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Penny Dreadful should be named Pretty Awful, 12 May 2014

Had Free Showtime weekend thought the trailer for Penny Dreadful looked interesting. Sort of like The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

Boy it didn't hold up at all.

I couldn't make heads or tales of this show. Bouncing here and there.

I always like Timothy Dalton as an actor . But this was not a part for him, And Josh Harnett looked like he was sleep walking through this thing

I am so glad it was a free Showtime weekend as it would not be worth paying for

I read that it had only eight episodes perhaps it will get better as it progress's but I doubt it.

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It suffered from the Pushing Daisy's dilemma, 9 May 2014

The Concept was good, Nanaties(sic) going amok and causing blackouts. Where it went wrong is that They changed the day and time. Than came the Winter Olympics and was off a few weeks, Than once it was revealed that it was nanites (sic)and it was found out that Aaron was the maker of these little devils, it went down hill.

I wonder how many remember the show pushing daisy's it was a good show , did well in the ratings. Than there was the writers strike. Instead of repeating the episodes so viewers could get back into the show rhythm ABC didn't do that and I forgot it was on , couldn't get into it and stopped watching it.

I think this is somewhat happened with Revolution.

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Are they recycling skits?, 18 March 2014

Really tell me they didn't do a rehash or Alan being role playing with Gretchen.

Didn't they do that a few years ago with someone else? It seems the character of Jenny is fading into the background now

And what is up with the Jake wanna be that Walden is working with .

Lyndsey wants to marry Larry but still wants Allan. what is up with that enough already. As I have said before not a fan of Lyndsey's poor placed passing gas and other things

I am watching to see how far Gretchen will go with Alan and will she pass gas after a few more episodes too

I think the jumped the shark long long ago.

Nothing but one liners and one uppers .

Time to go I think!

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Nice and Scripted, 25 July 2013

I have watched this at least six times. And what I noticed is that Don Henley and Glenn Frey's speech's seem well scripted. "Henley And it was tearing the band apart!" Joe Walsh is just Joe Walsh .

Poor Timothy Schmitt stuck in the middle.

Is it me or does Glenn Frey like to think he is the DeFacto leader of the group? I used to think that maybe Don Felder etc all should get a little more of the pie. But after reading that he is worth $25 million . I am like stop your crying . YOu are still getting paid for Hotel California and etc.

Good movie though if you are an Eagles fan or not!

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Said it before and am saying it again, 12 January 2013

They have run out of story ideas. First it was Courtney Thorne-Smith puking and farting almost every episode she is on.

I agree the Alan character has become pathetic. Does this man ever work or does he just freeload off of everyone. Haven't seen him go to work recently.

Did anyone see the Chuck Lorre Vanity card at the end of this episode? They zip it by so fast you can't read them. But they used the "D" word like 20 times there too.

Just read that CBS may renew the show for an 11th season. My questions is "WHY?" It's not funny anymore.

Still miss this show, 2 January 2013

I Still this show. It was a great show , it talked about issues that happen to people of a certain age.

But As Ray Romano said other Networks wouldn't touch it because it didn't have car chases or explosions.

And I guess TNT felt that way too after a bit.

Shame because it was well written , the main actors seemed to have a great chemistry as well Sad that the most popular shows are "Reality Shows!

And now gasp we find out that reality shows are plotted out I.E. Like storage wars.

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Tasteless humor, 26 November 2012

I have stopped watching two and a half men. The reason is most of the jokes are in poor taste.

I think they went too far when Lyndsey aka Courtney threw up on Walden's plane and She is always passing gas.

Also having Rose come back and cuff and gag Walden is in poor taste as well.

Alan is just too wimpy for my taste and is getting worse.

I can see why CBS put it behind Big Bang Theory. I think it lost viewers after the newness of Aston wore off.

And no Angus aka Jake is telling people to stop watching the show. Okay Angus you get $250, 000 per episode. I hope you saved a lot of money as You are not as cute as you were when you were 8.

Stepping off my soap box

"Dallas" (2012)
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half an hour too much, 14 June 2012

I tried to get through the updated version of Dallas. I just couldn't get warmed up to John Ross and Christopher.

The chemistry of the old show just wasn't there.

I could only watch like half an hour of it and erased it from my DVR list.

I wanted to rate this show a zero but You can't go lower than 1 .

Too bad .

Others may like it and more power to you.

I will pass.

I do wish TNT would bring back Men of a Certain Age. The actors in that had a great chemistry.

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This is not your fathers Captain America, 3 August 2011

I am a Die-hard Captain America fan. I had my doubts reading the premise of the film. They took quite a few liberties with the characters. There are some that I can see to tie in the upcoming Avengers movie. For those of you who do not know Nick Fury was Sergeant in World War II. As we can see Nick Fury as portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson and an Afro American while the Marvel Comics version of Sgt Nick Fury was a Caucasian. Also James "Bucky "Barnes was quite a few younger then Stephen Rogers, not the same age.

So I went into the movie a skeptic. I came out a convert. They did a very good job of staying as true to the Marvel version as they could. I also realized that this in the Ultimate's Version of the Captain America, not the Cap or Yore! If you like action this movie has it, granted some of it may seem a little corny cause part of the movie is sent in the 1940s or BCP(Before Cell phones).

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Wait for it to come to Pay per view, 3 August 2011

I thought this movie would be a bit more fluid. But to me it was a bit disjointed. It started out fine, like a typical western.

But when the aliens came into play, this to me is where it all went downhill. The sic if western mix just didn't seem to come together at all.

Mind you I like Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. And I am a new fan of Olivia Wilde. I even like Adam Beach in this movie

It came just under two hours, I know because I checked my watch at least 4 times during the movies. And this is not a good sign when I check my watch more than twice.

Save your money and wait for it to come to pay per view or a free cable weekend.

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