on in their minds on a daily basis.

Some parts of the film are spectacular, some mind blowing, and some lacking the perfection reached in those other scenes. I saw numerous things that I would have changed for artist appeal ... but these are mainly tweaks that would have brought the film closer to being a hailed as an artistic masterpiece, as well as being what the film did attain ... shock and awe. I also want to say, without making the comment as a spoiler, hopefully ... they chose the wrong ending! As an example of a better outcome ... in the bathroom scene with the "W" word written on the mirror. I would have had the actress try to rub it out with her hands, not look for a stack of paper towels sitting on the sink. I've never seen paper towels on a sink! But that is just an example of tweaking I was talking about.

The prime actor were just that ... Prime! There was one odd part when a drink is tainted with a drug, which the intended sees being done ... then she asks the person, the next day ... if her drink was tainted.

All in all ... it is one cool film, yet it could have been better as well. However, if you're a little prudish, as I am, you may want to fast forward through the sex scene. I'm not sure if I really am prudish ... or if I just don't find porno entertaining?! I've never been a voyeur.

Three Cheers for a film worth watching more than once!

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Another crappy corn film, 6 July 2013

Just because Stephen King wrote it ... doesn't mean its any good! And that is pretty much what I feel about all the corny movies of children taking over the world ... didn't happen in the 60s, and it didn't happen in all of these movies either. Filming content was very good. Editing was? Dialogue had a few ridiculous mistakes. He that walks behind the rose? When has anyone ever seen a rose walk that didn't wind up in the madhouse?! The main character could have escaped numerous times, but did not. The storyline was very predictable. It was nice to see Nancy Allen again, she was so good in Carrie, and her performance in this was pretty good also.

Hey, maybe its just me ... I have a huge problem with short stories being stretched into two hours of not much else to say. I found The Langoliers and The Stand to be a total bore. Ditto when it comes to The Tommyknockers, Storm Of The Century, and Riding The Bullet.

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Absolute Genius Supreme, 2 December 2013

One, obviously, would question what I would say that this film is "Absolute Genius Supreme", yet give it a 1 star rating of awful! Well, it is because this is indeed a work of genius, but is marred by two words ... the "F" word, and the "N" word! The facts are that, whether the industry wants to admit it, or not, films very much plot the future of mankind! Would cigarettes have ever become as popular as they did had it not been for our Matinée Idols smoking them? Doubtful. And I feel that certain words in the English language should not be used to entertain the public! They are unnecessary, lazy, and without an ounce of the class we expect our Movie Stars to have! But lets get on with this unbelievable movie. First, the all-star cast is absolute perfection! Especially when it comes to Tom Hanks, and Susan Sarandon! Thy truly outdid themselves! Yet, that takes nothing away from the rest of the cast ... as everyone connected to this film obviously brought their best offerings to one brilliant director! I will say that I almost did not purchase this DVD, as whomever wrote the info on the DVD back cover was not up to snuff ... they did not make me want to watch this film. However, the fact that it did have an all-star cast, and that the cover art was so interesting, I decided to take a chance ... and I am so very happy that I did. I can tell you, here and now, that I have played this movie over and over again for the past two days ... studying every fragment of its genius! My most favorite part is when the writer deals with the critic ... pure genius! And realizing that the writer was Tom Hanks ... blew me away! Never have I seen Tom Hanks put so very much into a part! I also love how the director handled the relationship between the characters played by Ben Whishaw and James D'Arcy ... it is refreshing to see two homosexual parts being written without the old hang-ups and pitfalls! The time is long overdue for people to be shown that love is love ... and the only sexual deviant is that which exists within the minds of a bigot, and not within the relationship between two consenting adults! Oops, on my equal rights soap box again! Darlin' I've stood up for the gay community all of my life, as has GOD! Anyhoots ... if you do not watch this movie, you will have, probably, missed the best film ever made to date!

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fun, 25 June 2014

If you ever wonder where Jean Stapleton came up with the voice of Edith Bunker, in "All In The Family", watch this movie. She steals the show!

Tab Hunter was not the first choice to play Joe Hardy ... but the studio boss demanded he play the part! Frankly, though Tab was acceptable in the role ... I would have used a blond Elvis and Ann-Margret, in the lead roles ... however, Tab and Gwen did fine jobs, especially Gwen ... but neither were a huge box office draw, not compared to the alternatives. Now, I will admit that Gwen was excellent in the part ... but, if you are talking about a sexy woman that men cannot ignore ... you're talking Marilyn Monroe and/or Ann-Margret! Gwen's problem was that she was never a huge beauty ... and her body was rather boyish, compared to what the most desirable woman should look like! They actually did consider Marilyn Monroe for the part ... but Marilyn was not a dancer, and rehearsals would have been lengthy and strenuous! However ... Ann-Margret would have been a whole different story! Mitzi Gaynor was first choice, but Mitzi turned the role down. Mitzi would have been a hit in the part ... however, Mitzi was smart enough to know that playing the devil's stooge would not be good for her career as a wholesome girl next door ... whereas Ann-Margret could have cared less!

