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Awesome anthology horror, 21 July 2014

I found Ghoulish Tales to be a very well made modest budgeted horror comedy. The film has lot's of very attractive women and hilarious characters on top of the typical gore you would expect from the genre. Most definitely one of my favorite new anthology horror movies and recommended to fans of old classics like Creepshow, Trilogy Of Terror, and more recent films like Chillerama, Open 24/7, and Drive In Horror Show. I like that the filmmakers paid homage to the old classics while not trying to copy them too much like many modern horror films have a tendency to do. I also really enjoyed seeing appearances from indie horror staples George Stover, Shawn C. Phillips, James Balsamo, and Eamon Hardiman. Balsamo's role in particular was really funny, and I appreciated the fact that they used all practical effects.

The Landlord (2009/I)
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One Of The Funniest Indie Horror Comedies In Recent Memory, 24 October 2010

I was really looking forward to watching The Landlord after purchasing it at a recent Chiller Theatre convention. A couple friends told me they really dug it although combining these two genres rarely works out. In this film's case the emphasis is definitely on the comedy. If your looking for true horror this isn't your film,the gore is very basic made on a budget stuff and you won't be biting your finger nails in suspense. That isn't really a criticism just want you to know what type of movie you are getting. Where it shines is the unique storyline, hilarious dialog, and wacky situations the characters face. Speaking of which everyone does a fantastic job in there respective roles. The standout hand to be the actor playing the lead Demon. The scene where he steals the leads credit card and becomes addicted to the Home Shopping Network was a highlight.

I kept thinking to myself what a delightfully funny and twisted sitcom this could be in a more open minded world. The Landlord was a pleasant surprise and had me laughing out loud and engaged in the storyline almost straight through which is saying quite a bit for a modestly budgeted indie.FYI I'm not associated with the film in any way, check out my other reviews. The Landlord is worth picking up asap.

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Nice Quiet Little Ghost Story, 13 October 2010

If your looking for special fx and and heavy paranormal mayhem then The Skeptic is not the film for you. However if you like a quiet creepy dramatic ghost story about a man piecing together the tragic events of his past then you will really enjoy this film. Tim Daly goes from being a seemingly normal emotionally distant husband and father slowly realizing his late Aunt's home may be haunted.

Low key isn't an insult it's just the actual haunting and supernatural elements are limited which may turn some people off. I was never bored though as the cast is excellent across the board. Tom Arnold is also likable as the best friend of Daly's character and is a rare non comedy role for him. I found the ending interesting although I'm not totally sure how I feel about it. Ultimately this gore hound dug the film and hope Tim Daly follows in his Wings co star Steven Weber's footsteps and works in the genre more. Speaking of which if you enjoyed this check out Weber's film Farmhouse which is a much different more gruesome film but had some interesting twists.

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Not The Most Entertaining Or Scary Horror Film You Will See However Nobody Can Deny It's A Completely Original And Unique Film, 7 October 2010

You know when a film causes such an uproar and splits audiences right down the middle either loathing or loving it that it is at the very least unique. There has never been anything quite like Human Centipede, but does it live up to all the hype? Well yes and no.......

I felt knowing all about it ahead of time lessened the impact and it would have had much more of an effect back in the day if I happened upon it at the old video store. With a theatrical release and a cryptic what is the Human Centipede type advertising campaign this could have played much better with audiences though tick many of them off in the process as well LOL.

I really think Human Centipede will end up being remembered more fondly as a midnight cult movie oddity then a classic horror film, even though it is most definitely a horror film. It will make you feel uncomfortable at times but it isn't a scary movie. This is a movie you just have to watch once but won't care to see again. The lead actors do a fine job considering how limited they are being sewn anus to mouth. See how can you not watch this thing with a plot like that? I'd love to see Laser get more work in the horror genre. His performance has gotten mixed reviews but I think he played it right. It will be interesting to see where everyone's career goes after this. It was brave of the actors to accept such a wild role. At the end of the day I give praise to Human Centipede for being original, and too often in the horror genre I love fans trash something for not being exactly like there favorites of yesterday. This film is comparable to nothing and while the reviews will be mixed it will live on for many years to come and never be forgotten. Don't expect this to make your top ten list but if you watch a ton of films like I do and want a break from the ordinary give it a go.

