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These are all the movies I got fro Blu-Ray. I got 10 of these titles for free when I bought a Blu-Ray player. All the others were bought.
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These are the movie titles that I'm looking for to buy for Blu-Ray. Some of these titles have already been released.
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Not in a particular order.
I did not include sequals of these movies. I haven't seen those either.
Deleted titles:
-Se7en (Bought it, watched it, loved it)
-Full Metal Jacket (Watched it on tv, great movie)
-Der Untergang (Aplause to our eastern neighbours for making such a great movie)
-The Ladykillers (I liked it)
-Falling Down (Excelent performance by Michael Douglas and Robert Duvall)
-The Butterfly Effect (Best performance by Ashton Kutcher I've seen yet)
-The Shining (Possibly the scariest movie I've ever seen in my life)
-The Godfather (Absolutely perfect. One of the best movies I've ever seen in my life)
-Enemy At The Gates (Pretty good movie, well acted)
-Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil (Hilarious movie)
-The Thin Red Line (Very good)
-Football Factory (Better and more realistic than Green Street Hooligans)
-Young Frankenstein (Hilarious. One of Mel Brooks' finest films)
-Paul (Very funny. Hoped for something as good as Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, but it wasn't that good)
-Scarface (Excellent piece of cinema. Just as good as I expected)
-Schindler's List (Amazing and depressing movie. The black & white tone really added to the grim story)
-Spirited Away (This movie has stunning visuals. I am not an anime fan, but after this movie I'll probably watch some more of them.
-Tora! Tora! Tora! (Forget the movie Pearl Harbor, this is the good version)
-Good Bye Lenin! (This was an ok movie. It's not great, but it did entertain me)
-1911 (This movie went below my expectations. Half the time I didn't know what was going on.)
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These are the movie/tv-series scenes that I thought we're the most saddest scenes I've ever seen.
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I like watching movies. I find a lot of movies really entertaining, even some that mostly everyone else hates. But these are the movies which I find really stupid. These are my opinions. If you disagree with it, I respect that.
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Not in a particular order. These are the funniest actors and comedians I know. (Still under construction)
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Still under construction.
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These are the actors of which I've seen only a few performances and I wish to see more of them.
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It makes me real sad that these movies that I want to see or have seen in any way were never released in Holland.
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These are some movies which I think just look or sound stupid. So I rather skip these.
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I've only selected directors of which I've seen at least 2 movies from.
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These are the videogames of which I think are way too underrated. People forgot about these titles or never had the chance to experience them. I think they're great and I hope a lot of other people do.
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Sometimes, a movie just need a really cool character to make the movie good or to make a good movie even better.
These are the 10 characters which I thought were the most badass.
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Disney, the company that brought my favourite movies of my childhood. Now looking back, who are the best villians in these movies? So here is my top-5 favourite Disney villians.
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