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Click (2006)
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Half comedy, half not..., 24 June 2006

Adam Sandler usually makes me laugh. The way he acts/over acts; he seems to act more like a real person than a character.. Most of the time. In Click he is a normal man who works too much and doesn't spend enough time with his family, someone many people can relate too. The first half of this movie is a comedy with some new jokes, some old jokes, and some good timing. The other half is this summer's science fiction thriller with twists, turns, and lessons.

Being promoted with the super bowl as an Adam Sandler comedy makes the second half of this movie rather confusing. It's not that it is complicated, it is just that it is misplaced. The comedy portions are unrealistically funny in a good way, then you are expected to take the movie's premise seriously and really care about the main character. It doesn't fail completely, but the sudden switch make this a mediocre movie at best.

Adam Sandler is funny and has his moments. Christopher Walken, is well, Christopher Walken.. He's the reason we watch these movies again; all he has to do is be in screen or have his voice heard and we smile. Kate Beckinsale is beautiful and that is really all she is for most of the movie and you can tell they try to focus on this, but I'm a guy so I really don't mind. David Hasselhoff is actually pretty good for David Hasselhoff. He has some good lines and is fairly funny when he's on screen. Finally, I'll mention Henry Winkler who always brings a certain bizarre humor feel, which is good and is another one who makes you smile just being there. Oh, and Sean Astin is in it and he doesn't really have a big enough part to make you really laugh, but then again he will always be "Sam" in my mind.

To wrap it up, the movie isn't trash. The actors do their thing well and the jokes are mostly there, but the focus isn't. If you were to start this movie, leave part way through and come back in the last half and hour you would think you were seeing a completely different Adam Sandler movie. This would be okay if you didn't think that while actually sitting through the whole movie. Had a good start, but ultimately lost it's way.

5 out of 10 stars.

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Funniest show to come out in a while., 11 June 2006

Comedy Central is usually hit or miss. Sometimes they have shows that start out very good, but lose their lust along the way (RENO 911). However, once in a while they strike gold, and this was one of those shows. Up until this show Dave Chappelle had little fame. Sure, he was in Half Baked, but not that many people have even seen Half Baked. At any rate, he is now probably one of the most famous people in America, and for good reason. He and co-writer Neal Brennan have created a show with a formula that allows them to do just about anything they want whenever they want and it is as close to genius as a modern TV show has come.

These two comedians have accomplished more in 2 seasons than South Park accomplished in 6. Outside of a few near misses, this show is funny with everything it does. It is a political, social, racial, and every other comedy out there; it parodies everything almost perfectly. I do not think you can find a kid anywhere in America who doesn't know what, "I'm Rick James, bitch!" comes from. The only parts I do not like are the musical guests, but that is because I am not a hip-hop fan, but it is very easy to ignore.

9/10 Brilliant!

Crash (2004/I)
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Overrated..., 17 September 2005

... Like most of Hollywood's blockbuster attempts at emotion and a "message." A message has to be presented to a viewer without patronizing them. Crash patronizes it's audience by focusing far too heavily on the racist and stupid and not enough on the other side. We are presented with a number of different stories and people. All these people are with 100% racist, 100% ignorant, or 100% none of the above. By the end, we are supposed to be believe that all the characters are 100% none of the above, but it is done in an unbelievable way that is too dry and shallow to make a solid point. Of course, if you are naive and easily won over then you will say you love this movie to feel as though you saw "The art side of a real movie," but what you really saw was a pathetic attempt at art that neither distinguished its self nor set any type of standard for future films aside from lowering the bar slightly.

Let me start with the good things, first. The acting was great, for the most part. Most notable Matt Dillon's character; this is by far the best performance I have seen him give. None of the other characters put forth a really note-worthy performance, but of course Don Cheadle's was great. That goes without saying. The direction is well done, with some nice shots, again nothing "new," but very ever little is. The acting is good because of the direction, and movie never looks "boring." That said, lets get into the problems.