Day X (2005)
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Slightly Above Average For Zombie Films In This Budget Range, 6 October 2010

I have to say it's very rare that I truly hate a Zombie film. The genre just does it for me so you have to take that into account in any of my reviews featuring the living dead. Day X is a very low budget film however it doesn't lack polish. For one thing the acting is well above average and the cast would have done a fine job if this were a six or seven figure feature. The Zombie makeup is solid although nothing to write home about. The action sequences are competently shot but low scale due to the budget.

Day X has some interesting ideas that are never fully explored and the director does end things on a sequel note. At the end of the day it's worth a look if your like me and can't turn down any Zombie movie. The filmmakers obviously come from the school of Romero and borrow elements from his original trilogy. Out of the countless Zombie films made in this budget range over the past decade Day X ranks as slightly above average.

Dark House (2009)
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Fun Film That Stands Out Among The First Batch Of Fangoria Frightfest Films, 1 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dark House is a standout among the first of hopefully many Fangoria Frightfest releases. If you enjoy some of the modern Dark Castle remakes like House On Haunted Hill, it's sequel, and 13 Ghosts then you should have a fun time. Speaking of The Haunted Hill films you get to see more of the great Jeffrey Combs in this one as he hangs around and has some fun dialog. The budget is modest but the effects are solid considering and Diane Salinger steals the show as the psychotic bible thumping nut job trying to exorcise everyone's demons . She played a similar role in the Rest Stop films and I am very impressed with her work. Megan Ory is also a talented actress and makes an excellent final girl. The kills are fun even though there is nothing terribly original here. It lacks the big money shots but all in all the film kept me entertained for ninety minutes.

Dark House is no classic but will make a great companion piece for movie night along with the likes of Night Of The Demons, it's upcoming remake, and the original and recent releases mentioned above. Another lesser known flick that will go great with this for double feature night is The Hazing.

Bitten (2008) (V)
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Uneven And Totally Fails As A Horror Film....and Mostly Fails In The Comedy...Only View If Your A Big Mewes Fan, 1 October 2010

If you are a fan of Jason Mewes and his work with Kevin Smith then you may enjoy this film as long as you keep your expectations low. Personally I like Mewes but he's certainly not the most diverse actor working today. Bitten's biggest issue is it doesn't seem to know if it wants to be a comedy or a love story and ultimately falls short on both fronts.

Jason is amusing as always but the one liners here feel like weak improved leftovers from the cutting room floor of a Jay And Silent Bob film. The storyline is nothing new in fact The Insatiable was a more serious minded film from a few years back you might like to check out. The saving grace in this one however is Erica Cox who is a talented actress who should get better work in or out of the horror genre in the future. Definitely ranks as one of the most beautiful Vampires in the history of film.

The other plus is the nudity although it's not as much as I was lead to believe in other reviews. Cox is in here bra and panties throughout most of the film but much of the nudity is partial and obscured by shadow most notably in the threesome scene which is a prime example of the film being uneven as you see little and it felt like I was watching artsy soft core porn in the vein of Red Shoe Diaries. Before you know it your back to uninspired toilet see Jason's older paramedic buddy has irritable bowel syndrome. No issues with the humor just come up with something funnier then him simply announcing he just took a dump.

There were moments in this film that I was digging the doomed love story and again the lead is likable just wasn't quite right for this film's more serious moments. The horror is nowhere to be found in this one and if your not a View Askew fan it might be pretty painful to watch.

I Wish I Could Have Given It A Higher Rating But......, 25 September 2010

A couple years back I met the filmmaker Mel House at a Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors convention, so this has been on my radar for quite some time now. Having just viewed it on DVD last night I'm sorry to say it didn't quite live up to my expectations. It is a very low budget film and I always take that into account in my reviews.

