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The best episode in 2011 so far!, 1 March 2011

Well i was quite disappointed with the second part of season 4 because the fist part was really good and i had more expectations!Except the storyline with Dan and Blair everything else wasn't really interesting...i mean who cares about Eric's feelings...But this episode changed this!Lily is in dangerous and is facing jail,Chuck learns a dark secret about his father and Ben who i didn't really like him as like many people finally he leaves....But the best part was Blair and Dan, they finally admit that they have chemistry and the end is breathtaking!well its actually a bit weird to see them together but because it's so wrong in so many ways it makes it even we will wait until April..!

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The hungover in Tree hill!, 26 January 2011

Well this episode was very good!A bachelor party that you don t expect!Most of all was funny and very entertaining...!It was also meaningful...The obvious meaning was don t drink too much but also about how we must be able to forgive each other..Sometimes though was a little bit stupid ,it was like i was watching the hungover in an episode!The story line how Brooke finds peace with her mother in law was interesting and the search for the ring hilarious!Furthermore,the back up story about how Haley wont be to the wedding was disappointed but we really needed one anyway!A really good episode to start the year and we are waiting the big weeding!This TV show when you starting to say is boring something happens and you just look forward to the next episode!If it is really the last season i m expecting more!So for this funny and enjoyable episode i give a 9 out of 10!

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a perfect episode for a start!, 27 September 2010

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Well this episode was very good!It was directed pretty good,the story was clever and most of all it was funny!It wast't like some stupid episodes of family guy where the jokes weren't make any sense here the jokes were really!I mean stewie was hilarius as always (with his shorts) and really funny drew barrymore's voice. Very good idea bringing all the characters together!Also the story with the murders was very clever,but maybe it was getting boring in the end when they trying to figure out who is the killer!Another good was that the episode was big and i really like when the season premieres are big!The high-definition quality was great,and was the first episode in HD!So the episode goes like this: the Griffins and other residents of Quahog are invited to visit the mansion of James Woods, but all this turns into a real murder mystery and then everyone looking for the murder!And Then There Were Fewer" was the first episode of Family Guy season 9 and was a nice start,lets see the rest!

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A promising season!New enemies, old enemies, love story, and many action!, 25 September 2010

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I believe this episode was very good.It was like seeing an old episode of smallville!I liked very much the idea of bringing Lex back, but i disappointed when i didn't see Michael Rosenbaum. It's a good thing that Lois finally finds out Clark's secret. One of the best scenes was seeing Clark's father again. Chloe finds Oliver and sacrifices her self to save him! Tess wakes up in a lab full of Lex and Clark pushes himself harder than ever to save everyone, only to have Jor-El inform him that Earth's greatest threat will be him if he cannot extinguish the darkness within himself. To sum up, the final season started very good i think, but we will see how it would end up! Finally we have to see Clark with the suit!