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A movie for the fans, not for the critics., 25 March 2016

I went into this movie with a considerable amount of expectation. But I knew that it won't match or exceed them. So here are a few brief notes, I have about the movie:

Ben Affleck is the best Batman to appear on screen. Henry Cavill is much better as Superman here than he was in Man Of Steel. Wonder Woman is just too cool. Steals every scene she is in. Even outshines Batman. Lex Luthor is surprisingly one of the best things about the movie. Action sequences are a spectacle to watch. Story is rushed, but is on point and very well told. There is SO much that wasn't shown in the trailers. They were very cleverly deceptive on some plot points.


IMO, it's not comparable to The Dark Knight trilogy. Gets close to being as good if not better than Dark Knight Rises, but has similar issues to TDKR. Was it worth the wait? Yes it was.

It is a really good movie. Visually stunning. Just seeing the Justice League Trinity together on screen made the ticket worth it. Don't miss out on watching it in the cinema.

The critics will not like it because it changes how superhero movies have become more adult-friendly than children-friendly. But then again, this is one for the fans and Zack Snyder and Co. have not disappointed us.

Great but by no means better than the original., 26 October 2012

Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows is the sequel to the famous Oscar nominated Sherlock Holmes released in 2009 but does it have enough juice to beat or compete with the 'Original'?

It has a brilliant story to it and Guy Ritchie keeps his reputation for an action man. The visual effects were mesmerizing!!

The only thing that lets it down, is its acting. Don't get me wrong it wasn't poor but sometimes you'd just feel that Robert Downey Jr. was trying too hard to duplicate the effect he created in the first Sherlock installment (kinda like Johnny Depp did it too much in the third and fourth parts of Pirates of the Caribbean). But, that wasn't a big issue as that was overshadowed by brilliant acting from Jude Law and Jared Harris. I particularly liked Jared Harris as Pro. Moriarty, very, very well done.

So, does it beat the Original? I'd say 'NO' and I think most people would agree. The story was great like the first one and the action was eye-catching too but the acting, that flow of Sherlock Holmes was just wasn't there and I think that's what this movie missed!!

Overall a brilliant family movie with a lot of action and laughs with a brilliant conclusion!! Sherlock Holmes plays a 'GOOD' game!


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Bad?...NO! Disappointed? YES!, 26 October 2012

Even with the action packed fighting scenes of numerous superheroes and very clever humor, The Avengers fails to live up to its expectations as being the best superhero movie ever made.

Basically, the only people who were acting in the movie were; Captain America, Nick Fury & Black Widow, the rest were there just to fight. Even if that was the soul purpose of the movie, not a lot of work was put into the performance of the main characters, except for the ones mentioned above.

Still don't know why Captain America and Hawkeye were casted in the movie, they have no soul importance. Yes, Captain America is inspiring but Marvel could've surely gone with ANYONE else. Maybe wait another year and let the reboot of Spiderman release and cast Spiderman in The Avengers. The only thing that exceed's expectation is the Hulk with its awesome power and dominance (even that was kept very late)

There weren't any jaw-dropping action scenes but there were some great laughs when the heroes fought or argued with each other.

All in all, it can be called a disappointment, because I really don't think this movie is better than Spiderman or Spiderman 2 or Batman Begins or The Dark Knight or Iron Man or The Incredible Hulk or even Thor. In my opinion, this not the best Marvel movie ever made, the reason to which I think could be that, it was done very hurriedly. Bad - NO....Disappointed - YES!!


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Batman is back....WITH A BANG!!!, 26 October 2012

It is really the perfect beginning to the dark crusader.

A very well written, thrilling and attractive storyline by David S. Goyer & Christopher Nolan marks this movie as one of the best reboots of all time.

The movie gives a completely different feel to a superhero movie. Where superhero movies are a bit funny, Batman Begins is dark and gloomy. This new experiment works marvels and marks the movie as a crime-thriller rather than an action-comedy which most superhero movies are.

