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This may be a strange list as some of the famous films are on there. Mind you, there are over a million movies that have ever been released.
It does seem like a huge list, I admit.
These are the films I'd be interested in watching in the future.
I will remove anything I've seen from the list.
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This includes all aspects by Disney; for instance, Pixar and the Muppets have long been associated with Disney
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I viewed the AFI's list of top 10 films regarding the genres; good lists, but here's my version of top 10 Westerns. I'll send more top 10 lists regarding other genres including War, Sci-Fi, Animation & Gangster. Enjoy the view.
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Most of the programs I watched when I was a kid, or ever watched that count as 'children's' programs was American, but there was some British ones I watched as well. Because it's a small percentage, I thought I might list the British ones first. It has long been debated what counts as a Children's Program. For instance, I remember watching EastEnders when I was ten, but I don't think anybody would call it 'children's', even though some of the cast was once interviewed on Live & Kicking. Nor would I certainly call The Young Ones 'children's', due to some explicit scenes. There's only quite a few on there, but that's because it was more US for me than UK. You may see quite a lot of Gerry Anderson and Aardman on the list, but who cares? They're the best of UK kid's TV. I never enjoyed any of the stuff you get on CBeebies. Of course, being that a program is a children's program. It does not mean that an adult cannot watch it. I know certain adults who still watch Wallace & Gromit and the Simpsons; they count as children's programs. In fact, Natalie Cassidy once said Dora The Explorer was one of the best children's programs she ever saw, so she must have watched it. I never saw it (it does not appeal to me personally, but it ain't because of its target audience), but you see what I mean.
The American ones will be listed later.
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I am a massive fan of Tom & Jerry, so I thought I'd create a list of all the ones I've ever seen, starting with the ones that, in my opinion, are the best.
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Okay, he may have been deceased for some time now, but there's still no excuse to not enjoy Gerry Anderson's works. I am only listing the films/programmes he's worked on that I have seen.
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Whenever there's no particular evening plans and if there's bad weather outside, there's always some television programmes parents and their children (aged birth-age to 14) could watch together. Here, I have a list of programmes what I consider suitable for evening family viewing and the ones I used to watch all the time with family on evenings when I was young.
This list is in no particular order. I was going to put the list in a list of most important for family viewing, but I got lazy as I had a lot of programmes to name.
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currently under construction
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What I mean by a family show is one that's based on a family; regular characters who are related to each other. Each one of the following has to include at least 3 family members, so shows just based on married couples (i.e. One Foot In The Grave) don't count. I'm including both the comedies and not so comedies.
Starting with the obvious...
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Whatever the nationality, audience, whatever, these are the following sitcoms I've seen at least an episode of.
List not completed yet. In no particular order
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Steven Spielberg has long been my hero in the process of film making. This is what motivated me to create this list. I created the list in order of what films I like the best (starting with the top one)
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Them comedies may make you cackle most of the times (but what do you expect), but they've never steered away from certain dramatic moments; scenes that touch you or rinse your eyes, etc.
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Most of us know our Disney Princess characters; Belle, Mulan, Merida, er... Eilonwy. But what about the male equivalents? What about the prince characters? Here's how to define a prince. When observing a prince, one must consider at least one of the following rules; 1. Is the prince referred to as "Prince"? 2. Is the prince related to a royal? 3. Is the prince married to another royal?
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These are some of the movies I have no interest in watching and that do not appeal to me.
This is unless I'm forced to watch or end up watching any of them.
I'll cross out any ones that I do end up watching.
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This covers any show which was produced in the UK; drama, sitcom, animated, whatever.
Also regardless of target audience, here is the list in no particular order.
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I have to admit; I ain't a huge fan of David Fincher, though there is one film I admire. Any-who, here's the list.
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This list is currently under construction
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I'm describing certain cartoons as epic using the sensory analysis, just to make things clear.
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The following films have been offered high ratings and won particular positive awards (i.e. Oscars) or are just so popular, but I can't seem to admire them that much.
