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Girlfriend (2010)
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It's not awful but it's pretty close, 15 September 2010

I went to this movie with a group of 6 friends and none of us liked it. We tried to like it but we just couldn't. It was over acted and not well written. The main character, Evan, was interesting but you could tell he was be coached off screen. The rest of the cast was tolerable but I don't think Oscar will be calling any of them anytime soon. I actually can't understand why the movie was made. Other than some has beens and soon to be has beens, the storyline has been covered. Amanda Plummer was actually the only bright spot in the movie. She was honest and played the part she was given. If the writing is bad it's really not the actors fault. If you have to see it, wait till it gets to RedBox next month and ask a friend to chip in for the buck.