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Mind-blowing movie, 10 January 2015

I came into this movie knowing absolutely nothing other than the title and the fact that the main character played in Teen Wolf, a show which I despise. Because of this I assumed the movie was going to be dull and only watched it to pacify a friend. After having watched it twice now I can say that I was very pleasantly surprised. I've been seeing other reviews stating that the movie wasn't that great so I'm not sure whether my great experience comes from knowing nothing about it or what; if so I would definitely recommend going that route when watching this. Granted, it's not a perfect movie. There are things that don't line up and not having read the books yet I'm not exactly sure what is plot holes and what is intentional but nevertheless I still really enjoyed it.

This movie kept me glued to my seat the whole time. I had no idea what was going on or what the maze or grievers were and it left me hooked. Just as soon as the credits rolled everyone in the room looked around and was absolutely mind-blown. It was all we could talk about, to the point where we had to re-watch it with some more friends who had the same reaction as us. This movie gives you just enough to welcome you into the world and leave you craving more. Every single person I watched this with was researching where to get the books. It leaves you with so many questions (a good thing in my opinion) that you just have to go out and see what happens next. If I had to describe this in one word it would be "Mindblown". Absolutely amazing.

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Get your facts straight, 14 August 2013

It's always annoying to me whenever a show tries to go back and change or add to previous story lines to fit current ones.

If there had been another boy in that meteor shower I could almost guarantee you that we would have heard of it from the Luthors by now. First Lionel, then Lex (not to mention plenty others), were both obsessed with everything concerning that day so I have no doubt that both would have unturned every stone to get to the truth. To say that, not only did Lex share some quality playtime with the boy, but that Lionel had him in his grasp and let him go just because he wasn't The Traveler is a little far-fetched.

One could only imagine what Lex would have done concerning the second child while on one of his obsessive tirades. Lex is smart, it's hard to believe that someone of his caliber would overlook something so huge. That's why it's difficult for me to swallow this new story line they decided to spin. I love the character of Doomsday but I think they could have taken a little different approach to it. Not sure why they chose to deviate from the comics as to his origins on earth.

We also have Tess swooping in, acting like she owns the place trying to let Clark in on secrets about his destiny. According to her the two headed creature in the Kuwatche caves are in fact Clark and Doomsday rather than Lex Luthor as previously believed. Again, this is something that just doesn't sit right with me since it seems writers are just trying to twist things to fit whatever story line they have at the moment.

The legend of the Kuwatche states that Sageeth is a friend of Naman who is said to be like a brother. The prophecy tells of Sageeth one day turning against Naman and becoming the "bearer of darkness". The two will represent the balance between good and evil. Granted since Doomsday originated in Krypton I suppose you could say that he's a type of "brother" to Clark and it's no doubt that he's as evil as Clark is good. I tend to believe though that the battle between good and evil is more of the evil in humanity rather than someone like Doomsday. That's not even including the fact that if the Kuwatche legends are assumed to be an accurate account of the life and destiny of Superman the legend also states that if Sageeth ever touched the StarBlade, it would disintegrate. We know this happened previously with Lex and Lionel which would make it impossible for Doomsday to be Sageeth. So either Tess proves she has absolutely no idea what she talking about or someone should have hired better fact checkers for their writers.

Lois was noticeably absent in this episode, yet again. It seems they bring her in only on the filler episodes and she gets the boot for the ones containing any major story arc. Such a shame.

Most memorable line: "There's something about being around you that seems to calm the murderer inside me."

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The Dynamic Duo, 14 August 2013

I really enjoyed all of the scenes with Oliver and Chloe. I've always felt they did good together. Then again I love just about any scene with Oliver.

Love the rooftop scene as Lois/Chloe tries to convince Clark of his powers and double identity. Erica Durance and Tom Welling have such great chemistry together.

And not that I'm complaining but it is a little weird how Lois and Clark have just been thrown together and immediately become the "dynamic duo". We went from the annoying Lois bunking at the Kent farm to the two of them so "close" that Clark's discussing sharing his secret with her. (Never mind that only two episodes ago Clark really did tell Lois his true identity only to go back and change it.) There seems there was no real transition there. But then again I guess when you know, you know, and I'm sure somewhere deep down Clark knows about Lois.

The "best friends" moments between Clark and Chloe are always some of my favorite. And the ending scene with Chloe officially becoming Watchtower leaves me excited to see what's in store for the future.

Best moment: Clark dialing 911 for help instead of running to the rescue as usual.

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Do we really need a female Lex Luthor?, 14 August 2013

Not the greatest episode but it definitely brought a little life to Jimmy's character that I've never seen before. I've never really cared for him or Aaron Ashmore in the role but I was glad to see a Jimmy here that fought back. It added a new dimension to him that I've been wanting to see.

The big annoyance though was that Chloe not only didn't believe the truth about Davis but she went as far as to protect him over Jimmy. Can't really blame the guy for being so upset with her. Although I do think going so far as to say he made a huge mistake marrying her was a little too much. Dealing with Clark and his secrets are one thing but sticking up for someone like Davis, that she barely knows, is entirely different.

I always love whenever they hint at Clark's future as Superman and this episode was no different. One thing about this episode that didn't sit right with me though is Tess. Since her first appearance I've never liked her and more and more she's starting to irritate me. Lex was a great character and Michael Rosenbaum brought so much life to it so naturally writers decide not to think outside the box and instead choose to create a female version of Lex that just doesn't work.

I wasn't surprised that Lois didn't appear in this episode. It seems to be the custom to give viewers just a small appearance of her and Clark and then send her away and act as if it never happened. I'm not looking for an all out love confession at this stage but I'd at least like to see her make an appearance.

