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This list is divide like a syllabus to explain various periods,style and genres of black or African American cinema in a more comprehensive list for those who want to jump in or those who want to add some variety to the usual African American imagery of the screen. To learn more, check out the blog "Shadow & Act" on Indiewire

Part 1: Early Cinema (Micheaux & 1920s)

Part 2: Civil Rights and New Black Nationalism (1950s -1960s)

Part 3: Revolution and Blaxploitation (1970s)

Part 4: Nu Black Awareness and Planet Rock (1980s - 1990s)

Part 5: Urban Wasteland and Social Discourse (1990s - 2000)

Part 6: Millennial Black Cinema (2000s)

Part 7: 2012 Nu Blak Image (2012 - 2014)

Final Chapter: BLERDS in Paradise (Present)
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In honor of the film Starred Up...A list of movies that take a hard look at life in the prison system. These are just my opinion: not in rank or order.
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A collection of rare finds and hidden gems from my anime viewing starting from Saturday Anime on SciFi channel to current offerings.
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Its that time of year again, for cookies & milk and sugar plum fairies dancing in your head... but sometimes we want a lil' Cayenne pepper to the holidays. Here's a list of some "unconventional" Christmas classics...