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This is a list of people that I think deserves there first Oscar. They don´t haft to be alive to be on the list.
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This list contains all the television shows that I have watch every episode of. And yes this list is in order. I have placed them in the order that I think they deserve. But some of the shows in the list aren't in order. but dose TV-shows is often right at the end of the list. The reason that I haven't put them higher on the list is because I haven't watch enough episodes of the show to determent the place on the list that it deserves. And the shows that has Finnish under it, means that I have watched every episode of that show and that the show has ended.
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This is a list of the best Directors of the world. According to me:)
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A list of the Top 10 Movies of 2013 in my opinion.
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The best opening scenes in movies.
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This is a list of the best chracters in the world.