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This is the master list of all the DVDs I own legally, so no bootlegs or downloads here. It will be in alphabetical order someday (series will be grouped, e.g. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight).
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Pretty much all the films I have seen that I feel are completely overrated. For this, I will be going for spreads between the rating I would give a movie vs. the imdb rating as a general guideline.
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Recently saw a a list like this that was terribad. Making my own.
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Yes, this will be an extreme hater list. I am just tired of seeing these peeps. These are mostly film people, but also includes some reality people and musicians.
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This list will be of my favorite single scenes in film. These will be very short scenes that were extremely well-done, not the 30 minute fight scene that was awesome. These are in no particular order because this list will be ongoing.
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"War Film" is pretty hard to describe. Some are awesomely violent while others can have none at all. These fifteen are what I consider war films so deal with it. Please note that I do not really watch old films, so do not judge if I do not have them in here.
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Some oF these might seem strange, but I will include my reasons.
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As always, this is difficult to classify what exactly constitutes a "comedy film". This is my best attempt for films that are meant for pure comedy, not the Kill Bill movies that are action and happen to be funny.
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This is a list of my favorite, not the best. I admit that my taste in this genre is very cheezy.
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Listed in order from most to least favorite. Feel free to comment or give suggestions.
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This is an extremely difficult list to make. I mean, what is really meant to be horror? And what was once considered horror but is now funny? Do movies such as Resident Evil count as horror just because they have zombies?
Whether or not you watch these movies for fun or to be scared, they were created to scare people.
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Perhaps they are called guilty pleasure movies? The most difficult part of making this list is how to differentiate between "bad" and "epic". Descriptions should help.
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Whether hero or villain, this list is of the top badass female characters.
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This is a list of the best roles played per movie, not by character. Listed best to worst from the films I have seen.
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Currently, in mostly this order....
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This is an honest list of the actresses who are drop-dead ugly, so much so that I will either not watch their movies or close my eyes when they are on the screen. No eating while looking or thinking about them. I almost puked several times during the making of this list.