This list only contains the ones I've seen.
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There's no excuse for it. There's no particular anniversary, it ain't gone bankrupt or nothing, but after seeing them Nostalgia Critic episodes, I can't resist the nostalgia. For now, this list is in no particular order.
Also, I'm only listing the ones that was produced by the company and the ones that I've seen, so sorry to disappoint those who are expecting to see Rocko's Modern Life on the list.
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Remember when Britain's Best Sitcom was broadcast 11 years ago? Well I do. And just to keep this as short as possible, I'm only listing the ones I watched in my life.
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The list is currently under construction
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Some people are hypocritical when it comes to cartoons and assume that they're just for kids or that adults can only view them if a kid is around. So not true! 'Cus if you think so, explain, say, Family Guy. You didn't think that was for kids, did ya now. So here's a list of what I believe are the following cartoons any adult can enjoy, with or without a kid. I've excluded films such as Fritz The Cat, Coonskin, Akira and South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut, because many of us know they're purely so adult!
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Many people today are obsessed with superhero movies. This is why I have decided to list the ones I have seen. Only the ones I've watched so far.
Just to remind myself which ones I've seen.
I've observed sites such as Wikipedia; I want to be as accurate as possible on what could easily be classed as a superhero movie.
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In my opinion, these are the films I consider the strongest to the weakest. I'm including all films based on the famous assassin detective that is James "007" Bond. So don't be surprised if you encounter Never Say Never Again on this list.
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I'm a huge fan of The Nostalgia Critic. I haven't seen all of the films/programmes, but I've seen reviews for the following;
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I saw that League Of Gentlemen episode; there's a guy who runs a film-viewing cinema known as Dog Cinema, which broadcasts films about dogs. Just for a laugh, I thought I'd list the films which I think fall into this category.
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These are the films that I feel there's no way I can watch alone. Some of these are targeted for kids, some for females, etc.
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I was born in 1990. To keep this list short, I am excluding any reissues and only including the ones released since my birth.
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After listing all the Steven Spielberg films I recall seeing, I'm doing the same by listing the films by Tim Burton I recall watching and in order of the best
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For each film, I identify the actor who has won an Oscar for 'a' film and also reckon he/she is good in that film (same or different). Starting with the ladies first
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Sometimes, Videos/DVDs come with documentaries labelled 'the making of (insert movie title)' But at other times, you find them on YouTube or see them on the television. These are the films I watched making of documentaries of.
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This is kind of a sequel to my list Worst Movies Ever. The Razzie Award ceremony started back in 1980 and criticized each nominee for the picture/it's director/acting/screenplay etc. In my opinion, the following movies should've been nominated for particular Razzie awards (I don't hate all of the movies by the way). If they have the awards, good.
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Since summer's coming soon; Among this list are the films that was released during the summer period (June, July and August). I have listed the films I've seen and not seen. Many people consider Jaws to be the first 'summer blockbuster' in cinematic history, but there was some blockbusters released during the summer before then. For sometime, I have been debating with myself; what counts as a summer blockbuster. To me, it's something released during the summer that generates a profit way over the film's budget. But here's a list of general films from the summer period.
I did a bit of research on Wikipedia.
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I remember having a browse at the AFI's list of 100 Years 100 Passions. This is my version. I only narrowed it down to 50, due to the fact that I'm not much of a romantic film person. But I think the following films provide the best love storys I ever followed through.
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As it's Christmas...
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no particular order at the mo
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The following movies are the ones I consider to have the worst endings ever! I did not give any detail on the movies' ending, because I don't want to spoil them for you.
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When I say underrated, I kind of refer to the opposite of overrated. The way I observed the term 'underrated', TV programmes that fit in this category are usually among the least talked about, less obsess-able, not usually included in unpersonal top 10/100 lists, i.e. 100 Best Cartoons/Britain's Best Sitcom/100 best anything, or were given mild reviews.
