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These are films I find genuinely disturbing or upsetting. I should note, this does not mean I am "offended" by the film or saying the films are bad - I actually like many of these films and often times respect a film that can get under my skin, although there are a couple films on here I genuinely can't find myself getting into. You'll know if simply by reading my notes - I always comment on the films I list.

The list is in no specific order. I am only doing 10 right now, but I will add more later - as there are a few more I can certainly add.
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Here is a list of Robert Zemeckis films I have seen, ranked from favourite to least favourite. Feel free to leave comments! Just note that if it isn't on the list, it is not because I overlooked it (I'm reading through his IMDb page whilst writing the list.) it is because I have not seen it.
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I've seen a lot of strange films. Some good, some bad, and some that I literally just can't comment on. I'll update this periodically but for now.. here are some of the strangest films that come off the top of my head.

May 5 2012: Finally updated this thing! Also, I'm not bothering to mix the new entries into earlier ones. Let's just leave it that only the first 25 are in any kind of order. For those returning, the new entries start at #29.
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Simple enough, I list my favourite animated films. Genre and style are no matter, there's some adult films, family films, American ones, Japanese ones, etc. Like all my lists it isn't complete at this point. Share your comments! They are in no particular order, the ones higher up *do* mean I like them more but I'm not picking a single best.
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I love B-Movies and cult films. Guess what? So does my wife, Chie! This is our personal list of our favourite B-Movies/Cult Films. Just 10 of them for now, more later.
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I'm an off and on gamer, life, work, and other such things prevent me from being hardcore but I still play games from time to time and I have a similar taste in games as I do movies - hence, the horror game. Just like with my cinema, I am on the eternal hunt for horror that gets it right - genuinely creepy or even downright terrifying these are horror games that do it right!

Share your thoughts and feel free to recommend.
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Pretty self explanatory, and probably not the only list like it. Still; I feel like throwing my opinion into the ring, and as always I actually justify my reasons for the list for those who actually care. Feel free to share your thoughts and blah blah. So yeah - Tim Burton, I have a love/hate relationship with him but I think most people do.


Don't ask where Nightmare Before Christmas is. Don't get me wrong, I love that flick - but I am only counting films Burton himself directed and since Henry Sellick helmed that little number while Burton was off making "Batman Returns" I am not counting it.

Also, don't ask where Edward Scissorhands is either. This may shock you - but I have not seen it yet. Seriously. I want to, but I often find myself deep in other movies that distract me; though now that I have caught up with the times and have a Netflix account, it might show up on my list of views soon and when it does - I will rank it.
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David Cronenberg is my favourite director. I have seen (almost) all of his work (His oldest films like "Stereo" and the newer M. Butterfly I have not seen.), and I've decided to make a list ranking his films from best to worst (Just because he's my fav director doesn't mean everything he's done is great.) in my opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts and whatnot.
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This is a list of TV show adaptations I've seen; listed in this format: Good, Bad, Good, Bad. Remember that.
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Pretty self explanatory. These are my favourite TV shows, in no particular order except maybe the first 5 which are my tops. Most of them are comedies though there are a couple exceptions.
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When adapting a novel for the big screen, it is very rare that one can manage to make a film that actually improves upon its source material - if it even manages to live up to its source material in the first place. That said when this extremely rare breed appears, it deserves some attention. Here are 5 films based on books that I feel are BETTER than their source material - and why.
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This list is fairly self explanatory. These are the TV shows I enjoyed when I was younger! Most are cartoons for younger audiences, but there are a few more grown up shows on the list as well. The list is in no particular order, however I will write a note on whether or not I feel the show is still enjoyable as an adult.
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These aren't necessarily the worst of the worst remakes/sequels/adaptations, these are simply the ones that personally angered me the most. Updated every so often cause I'm lazy and tired and only wanted to do 5 tonight but will do later.
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Self explanatory. These aren't necessarily the ones I consider "The Best" overall, but are my personal favourite filmmakers regardless.
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My top 50 films from the years 2000-2010 and why. These aren't all in order, save for maybe the first 10.
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To be honest, didn't see many 2010 films. This isn't a "Top 10" or a "Bottom 10," this is just the films I saw in 2010. I do comment on whether or not I liked it though.
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Yeah, video game movies. They're usually PRETTY awful. Note that I haven't seen a lot of the more notorious ones (I've only seen 2 Uwe Boll game adaptations; haven't seen Tekken or DOA, etc.) but these are the ones I have seen; in order from "best" to the worst.
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Horror! Yay!
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This is a simple list of movies that I love - regardless of whether or not they are the best movies I've ever seen. These are the ones that hold a special place in my heart. They aren't in any particular order. I'll update this list frequently.
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Here is a list of 30 horror films in 3 different flavours (In this order): 10 Great ones, 10 crappy ones, and 10 funny ones. =D
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Remakes are often inferior to their original counter-part, but there are some exceptions to this rule. Here are 10 movie remakes that DON'T suck. Not all are necessarily better than the original, but worth watching on their own rights.