The movie is too racist for its own good. It plays on pure stereotypes and nothing more. There isn't a single "good and bad" character in the bunch, they are either extreme one way or the other and this is not real, at all. The First hour is pure stereotypical garbage. I'm a believer that stereotypes are based in fact, but not so much as that I hate almost everyone who is that type of person. The character played by Ludicrous the one of the most racist characters I have ever seen in a movie and because of that I hated his character. Even when he "redeems" himself at the end, I can't say I was glad for him because he didn't do nearly enough to counter his image. I'm not racist at all, so I didn't even see Don Cheadle's character as anything but a person, but I saw Ludicrous as a black thief only because he made such a big deal out of it himself and for this I personally hate the movie. The other stereotypes were spot-on as stereotypes, however, way off in terms as reality. Bullock's sheltered, spoiled, rich wife was too over the top, and then the sudden change at the end was equally exaggerated. The only fairly accurate stereotypes were the Latino and Persian examples, but even those were a little too much. There are many Persian families that come to America to start businesses and know almost nothing about what they are getting into, but the extreme turn he takes seemed a little much. I also know, from experience, that there are many struggling Latino families all over America, so this was probably the only stereotyped character that wasn't massively exaggerated. All Asians, except for a 30 second scene with an insurance agent, were depicted as ignorant, submissive, and could only speak broken English, as well as being bad drivers. These are all stereotypes that not every Asian person falls under nor does one fall under all of them, but this movie makes you think they do. These are oversights that not only ruin a movie, but also lie to a possibly very naive audience and this is not entertainment.

The movie would have been a lot better if it had focused only on the cop stories. Good cop, bad cop. Bad cop ends up saving the day and good cop figures out why bad cop could be as angry as he is. But even then it would have been slightly believable at best. At least I wouldn't have gotten annoyed at the other stereotypes.

The other major problem I have with this movie is the Magnolia rip-off with the snow falling in Los Angeles, just like the frogs at the end of that movie and the cliché ending. The movie almost laughs in your face and makes everything it stood for seem like a joke when the fender bender at the end happens. It is either saying that this type of thing happens all the time and what you saw wasn't profound or great or it's saying that everyone is like the characters in the movie, which is a laughable idea.

Average, misguided movie that's overrated at best and racist garbage at worst.

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Very well done action/drama., 13 August 2005

I remember first seeing the trailer for this movie about a year ago before a movie I watched last summer and thought it looked very promising. A year later I had almost forgot about it until I started seeing commercials on TV and I got my hopes high. To be honest, this is probably the first movie that met my expectations.

I didn't go in expecting the greatest movie ever, I mean it does have Marky Mark in it and I'd hate to think he's be the start of my favorite movie of all time. But I did expect it to be exciting, emotional, and engaging... And it was.

One of the things this movie does best is show the love and commitment between the brothers. The chemistry between the actors was excellent and really added to the feel of the film. It takes a lot to get emotion out of me in a movie, I'm talking the beginning of Saving Private Ryan a lot, so I unfortunately didn't feel as much as some of the other people in the theater, but you know something is right when people cheer when the main characters kill bad guys and yell "NO!" when things don't go right. The emotions between the brothers also led to many very funny comic moments, which I did not expect to see as many as I did. I laughed many times.

Singleton is probably a better write than director, but he does a decent job through out. Most of the film is simple camera angles and what not, but there were a few moments, specifically a car chase, that was shot really well. It was all done in a manor that kept it realistic while keeping it interesting. It should also be noted that this movie had the SECOND most intense shoot out I've ever seen in a movie. Second only to, of course, the LA streets shoot out in Heat which, in my opinion, is the most intense 15 minutes ever filmed.

Acting was decent. Like mentioned before, the chemistry between the brothers was great, but there were many simple one-liners and Mark Wahlberg seems to play the same character way too often. Not really acting so much as reading lines in a tough way.

While this isn't the #1 movie of the year it definitely met my expectations and is a very, very good summer action flick of not more.

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Funny, well directed film., 1 June 2005

Adam Sandler is funniest when he plays a normal person and not an over the top character. The Waterboy and Little Nicky were terrible because Sandler wasn't funny, but like Happy Gilmore and Big Daddy, Adam plays a normal guy who says and does funny things. The only problem with this film is that nearly every joke has been done before in other Adam Sandler movies, while this coupled with the fact this is a re-make completely destroys any originality this film has, it did do the IN-original parts in a way that still makes them funny. And it had a good story to back its self up which makes it better than some of the other comedies out there.

Now for what makes this movie really great and that is Peter Segal's directing. Every movie he makes I notice his spot on camera direction more and more. In this movie he used music to set moods better than in any comedy movie I've ever seen and I've always said that even if the movie is horrible, if the director does a good job with the camera you are still entertained till the end. (Kinda like Troy or The Patriot.) I enjoyed this movie from and entertainment standpoint only. It's not Adam Sandler's best, but it's definitely not one of his worst.

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Absolutely Hilarious, 11 July 2004

I really don't like commenting on movies after seeing them only once, unless they are terrible, but this is an exception. I saw Anchorman last night and can proudly say, that after one viewing, it is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. I mean, a movie with Will Ferrell with that hair and mustache standing in front of the camera and just making faces and saying random gibberish would be funny. Obviously this means Will Farrell steals just about every scene he is in, but to balance it out more a lot of time went into to making the other characters have very good one liners and some of the scenes where they are all together are some of the finest comedy scenes ever shot.