Getting the negatives out of the way first the acting left something to be desired even by first time indie standards. It wasn't until near the end of the film that I became engaged in the story. The opening day shots look terrible but that's not a major gripe as most of the movie takes place in pitch black with the actors wearing strobe lights. It could have been quite creepy however I suspect in this case it was done to cover for the low budget and set/effects limitations.

Granted I'm about as hardened and desensitized as horror lovers come but I was never frightened or on the edge of my seat with Closet Space. They try with the sound effects but it just didn't do it for me. On the plus side I love the HP Lovecraft style premise and think with some more experienced indie horror actors I could have given this a higher rating. Some of the cast were game but others really bogged it down. I won't name names as I myself recently made my acting debut in a very small horror film and no doubt Closet Space is in a different league.

The film picked up towards the end with some solid practical effects work, the man eating vagina being a highlight adding this film to the shockingly growing list of killer private part horror movies or horror movies featuring that kind of Cronenberg inspired body horror. If that interests you Angst, Bad Biology, and Teeth are a few recent examples on an increasingly growing list you may want to check out.

At the end of the day Closet Space overcomes it's poor first half to be slightly above average for the budget range which BTW there is no way these guys had a hundred fifty grand....... I suspect the budget to be in the low five digits at best and IMDb is likely way off there in my opinion. I look forward to future Mel House productions hopefully improving on this projects shortcomings. Check it out if your an Hp Lovecraft fan like myself and enjoy indie horror.

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Beautifully Done Scifi Drama, 23 September 2010

I viewed this film under the recently released U.S. DVD title Re-Generation and if you enjoy more quiet somber science fiction that makes you think then this is a must to track down. The cover is somewhat deceiving as this isn't a special effects driven blockbuster although it looks great considering the budget. There really isn't even gadgets or breathtaking sets on display so the Blade Runner comparison may give you the wrong idea. Re-Generation paints a more plausible future that could potentially happen someday.

This film is a beautiful love story about two people finding and ultimately saving each other in different ways. Highly recommended viewing with that special someone in your life. I teared up a little at the end which rarely happens.

I Am Omega (2007) (V)
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It's No Quiet Earth Obviously But It Had Some Pretty Good Qualities for An Asylum Film, 15 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off I am a sucker for the whole Last Man On Earth concept. How a person would deal with the loneliness and isolation has always appealed to me. Now needless to say if your looking for something deep and thought provoking I Am Omega shouldn't be at the top of your list. For that two more obscure films I recommend with the same concept are the excellent Quiet Earth starring the late Bruno Lawrence and the criminally unseen The Noah which was unreleased and hardly viewed for years.

I Am Omega ranks among Asylum's better efforts which may not be saying much but with titles like Transmorphers and The Da Vinci Treasure it's become way too easy to dump on these guys. The truth is they have had some entertaining efforts in between the more ridiculous mockbusters but much like Uwe Boll the scorn on the internet has become so extreme that even the rare decent release is going to get slammed irregardless.

The good points first- The zombies actually look great for the low budget. Some time and effort was put into them and it shows. Also Dacascos briefly get's to flex his acting chops early on in the film. I knew it wasn't to be but I would have liked to see more of Dacascos and his daily routine coping with the situation. Once the marines show up this film becomes more pedestrian. The fight choreography is solid for the budget and there was even a couple decent jump scenes although the film is never in any way scary or suspenseful.

The bad- The budget hampers the film at several different points. One cool scene involving a dumpster and a grenade cuts away and the final explosion is pretty weak but it's forgivable with money obviously going elsewhere. I admired the effort being put into the Zombies. Where the film really suffers is with the supporting cast backing up Dacascos. Jennifer Lee Wiggins is lovely but comes off as being way to cheery for being in the middle of a Zombie apocalypse with most of humanity wiped out. The two marines particularly Geoff Meed were annoying as hell. Meed has a physical presence but cannot act his way out of a paper bag. It would have been better if he played it more straight as the comedy falls flat.

All in all I enjoyed the film and if you enjoy the last man on earth premise and don't expect something the quality of a Quiet Earth you should enjoy it as well.

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