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Sometimes when you see a tv show or a movie, you see a character and goes "Hmm, She looks so familiar. Who is she?" Well, let me show ya
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I watch a lot of movies, sometimes indiscriminately; but out of all, these are the ones I would watch over and over, because they are just that good to me.
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These fine specimen represent the best to be offered from the Nerdom and Geek Universe
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Sometimes I just cannot help but to fawn over these beautiful and glamorous redheads.
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Who doesn't like a teen movie or two?
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One day when I'm rich and famous and live among the stars of Hollywood, these beautiful ladies will be at my house party! No RSVP needed
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These are some of the TV shows I would skip a night of going out just to be able to catch it. Yes I understand I have DVR, but there's something about watching it while it's on live.
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