With brilliant acting by Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Cillian Murphy, Gary Oldman and Micheal Caine, the movie delivers a better, more gripping feel than many other superhero movies.

Well done Mr. Nolan. 7.5/10

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The best crime-drama/action movie EVER made! Hats off to Mr. Nolan., 26 October 2012

Clever, driven, gripping, thrilling, amazing, awesome, spectacular, extraordinary...

This movie can be described as every positive thing that can be said about a movie. Christopher Nolan has given us yet another thrilling and dramatic movie for all to enjoy. I honestly can't find one negative point of this movie.

Yes, it is a staggering two and a half hour long, but let me tell you, IT IS WORTH IT. After the reboot of the Batman (Batman Begins), I was really looking forward to what happens to Batman next and 'HOW' Mr. Nolan tells the story.

This movie surpassed ALL and EVERY expectation. I didn't even expect it to be that good. When I heard that 'The Joker' was to be played by the young Heath Ledger, I honestly was confused how the blonde, show-boy would do in the role. But I was amazed at how it planned out. Heath Ledger has probably given as one of the most creepy and most loved villains ever to be appeared on screen. That has not been said since Dr. Hannibal appeared in 'Silence of the Lambs'.

The action, the humor, the drama, the special effects, the performance by the individual characters is in one word - perfect. I don't think I've seen a better movie than this one. Heath Ledger has literally stole my heart, it's a great loss to the movie world that he is no longer with us. May he rest in peace.

10/10 (Not many movies can get that!)

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Not necessary but a decent way to 'restart' Spiderman!, 26 October 2012

Yes, it wasn't necessary to remake the original EPIC trilogy but 'The Amazing Spiderman' does succeed in entertaining the audience with outstanding visual effects and a decent (almost the same as the original) story.

The Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's chemistry is great to watch and they, by themselves can carry the weight of this reboot.

Rhys Ifans is not as amazing as the goblin but does justice to famous and most wanted Spiderman villain, Lizzard.

This Spiderman remake is worth a watch and it will be interesting to see where Mark Webb takes this franchise.


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A masterpiece. A perfect way to end the trilogy. Thank You Mr. Nolan!, 26 October 2012

Well, I FINALLY watched this movie. I honestly haven't waited longer for a movie to come out than for this one. FOUR YEARS I waited and as you'd expect, by the end of 'The Dark Knight' and the tragic death of Heath Ledger, I really wanted to see how Nolan would end this epic, EPIC trilogy. In simple words; My expectations were sky high but I knew that it won't be able to match its predecessor.

So, did it exceed expectations? Eeeh..Kind of. Don't get me wrong it is a GREAT movie. Nolan has outdone himself...AGAIN! Everything in this movie is perfect. The story, the acting, the direction, the cinematography, the special effects...All, top notch. There is even a thrill of wanting to know what will happen to Bruce Wayne and Gotham and most of all how Nolan will conclude his EPIC finale.

But this movie just doesn't give that sense of excitement and anticipation as 'The Dark Knight' did. I don't think there's any argument that 'The Dark Knight' is the best superhero movie EVER made and it really is. I don't think any upcoming movie can be as 'dark' or 'gritty' as 'The Dark Knight'.

Simply put, The Dark Knight Rises is not a 'superhero''s a 'war' movie and a pretty damn good one. It focuses on real world issues and how a simple army of 200-300 men and a mercenary can take over an entire city and it focuses well. You really think if it can happen in your city. Bane is THAT terrifying!

On to the performances and as usual, there were NO problems as Nolan is very strict on that. We finally see more acting from Christian Bale than action, not meaning that he's only Batman for a short while but we really sense the struggle he's feeling. The need to just get over his life doing nothing. Just die a simple death. Joseph Gordon Levitt, Morgan Freeman and others have done a commanding job, no mistakes there. Micheal Caine is absolutely outstanding this time. We get to see more of him and it really is very heartwarming when he's talking in the movie. Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle......well one, she's HOT! And two, she steals absolutely EVERY scene she is in. She is the big surprise in this movie and the character fits really well into the movie and doesn't even make you think if it was really necessary to bring her into the movie.