They are also the ones that ain't been remade as movies. The following programmes are what I believe fit in the underrated category.
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Some of the movies that won those oscars I saw. Some were great (i.e. Schindler's List, French Connection, Amadeus), but films like Silence Of The Lambs and Titanic (the 1997 version), I was not a personal fan. There were movies that received nominations, some of 'em I think should've won. This list is displayed in year order as followed;
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By a prologue, I'm kind of referring to a substory or a short plot that opens the film. Not all prologues appear before the literal title. I wanted to create this list, though I had been debating to myself what counts as a prologue.
The first page is the order of films which I definitely think have prologues and are set in order of my favourites. I admit some of them films was made by Disney, but if I limited them out just because of the target audience, I'd be a hypocrite. I, of course, list films in general.
The second page is a list of films which I was uncertain whether or not had prologues. For instance, does a teenage girl getting killed by a shark count as a prologue?
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Channel 4 was the fourth British terrestrial channel to be put on the TV, following BBC1, ITV1 and BBC2. When we was kids, my older brother and I got up early and watched a cool selection of programmes. Gee, they were the days. Here they are. By the way, does anybody know the name of the programme whose presenter was a CGI bird and the rest of the characters was Kim Henson-type puppets? Also, can I access a football programme called Gavid Games on IMDB?
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As a left-wing supporter which I personally am, I can clearly guess which movies support the left-wing side of politics. They usually include; rebellion/protests/likeness between different race groups/etc
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In my opinion, the best episodes to represent this time of year. Merry Christmas to you all.
a list of 67 titles
this list is almost in alph order.
Some of these are high-certificated shows that I was not allowed to watch i.e. The Young Ones.
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the list ain't done yet.
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In order of the best and films I recall watching directed by Kubes himself!
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JTVI, I made up, stands for Jon's TV Institute. I got the impression from the AFI's 100 Years 100 Laughs. Normally, I don't judge media products by its humour in general (except comedies of course), but here is a list of programmes in order that I find the funniest. It does not include just comedies, but also dramas, cartoons, police programmes, entertainment shows...
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The American Film Institute's 100 Years 100 Cheers is my all-time favourite film list. That's why I didn't bother to create my own version.
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They're in no particular order, but I put my all time favourite director on the top
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Don't worry, I did not give any detail about each ending, so none of them have been given away, but the following definitely have such good endings.
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I viewed the BFI's version (which of course was '50 movies...') and the list of 100 best family movies in the RT a year ago, but the following 100, I would seriously think the children will need to watch before they turn fourteen. There are reasons for those movies. Some of them contribute to society; Pinocchio is about seeing a dangerous world, while To Kill A Mockingbird warns viewers to stay off racism. Children will need to learn the elements to politics (covered in Robin Hood), culture, history and science (2001: A Space Odyssey).
Some films are rated 12, but these days, it means that kids under 12 may need accompaniment. Nothing painful about that.
There was a version of the list called 150, but I decided to keep the list down to 100, because 150 is a bit over the top. I didn't want to put too much pressure on the children. I might soon provide a personal list of films I nominated for the list.
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This list is my personal version of 100 Years... 100 Thrills.
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I voted for best musicals not by the order I like, but how they relate to the musical genre.
I judge the combination of the songs, its content and the quality of the songs.
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a list of 10 titles
This list regards various types of animation; hand-drawn, stop-motion, CGI,...
I've also included some part-animated movies, as commented.
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a list of 10 titles
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I would list the best all-time film songs, but I'm gonna start with the ones I heard from each year for now. The list is in chronological order
I missed out some of the years, because there are songs from them periods I just can't picture right now
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This is a list of movies that won oscars either for best picture, best director or both. The top one is what I call the best.
a list of 57 characters
This list has been arranged in no particular order.
Some of these characters are based on real people.
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Okay, some of the info on these tv progs is inaccurate, but these are some of the programmes with the best theme tunes ever written and performed.
Some are from soaps, comedies, programmes I used to watch when I was a boy, you name it.
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