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Inspiration for VC world-building, structure, design, etc.
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01-30 the directors I LOVE
30-70 the directors I don't love but LIKE
70-80 the directors I neither love nor like, but who are GOOD anyway.
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Love this argument: women aren't funny, that's why so few female comedies. Well, there's a ton of unfunny male comedians and being unfunny doesn't stop them from getting movies.
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TV shows that I remember enjoying
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movies with interesting visually appealing Nazi imagery
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I just finished reading the infamous Hateful Eight script. Knowing about 3 possible casting choices Tarantino was thinking over, don't have a clue who he'd cast for the rest of the characters. So first I put those 3 that we heard about then just the faces and personalities that came to MY mind while reading the script.
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Actors who are considered to be good and *great* but in my opinion are mediocre at best
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Movies that were shot partially or completely on digital cameras.

Film surely looks better at the moment, but digital is evolving, too. I have no idea where the industry is going.
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not a sexist, just wanna keep an eye on these girls :)
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of the 2012 movies I have seen :)
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Recent movies that were shot on film

all this film vs digital debate, I don't know, all I know is at this moment film just *beep* looks better
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I'll try my best, but really don't know the first thing about your taste, yet :)

I'll just make a list of the movies that came up in our last conversation
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movies released in 2011 that I saw only, obviously
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basically female film directors who have at least one feature film in their credits

the sole purpose of this list is to provide database for my Coolest Female Directors list
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my personal top 200 comedies - most of these I've seen multiple times, only a few are those I saw only once :)))
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not necessarily see these movies, but still consider checking them out, or just keeping an eye on them
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per se, never studied Film or don't have any higher education at all
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okay, you asked for a list, I don't guarantee anything lol I'll just put the movies that I consider great and good, but remember we kinda like different movies :)

and also I'm not sure which movies you saw and which you didn't, I'm gonna put all that come to mind anyway
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now, I'll try to make a list of the movies I think you might like, don't get mad if you see a lot of movies that you "OBVIOUSLY" saw! lol - I don't know which ones you saw and which ones you didn't, so hope there will be some that you haven't seen.

I won't recommend movies I didn't like but think that you might like, coz, if you don't like them - I have no excuse lol, if you don't like a movie I liked and put on the list, I have at least an excuse that I liked it and thought it was good :)
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1895-1991 - B.T. era Before Tarantino
1992- A.T. - anno Tarantino

In 1992 the new era began - cinema had obtained a heart and his name is Tarantino
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One or Minimum Location Thriller with minimum cast, too

I don't know why, but I love this kind of movies - made with almost nothing but giving so much

a handful of people - a whole lot of story kind of movies
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1895-1991 - B.T. era Before Tarantino
1992- A.T. - anno Tarantino
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movies released in 2010 that I've seen ranked from Best to Worst

Oscars and Golden Globes are CRAP
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because they are just BAD

I'm so tired of hearing that TRUE WORKS OF CINEMATIC ART are difficult to watch. Really?

Well, I have quite a list of movies that I barely sat through, some took me several attempts, so following that formula ALL of these movies are true works of art. I repeat ALL of these.

in no particular order, just BAD movies, oh, I mean TRUE WORKS OF ART
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of those I've read
I rate ONLY the screenplay here, not the movie

mostly the screenplays that have a life of their own - reading them you get an experience not *different* from that watching the movie, but the experience on a whole different plane, I'd say

for example, The Dark Knight is a terrific film, but its script is dead, super - professional, but you don't get anything from reading it, however, as I said, there are screenplays that have much more to them than there is in the movies made from them, here are my favorites:
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of those I've seen, obviously
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the best hipster stuff for my favorite hipster @ss

again, dude, it's harder to make this list excluding those movies that I think you've already seen, so don't take it personally, I'm gonna put all the hipster movies I can think of in, whether I think or know you saw them or not, k? :)
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not a "hero" or "villain" or "protagonist-antagonist" - simply the BEST CHARACTERS