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Most enjoyable Movie-like Show on TV, 29 December 2010

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Every episode of Human Target is like a fun-filled mini-action flick. The acting is excellent with Mark Valley playing the redemption seeking Christopher Chance, Chi McBride playing the responsible manager and friend of Chance and Jackie Earle Haley playing the "immoral good guy", Guerrero who is extremely resourceful.

The first season was very entertaining and the second one continues the trend with the introduction of two new characters who have added a new dimension to the show.

The show is full of great action sequences interspersed with comedy and generally good plots.

I wish more TV shows were based On Comic Books like Human Target. The show can be enjoyed by both kids and adults as it is pure, unadulterated fun.

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Great Fun, 19 November 2010

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Disney has made another entertaining and fun movie after Prince of Persia. I don't understand why this movie grossed only 60 million but Grown-ups grossed more than 100 million.

Nicholas Cage plays the role of the Sorcerer Bathazaar Blake quite well. Jay Baruchel plays a believable character. Alfred Molina has played the evil Sorcerer Maxim Horvath very well. Drake Stone (Toby Kebbell) is one of the highlights of the movie. The movie is well-paced with good quality (not crude) comedy and some interesting magic especially the mirror trick). This movie invokes the interest of the viewer and sustains it throughout.

Magic, comedy, some good old life lessons and a fun ride: that basically sums up the movie. Go Disney.

"Castle" (2009)
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Entertaining, 11 October 2010

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Castle has a talented cast and brilliant writing. It is a sublime mixture of action, comedy, drama and mystery which keeps you hooked and entertained.

Castle (Nathan Fillion) plays an enigmatic author whose spontaneous nature and comical acting leaves the view impressed. Beckett (Stana Katic) also plays her role of a tough cop to perfection. Their chemistry works.

Ryan and Esposito are also interesting characters who introduce a lot of humor in the show. Alexis Castle is the responsible kid and Martha Rodgers also plays the role of loving family well.

All in all, a brilliant show, definitely worth a watch.

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Decent Action Flick, 12 September 2010

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I had high hopes while going to see this movie. With a cast like this, expectations were raised. But my expectations were dashed as the story failed to involve the viewer.

The actions scenes were brilliantly shot especially the airplane one. But something was missing. It is like a group of actions scenes strung together. The attempt to give a touch of emotionality to the film is a major failure.

The comic relief provided at regular intervals really helps the movie. Stallone and Jason were really impressive. Jet Li also did a decent job. Rourke was wasted and Jason's side story could have easily been avoided.

If this movie had a good director/writer like Nolan, this movie could have been a lot better.

Another thing regarding the blood. It was totally unrealistic. Totally avoidable. This movie could have done well without it.

All in all, a decent one-time action flick. Could have been better but also could have been worse.