Now...BANE...Tom Hardy is OUTSTANDING and EPIC as Bane. I can't think of any other words! The things he can do and the expression he can give with just his eyes and his body language is a joy to watch. Is he better than 'The Joker'? Acting wise, No! But it really is very, VERY unfair to Hardy that he'll be compared to 'The Joker'. The Joker was menacing, psychotic and chaotic while Bane is strong, intelligent and fierce! There completely different characters. I honestly think Hardy deserves an Oscar nomination for his role here. He was just....EPIC!! (Can't find another word)

To sum it all up, The Dark Knight Rises is a fitting and impressive conclusion to the 'Dark Knight Trilogy' and whoever decides to take over to the franchise, they must know...that the bar is as high as it can be. I don't think anyone will be able to match what Sir Christopher Nolan has done in the past 7 years. I'll miss the Batman, I really will!


Inception (2010)
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The movie that'll have you dreaming for weeks!, 26 October 2012

Where to start...Dreaming...after you watch this movie u'll be dreaming about it until u watch it again. If you still dnt get it..u'll watch it again!!

Inception is one of those movies that play with your mind from the first scene of the movie through to the end. It is the PERFECT Sci-Fi thriller and in my point of view the BEST SCI-FI thriller ever made and one of the top ten of the 21st century!!

Nolan is a genius!! Momento, The Prestige, Batman Begins, THE DARK KNIGHT and now " INCEPTION " ! ! What can you say?? I am honestly amazed that he hasn't won an Oscar for the 'BEST MOVIE'..seriously this is one director who makes movies audiences want to watch!!

This movie is one of the classics and my personal favourite along with other Nolan movies.

In short; A Sci-Fi thriller that makes you sit through the whole movie as it plays with your mind!! A must watch..


Dredd (2012)
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'Dredd' - one of surprises of 2012 & one of the best action movies..., 26 October 2012

I'm a huge fan of Superhero movies and have been since I first started watching movies. The 1995 'Judge Dredd' was not one of my favourite superhero movies.

Judge Dredd is not your normal kind of superhero. Were Superman is an alien, Hulk has awesome power, Iron Man and Batman have their gadgets and Thor is an almighty god. Judge Dredd has a gun which can fire multiple types of bullets. Unlike other superheroes who want to 'save' people, Judge Dredd just wants to serve justice to people.

Superhero movies are nice to watch. There is humor, action, a bit of romance, a bit of suspense and thrill, fantasy, all in all a complete package of entertainment for PG13. But 'Dredd' is different. There's blood, loads of blood, amputated bodies, a lot of gory stuff and brutal, absolutely BRUTAL action set-pieces and loads of swearing. For a superhero movie 'Dredd' is quite different.

Don't get me wrong, it's still an awesome movie. Not boring at any stage of the movie. Its fun all around but its not very audience friendly when it come to kids watching this movie.

So, the acting in the movie is spot on. There's no role that was left asking for more. The script is very fast paced and very well written. Karl Urban is just awesome as Judge Dredd, a big improvement on Stallone whose robotic acting left me wanting more. Olivia Thirlby too was brilliant. Honestly I wasn't quite excited at the idea of a woman being a judge let alone Olivia Thirbly (short, blonde…getting the point?), but she does really well and most of the time steals every scene she's in.

Lena Headly as 'Ma-Ma' is decent. There's not a lot she says in the movie. She's not even showed that much but her presence (as a woman mind you) is sometimes terrifying. She does the character justice (get it? :P).

The direction and the cinematography is brilliant and goes very well with the movie. Pete Travis and Co. have done a very commendable job here.

All in all, 'Dredd' is one of the surprises of this year. With it's fast-paced storyline, awesome and brutal action scenes it is quite simply one of the best action movies of the year.