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Every movie I have ever seen! Or that I can remember seeing...
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It is really hard to find movies that are genuinely freaky. Most horror flicks rely on the "boo!" factor, silly monsters, gore and cliches to scare you. Only a few are truly creepy. To get on this a movie must: 1) Be subtle (showing the "monster" or whatever almost always makes the movie cheesy.) 2) Have a good eery soundtrack. 3) Introduce some new idea or concept that is unexpected. In other words not another "so & so was murdered here & wants his revenge in ghost form" movie. 4) Be realistic. The characters must be as scared as we are to be believable. The audience must feel like they are there to leave you with that creepy feeling even after you've left the theater.
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You should see these movies. They are original, entertaining, and/or funny.
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You're not likely to find major blockbusters on this list. This list is not for slickly produced cliche hit movies for the masses. These are mind-stimulating, deep, creative, artistic and sometimes just weird movies! (My favorites)
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The most inspiring archetype to me is the Sage. He is Mr. Miagi, Yota, Master Splinter, etc. AKA Wise Man, Guru, Teacher, Thinker, Rabbi, Storyteller
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A list of movies that had me laughing. Many movies are mildly funny, not these. These are really funny movies that made me laugh hard.
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Here's a list of movies to keep you from wasting your time and money! Movies are on my crappy list for these reasons:
1. Unoriginal, Hollywood blockbuster, written just to make money, slick produced crap.
2. Low budget and terrible acting, over reliance on CGI or made-for-TV.
3. Loads of immorality, foul language, toilet humor, damn near porn, extremely gory or taking a dump on Christianity.
4. Cold & depressing with no solution or hopeful side.
5. Terrible writing with plot holes, shallow/unreal characters or weak points in the plot.
6. Tough chick movies (sorry, I'm not a sexist, but those kind of movies are just ridiculously unbelievable to me)
7. Cheesy family oriented Disney or Disney like movies.
8. Extremely long & boring/not funny comedy, not scary horror.
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These are movies that I didn't necessarily like enough to, say, buy, or that had the best plot or even cinematography...but they are movies that seemed to have pioneered highways through deep thick jungles of my mind of which I had previously been entirely unaware. They are what have come to be known as "Sunday Night Movies" at my house with my buddy Stevo, the movies we find in the most remote, forgotten, dusty shelves at our local Hastings. We've also termed our weekly movie addiction the "Hastings Psychosis" after the famed "Cocaine Psychosis" of the "bath salts zombie" in Florida...anyway, I digress. Have fun...please comment!
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The few movies I have had the privilege of being in.