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It's pretty boring but I just like to make lists to keep track.
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Don't even act like you're not shaking...
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Alphabetical order; I can't rate these against each other.
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Actors and actresses who for some reason I have an unconditional and unintelligible love for. I just root for them all the time no matter what they choose to do and I really don't know why, because honestly some of the movies they choose or some of the things they do are pretty bad. But for some reason I really don't care, I just love them. Nuff said.
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To me, these trailers are just amazing, regardless of how good or how bad the actual movie was.
And if you want make sure to copy and paste the links I've provided in the descriptions, as these are specific trailers.
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All the men in Hollywood that are just so... attractive.
To me anyway.