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,This is a list of the most popular tv series comprised from HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, AMC, Starz, and other networks voted on in a thread created on IMDB for the most engaging TV Series television viewers enjoyed the most. I will update this list regularly as other users comment below on tv shows not currently listed to help keep it current and up-to-date.

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Thanks to all IMDB users as I have benefited (and am still benefiting) from many shows they have suggested which I'd of never even known existed if not for them, as I'm sure others will as well!

Note to commenters - Facebooks API for leaving comments w/ Yahoo is acting sketchy so if I don't reply it's nothing personal, I'm still adding the shows you ask for. BTW, some may not agree with other users shows, but they're just as entitled to their opinions as you are. So please respect that. Also, some are getting on me for shows not being on there that are already listed. Please double check with CTRL + F before you do, thank you.
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This is a list of movies I really enjoyed in no specific order. Dunno how long it will get...