When it comes to Tab Hunter ... nice guy, but the director didn't like him in the part ... perhaps the director was homophobic, as he did complain that Tab was too "faggy!" I will agree that Tab was a bubblegum actor ... good looks, little talent. There are parts in the movie when he does become comfortable in the part ... but, those moments are far too little to make a huge difference. But lets talk about Gwen Vernon! This is a woman that had to wear corrective shoes, after a childhood accident, to straighten her legs, and she wound up with a pair of legs that could dance their way into the hearts of millions of fans! Unfortunately, her posture was a disaster area, even in this film. If you keep an eye out, you'll see what I mean when you see her profile ... her back was bowed, why no one let her know that is beyond me ... because it could have been corrected. Gwen hunched over quite a bit. Even so ... you will see some of the finest dancing ever in her three main numbers ... "Two Lost Souls", the Lola strip number, and her mambo number. By the way, most of the Broadway cast was used in the film, which was a great idea!

I've never cared much for Ray Walston ... excepting for his role in South Pacific, which was a memorable performance.

Someone I am always drawn to, when I see him in a movie, or on television, is James Komack (Rocky), this is a man with the "IT" factor that never became a legend. Having the "IT" factor is not a guarantee of success, unless you seek that type of success. Many of us are scared to death of that kind of success ... seriously, look what happened to Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, three tragic stories of three wonderfully talented people that are loved worldwide ... still ... but they all died young ... tragic!

Poor scripting ... poor lyrics ... were the downfall of this movie ... nut it is still fun to watch ... especially the "Two Lost Souls" production ... great number, with the exception of a couple of Tab Hunter moments that stunk!

Rumor has it that someone is talking about doing a remake ... sounds like a waste of time to me. However, if it is being thought of ... seriously ... some huge changes need to be made. Change the female leads first song ... change the devil's bedroom by removing the cherubs, they are everywhere in the movie ..... either make the newspaper woman an enemy of the team, or make her a supporter, she can't be both! Also ... a devil doesn't talk about the blessings in his life ... he is anti-everything good! Make some sense of the female lead wearing a costume that she never performs in. Create better backdrops. In the home scene, you can see that the walls are phony pieces, which also is evident in the devil's bedroom. Oh, and use Nicole Kidman in the lead (Gwen Vernon) female role! I'd like to see George Clooney as the devil, even better yet, John Leguizamo(?) ... and Ewan McGregor may make a good Joe?! He and Nicole have great chemistry.

Cool Fool, 17 August 2013

I actually love this turkey with all the trimmings ... however, some of the acting sucks pimentos! Lets get too it. The camera shots were superb, which means that the camera men were top choice! Most of the special effects were totally righteous, with a few exceptions, such as the shark coming out of a hole sideways, and backing up through the same hole sideways with someone in its mouth. That part stank to high heavens! Plus, the out- takes should have never become out-takes ... they are too important to the movie! Well, except LL Cool J's religious ramblings! Casting was so-so, and could have been a lot better, and so could the directing of the film.

Samuel L. Jackson is Samuel L. Jackson ... as always! And that is not always a good thing! LL Cool J was totally cool, except for the times he wasn't ... a cooking Preacher? I think not! Religious leaders are seldom good for anything other than preaching! Thomas Jane was an excellent choice for the part he played, he makes the movie. Actually, the only person that was out of place in the film was Saffron Burrows ... I think her looks played too much of a role in getting this part in the film. She wasn't convincing in the part. Jacqueline McKenzie was practically perfect in every way, as was Stellan Skarsgård. Michael Rapaport may have played his part too well, as he became annoying as all hell.

As for the sharks ... thank God they're not real ... because, considering some of the insane things they were made to do in this movie, they're next accomplishment has to be walking out of the sea and attacking us in our beds! Be serious people ... I don't care how smart a shark is, there is no way they would know that glass is breakable, and, an aluminum gurney is not going to break through a glass window made of extremely thick glass for underwater use! However, if not, then the movie would have ended right there.

The bottom line ... I enjoy watching this movie all the time ... I an't count how many times I've watched it, and been so annoyed by a cooking preacher that should have died in his own oven ... just kidding!

Disturbed (2009) (V)
Disturbing, 14 December 2013

What is really disturbing about this film is that it was made into a film. The acting, if that is what you could call it, was the worse acting I have ever seen in my life. Pity too, because the lighting and camera work was quite good, the scripting was almost adequate, the music was pretty cool ... but the story is the same old crappy story of a thousand other hack films and there was not one person in the film that could act their way into a vintage Mickey Mouse cartoon.

The cast was attractive, though many of the males come off as gay guys pretending to be straight ... and the killer actually wears a black pull-over that says "Prisoner" on the back. Like we couldn't have guessed that from the trail of bodies left behind.

All in all ... this is a real stinker of a film that should never have made it to your local grocery store's bargain bin ... it belongs in a land fill ... right next to Jimmy Hoffa! Which is probably the only place that was never searched for the man! I give this film a one star rating because IMDb doesn't allow anything less!

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