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The wicked witch is finally dead!!!, 14 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***Possible Spoilers***

I hate those episodes that try to force the emotions from you when they just won't come. This one is definitely at the top of my list. It's impossible for me to feel sorry for either Clark or Lana at the outcome of the situation when I've been waiting 8 seasons for this atrocity to end. Any sympathy I had for either character is long gone. I really don't understand how the writers could have their heads in the clouds so long in regards to this situation. Maybe if we didn't know the outcome with Clark and Lois I might have been able to swallow this annoying thing with Lana but as it stands it's just not happening.

And let's not overlook Lana's new and powerful suit that makes her such a special new girl. Lana needs to look up the definition of borderline personality disorder because she's definitely got some issues. No matter how many different ways I hear it I'll never believe that Lana wanted that suit just to "save the world". Lana wanted power and she proved that before whenever she had Clark's abilities for a day. Her whole power hungry vengeance was brushed aside and blamed on the powers but the truth is the powers didn't change her personality. Lana's definitely got a little identity crisis that she needs to deal with and giving her an all powerful suit is probably not the wisest idea. Not to mention that it feels almost like blasphemy that she of all people received those "special powers" to make her fit in with Clark. But yet again we end this episode with Lana being the perfect little martyr. It proves just how far writers were willing to go to make Lana and Clark work for some insane reason.

It also makes me a little angry that writers chose to end their relationship the way they did. Personally I would have liked for once to see Clark stand up and say you know what, maybe I do really love you but this just isn't going to work. And God knows they had their fair share of chances to make things work. There comes a point whenever you just have to accept the fact that it isn't working and count your losses. The fact that Clark wouldn't do this and kept fighting until the end, for something we know wasn't destined to be, honestly effected my opinion of him.

I thought back in the Season 7 finale that for once Lana did the honorable thing and decided to back away and let Clark live his life but even that was uncovered to be just a rouse. Instead of letting the characters take the moral high ground they chose instead to made it so that the two were forced apart by circumstances out of their control and by doing so put a damper on any relationship with Lois in the future. We're left knowing that given the chance Clark would still be with Lana and nothing would have ever happened with Lois. It's almost a disgrace to assume that Lois Lane is the rebound and that Clark is "settling" by being with her. Lois Lane isn't second best to anyone, especially Lana Lang. I just love how writers also chose to leave Lois out of all of these episodes involving Lana only to no doubt bring her back in the next episode as if nothing has even happened.

To a certain extent I can deal with it because, hey, real life is just as messy sometimes but the fact remains that it was always meant to be Lois and I feel that writers really screwed that up by taking the direction they did with Lana. Granted she's never been a character I liked and I always enjoyed Clark more with Chloe but whenever Lois came on the scene even Chloe got pushed to the background. I even understand that Clark is allowed to have more than one serious relationship but in my opinion the whole Lana situation was blown so way out of proportion it literally wasn't funny. To be honest, Lana was the main reason I quit watching the show live after only a few seasons.

We also get our first real glance at Lex since the finale of Season 7 and the absence of Michael Rosenbaum is definitely noticed. We're also seeing a darker side to Oliver which is interesting because I love his character. Hopefully now that the annoying Lana Lang is forever banished I can start enjoying the show again.

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Painful to watch, 9 August 2013

This entire episode felt like some sort of fairy tale written in effort to shove Clark and Lana together yet again. It seemed that someone really wanted some touching scene between the two or either writers were just out to impress the Clark/Lana shippers. Why are we still harping on these two? Please, please, please, give the Clark/Lana story line a break. We've seen more than enough of them. The previous episode with Chloe and Clark being so close was a breathe of fresh air. How many more times and ways are writers doing to drag up the relationship with Clark and Lana. Bury it, because if it ever was alive it's long been dead.

And I get that he was a "special" kid but the scene at the end about how he's changed everyone's lives for good left me eye rolling.

I wish I could at least say there were good performances to make up for the atrocious writing. Kristin Kreuk is the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. The character of Lana is no better. The only redeeming quality was that the kid that played Evan was pretty adorable.

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Little bit of a surprise, 21 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay so I watched the trailer for this movie a while before it ever came out and just wasn't very impressed with it. I decided I wasn't going to watch it many more cancer movies do we need right??? However, after someone I know commented online about this movie I decided to give it a shot. I've never been a huge fan of Kate Hudson and Gael García Bernal bugged me in Letters to Juliet. This movie was a surprise though. I liked the upbeat feeling of it and how it involved Colon cancer which is something that's almost taboo to talk about much less make a movie of. Gael García Bernal turned out to be incredibly charming and I found myself smiling at his awkwardness. Overall a pretty good movie :)

LOL (2012)
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Not great but okay, 21 August 2012

Okay so I'm not a huge fan of Miley Cyrus (to be honest I really can't stand her) but I decided to watch this movie anyway. From the previews I could tell it wasn't going to be a great movie so I didn't go into it expecting much. There were some moments that were cringe-worthy and I wished I could reach through the screen and slap some of the characters but overall I actually liked this movie. It probably really helped that the guy playing Kyle was GORGEOUS!!! Adults are not gonna love this but I'm sure teens could definitely relate. You see three generations of women trying to cope with one another and learn how to grow up. Plus the music is fantastic and it'll be stuck in your head for a while :)

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20 Stars, 6 January 2012

Not normally a fan of Blake Lively but even I have to agree that she did well in this movie. Minghella was captivating and this movie would be lost without him. Charlie can only be described as Anabelle put it, "Precious" and was just one more reason to completely love this movie. This is by far one of my favorite movies of all time. From start to finish it is fantastic. Lively and Minghella have great chemistry together. There is not one single thing that I dislike about it. I love the mortician setting and the fact that this movie is unlike any other that you will ever see. I definitely recommend it to anyone. I wish I could give it more stars because I definitely would. It deserves the 10 and more.