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Mordern day relationship drama, watchable, and very good!, 2 August 2012

I had already been a fan of Til Schweiger before seeing this film. I read about it that it did not receive the recognition it deserved. I had seen Til Schweiger in quite a few other films and I was interested to see his ability to perform in a drama setting. We had seen a bit of this in the film Driven in 2001, and his performance was outstanding. He stole the show, with his ability to become his character. But I noticed that when he doesn't say anything, he is still able to convey what is going on in the scene with just his emotions. Not many actors/actresses have mastered this ability and this is part of the appeal of watching him on screen.

This movie had both funny, awkward, and dramatic moments, that it all dealt with extremely well. I would recommend this film even to people who do not like reading subtitles. But part of the beauty of watching a film in another language is leaving it in it's intended language, as many scenes can be lost in translation. If you pay close attention to body language and the emotions involve, it's easy to perceive what is lost in translation.

My rating of this film, I would gladly pay to see it more than once and I intend to buy it on DVD. To my surprise, it was not available on stream, and the previous film from 2007 is not available either. This is very discouraging, but if you buy it or rent it somewhere, you will not be disappointed.

This wasn't my first film to watch in German and read subtitles. It won't be the last. The German film industry needs more recognition and that's surprising to come from an American, born and raised. But it's true and German films are worth every penny. It kind of makes me want to learn the language and experience the beauty of their culture after watching this movie. I hope someone else enjoys this film as much as I did.

Thanks to Til Schweiger for writing, directing, and acting this great piece of modern day masterpiece. Please continue to make great things and do good. We love your work and you as a very talented individual.

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I want this on DVD! :(, 26 August 2011

I've one of the few people who've actually seen this film. I remember seeing this on HBO, back in the day. I'm sure you've probably never heard of it, but it has Courteney Cox & Kevin Pollak. The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them (1992 or 1993? There seems to be confusion on when this movie actually came out, or maybe 1993 is when it was released on video?).

It's a good drama/relationship/comedy flick. Besides, I'm a huge Courteney Cox & Kevin Pollak fan. :) Few films have ever duplicated the awesome formula for an enjoyable romantic comedy.

I collect rare movies. I want this movie on DVD, but no site carries it. I tried Netflix already. I had to buy it on VHS on Amazon. All excited to see the movie, I should have checked Hulu first. :( It seems like Hulu has a lot of things that Netflix doesn't. That's an awesome bonus of subscribing to Hulu! >:-) How I add this movie on Hulu to my favorites or instant queue list? I have no idea. I guess I'll have to figure it out, I was never much a big Hulu movie watcher. But based on this recent experience, I guess I'll have to change that. :)