Now in a comedy movie I don't look for story development, great acting, or meaningful love scenes, but I do want very good characters and good writing talent and this is what I got with this movie. To top it off the story isn't half bad (For a comedy movie, very original), the acting is very good for a comedy, and while I'm a strong believer that comedy and romance do not work, Ferrell seems to make it funny.

I really don't like ruining good movies for people by telling them stuff that happens in them, so what I'll do is just do some generalization type things:

- I've never laughed more during a boner scene. - While Ferrell is the funniest anchor, Steve Carrell steals a few scenes from him. - Next to Chuck Norris in Dodgeball, which has nothing on this movie, Jack Black has the greatest cameo ever in a comedy movie. - You don't need to speak Spanish in order to get the best joke in the movie... You just need to think stereotypes are funny.

That's it, I'm done. This is the funniest movie I've scene since Old School and I'm going to have to see it again before I say it's funniest than that movie. This is definitely Will Ferrell's best staring roll and I hope he keeps making hilarious movies... He's easily the next Adam Sandler. Perhaps someday he will make a movie that can dethrone Happy Gilmore as the funniest movie ever, but until then... Enjoy what ya got.

Led Zeppelin DVD (2003) (V)
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Just plain... Zeppelin, 15 February 2004

Some people don't like Led Zeppelin, but luckily the number of people who versus the number of people who don't is WAY unbalanced. I am the proud converter of 2 or 3 Led Zeppelin fans and the only reason I was able to do this is because of this DVD.

For one, how someone can listen to "Stairway to Heaven" or "Immigrant Song" without falling in love with Zeppelin is beyond me, but to play the guitar and not like Page... That is like being Christian and not liking Jesus. My friend was like "Led Zeppelin sucks!" and I was like, "Oh yeah, watch this!" After about 2 mins of watching Page pick through "White Summer/Black Mountain Side" he was glued to the screen and has never said a bad thing about Zeppelin since.

Incase you haven't been following the running metaphor I am calling this DVD the Bible of Led Zeppelin. Held high by the followers and used as a converter for the unwashed heathens.

Course there are some things missing like "Over the Hills and Far Away," a good version of "Immigrant Song" and I really didn't need 2 version of "Whole Lotta Love," but what the hell, I'll take 'em.

Because there is nothing besides "The Song Remains the Same" to compare this too I gave it a 10 and even if there were more to compare it too I still would have given it a 10.

Possibly the Funniest Movie Ever, 8 February 2004

Now I'm not one to throw around the "____est Movie Ever," but I'm not afraid to use it here. I don't judge movies on one large spectrum, like many people; I judge them according to what they are supposed to do. A war movie should appeal to my emotion on human life; acting is not necessary. A drama should have good acting and a story that matters and is conveyed well. (Hardest to pull off.) A comedy is just for entertainment. The acting can be hit or miss, the story should only exist to make funny stuff happen, and it should get funnier every time you see it. "Happy Gilmore" is like the word "wiener" in the sense that no matter how many times I'm exposed to it is still makes me smile, giggle, chuckle, or roll over crying.

Adam Sandler has a unique comic style. It is like a combination of Chris Farley and David Spade, two of the cast members he grew up with on Saturday Night Live. He can be the straight faced, sarcastic person Spade usually is, but he can also do excellent physical comedy and has an enormous amount of energy much like Farley. All this comes together in this movie to make the lead character funny just thinking about him. A hockey player playing golf that glides through life and flips out every once in a while... We've all wanted to be Happy once in our lives. (Whether the name or the adjective applies to you is irrelevant.)

The story is there only to make the funny happen. Gilmore is a failed hockey player and those scenes are awesome. He then meets an ex-golfer with one hand... Wonder why he's an EX-golfer? This is played into the whole "Old, seasoned pro teaches the upstart, reluctant newbie to defeat the bad guy and everyone lives happily ever after." But the story is not really important because it's a comedy and it's funny.

The dialogue is very good in this movie. There are so many little things that are said that you have to watch it over and over to catch it all. There are so many one-liners and classic scenes... This is by the number one movie I quote with my friends.

Comeos are also important in a comedy movie and this one has the greatest cameo of all time... Bob Barker. When you see the movie you'll see what I mean. This also plays into the irony that has to be in a comedy movie, but needs to by styled in a way that you can't see it coming and when it happens you let out a fast, unbelieving laugh and then forget about it... It's how these movies work.

All this comes together to make a movie that gets better the more and more you watch it. The movie exists to amuse and it does this better than any other movie in history. Some people may say that this movie is not the "Greatest Comedy Movie" because it's stupid and senseless... I just look at them and laugh because they don't know what comedy is. (See that was irony.)

