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Films and television with lesbian themes that are well made.
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The sexiest women of our favorite "geeky" films and television shows.
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The sexiest men of our favorite "geeky" films and television shows. AKA The guys we love to fan girl over.
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Love Lost Girl? Ship Bo and Lauren? Looking for the ultimate doccubus episode list? Then look no further!
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The stars of the films riffed by Joel, Mike, and the Bots, that actually went on to have lucrative film careers (or actually had them before). Some of them may surprise you!
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Celebrities often over site poor script choices, and when they do Mike, Joel, and the bots are there to call them out! Here's a list of some of the famous faces we've seen pop up in our favorites "Mystery Science Theater 3000" episodes!
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Amazing actors who are extremely underrated.
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A list of the top "shipper" (romantic/relationship) episodes of the X Files, in order. Let's hear it for Sculder... or is it Mully?
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A list of the fiercest, sickest, and most retched movie villains of all time. The bad guys who on screen, just ooze with pure evil, & who are too far gone to be at all redeemable.
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Ever think of an actor that you have seen in something, but just can't remember their name? Hopefully this list will help you recall some truly great character actors that are quite underrated. Though they have a memorable face, we just can't recall their name.
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Famous actors and actresses who made guest appearances on The X Files.
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A list of dashing gentlemen I love to see as the leading man.
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A list of the top 25 most innovative shows to ever hit the airwaves.
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A nostalgic mix of quintessential films and television shows that if you were a kid in the 90's, you were probably watching.
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Your top favorite TV Characters of the 1990s.