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TNA Impact! (2008) (VG)
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Sorry Midway...try again next year., 21 September 2008

For a game that was to have been in development for so long...TNA Impact sure falls short of expectations by many players. Let's look at some of the flaws: 1. The story mode is mediocre at best. On other wrestling games you can customize your CAW's attributes throughout the game...Not in TNA Impact. Your wrestler is basically some generic character who's weaker than pretty much everyone throughout the entire game. Your option is basically do you want a jobber who wears pants or shorts? 2. The moveset is very, very limited. Right off the bat you're limited as to what you can have with a very crappy default moveset. You can earn new moves as you progress...but it takes a month of Sundays to get the better moves.

3. The roster. TNA has more than this. A lot of the roster consists of pre-made jobbers for you to beat before facing a few TNA guys. Where's the rest of the roster? Who wants to fight guys with names like Poppa Slapjacks when you could be facing the entire roster? Also...where's the Knockouts? They are becoming a pretty accepted part of the shows each week so why aren't they in this game? No excuse for this one Midway.

4. The lopsided A.I. All the TNA guys are like Superman hopped up on roids and pretty much kill you dead. I don't even want to get started on the tag team matches...

Overall...TNA Impact falls flat in just about every area that matters really. Some things are fun (Ultimate X) but that doesn't justify a $60.00 purchase. Maybe next year they'll get it right, but until then wrestling fans would be better off sticking with WWE's games.