There is no reason for you not to like this movie unless you look at it the same way you look at "Forrest Gump" or "Saving Private Ryan..." Don't, its not a drama or a war movie, it's a comedy movie... The best comedy movie ever for that matter.

NOTE: Watch the VHS or DVD because it is terribly censored when it is shown on TV and it really detracts from the over all mood of the movie.

The Ultimate Battle Between Good and Evil, 13 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Matrix Revolutions" was everything anyone could want out of a conclusion and maybe more.


While it had its problems, (Personally, the Agent Smith clone in the real world was unneeded to a vast extent, but oh well.) it also succeeded on more levels than I could have imagined it would. Sure, I've only seen it once, but I feel once is enough to write a favorable review for a very superior movie. The Wachowski brothers have taken the audience from a real fake world where everything is created to control to a war in which the entire human race's fate depends. If you think you can do this while putting in all the faith, religion, action, and personal emotion they have you can kiss my a$$ because it's almost impossible. And because it is nearly impossible a few rough spots and problems are expected and easily over looked.

"Revolutions" is more of a war movie that anything. While it was the technical explanations, religious references, and faith based choices that made the entire series so different, the attack on Zion and the battle that occurred was the heart of the film and was an absolutely stunning sight. Swarms of sentinels moving in huge, organized pods only to be eliminated by bastions of human looking robots all taking place in the surrealistic environment known as Zion is really a breath taking sight. While it could have obviously been longer, what was there was beautiful and well done. The personal hero aspect of war was also done well here and fit in nicely with the pinnacle hero theme that has come to be the only linking string between all the stories going on in the Matrix universe.

Just like "Reloaded," Neo is not really the main focus of the film; the people stuck in Zion fighting off the machines takes the forefront here. These are characters that were introduced in "Reloaded," but never really expanded upon and any scene with Morpheus in it is always good. The feeling of how small the people are compared to the machines is really showcased by the way they have to destroy the drill machines and how there are like 15 sentinels for every human. The Zion battle scene was executed flawlessly and the minor characters that were brought the fore front was a nice touch to show that everyone was fighting their own personal battle as well as the major one.

Aside from the Zion battle, the rest of the movie exists to explain why the ending worked and why it ended the way it did. The existence of another place between the real world and the Matrix is also intriguing, but sadly the Merovingian is not used as much as he should be, but they had to put a lot into this movie so this is understandable. To fully understand the ending I will need to watch the movie more times, but I felt that the ending fit the trilogy and did not feel cheated nor rewarded.

To fully understand "Revolutions" you have to look at the name. The word it plural, so that means there are more than just one revolution, or change, on the movie. Obviously, the freeing of the Matrix was the biggest one, but there were many more that I cannot get into because of the room I have.

The entire series boils down to this: The ultimate battle between good and evil. While in modern day this would be if Jesus Christ manifested himself to battle Satan who also manifested himself. In the Matrix it is Neo (Christ) who enters the Matrix one last time to battle Smith (Satan) to the death... And to the death he fights. While the final battle was very short and not that spectacular, perhaps this was more symbolism in how the final battle between our personal good and evils is or will be relatively short. Either way, the ending was satisfying and was the most logical for the series.

This is definitely a trilogy that will stand strong for years to come and gain power as it ages. "The Matrix" is the premiere episode that started it all and set the scene. "Reloaded" expanded the Matrix and, in time, may be seen as the better movie and "Revolutions" ended what obviously needed an end... A perfect trilogy down to the letter.

"The Matrix": 10 "The Matrix: Reloaded": 8 "The Matrix: Revolutions": 9

The biggest mixed bag of tricks EVER., 5 November 2003

This is one of the strangest movies I have ever seen. The center plot it good, the alien plot is surreal, and the entire movie is more of an acid trip than anything. The tricks this movie throws at you is astonishing and done extremely well. While it obviously has its down sides, the acting was horrible; the down sides are irrelevant to what the movie was about to me. This movie was meant to send you can a ride and it did.

The best part of this movie was the cinematography, which is beautiful. The huge camera spans of the Maine's frozen forests, the snow flakes drifting past the camera allowing you to see their shapes, and the scenes with the helicopters flying around was gorgeous. For me, this made the movie. The lack of pot reasoning is also what made this movie different. There is no real reason for the aliens to be there, but there they are.

A perfect mix of horror and sci-fi that I haven't seen since John Carpenter's remake of "The Thing." Don't go into this movie expecting it understand it because you won't. It was strange, bizarre, scary at some points and an acid trip all the way through... I loved it!


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