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Expect lots of action and lots of blood!
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Category III (CAT III) is a certificate given by the Hong Kong censors office (the Hong Kong equivalent of the american NC-17 or X), to films that contains extreme graphic violence, excessive sexual content and more.

I am going to list all the CAT III movies that i have seen and i will give you some reccomendations.

I will also add movies made before the introduction of the Hong Kong rating system that they have been subsequently rated as CAT III for their home video realease.

Got any CAT III movies to reccomend? don't be shy ! comment and tell me!
This list will be updated.

Street Kids Violence (1999): A movie about a gang of (mostly underage) thugs and wannabe gangsters, it doesn't have lots of "extreme" content, probably the censors feared copycats and decided to give the a movie a CAT III rating.

Bloody Buns (2003): A very crappy remake of The Untold Story, it painfully feels like a very bad made for TV movie (some scenes are badly copied from the original), the acting sucks and the gore/violence is very tame.

Killer 2 (2003): A sequel in name only of Killer (the Jordan Chan movie), while the film is not that graphic, it still has enough sadism to achieve the infamous rating. Not exactly what i expected, but it's enjoyable.

James Wong in Japan and Korea (1992): A funny comedy starring the musician James "Jim" Wong, while not graphic enough to go beyond the R-rating, it's still a movie full of foul language and other stuff that might be considered "politically incorrect".
This film recycles many scenes from "Stooges in Tokyo" and "The Wild Goose Chase".

Under the rose (1992): And yet, another documentary about sex related business in Hong Kong featuring James "Jim" Wong, not as good as "Key to fortune", but this one has it's own share of "interesting stuff".

Blood on Bullet (2000): A bad direct to video action film, the only good thing about this film are some of the fight scenes. It got the CAT III rating because of some of the nudity and a rape scene, which is the worst rape scene in history of cinema, not because it's shocking and graphic, but because it's so bad that it looks like a bad comedy skit. From the cast, we have a few familiar faces: Lily Chung and Phillip Ko.

Naked Party (2000): A comedy/documentary about the porn and sex industry in japan, actually quite funny.

Obsession (1993): Horror/thriller about a female serial killer, surpsingly gory. Featuring: Maryanna Yip, Michael Chan Wai Man and a cameo from australian stuntman, Mike Miller.

Hitman's Call (1999): A boring and cheap attempt at making a "romantic hitman" type of film, Chin Siu Ho (who was in Jet Li's Fist of Lengend & Tai Chi Warrior) is wasted here, dissapointing action and so-so sex scenes. Also featuring Philip Ko & Charlie Cho

Internet Mirage (1999): Lame attempt at making a erotic/thriller, it looks like that it was shot in a holiday resort for less than 2 weeks, nothing interesting to see here. Featuring Philip Ko & Charlie Cho
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The worst directors, in my opinion
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Warning: this list may cause anger.
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A list with my favorite fight scenes, including a great variety of movies: Hong Kong action movies, american B-movies, big budget hollywood movies, Thai action flicks and a lot more!

This list will be updated, so stay tuned!
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My personal picks to the goriest films ever made, i will update when it's possible

Note: This is NOT a list of the best gore movies of all time, so don't complain saying "Durrr, DIS MOVIE SUCKS AND U SUCK TOO !", i only put movies with a fair amount of gore or rare stuff.
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Since that today the market is filled with useless "ULTRA MEGA UNRATED EDITIONS THAT IS GOING TO PROVOKE AN ANAL EVACUATION", i am going to list movies that really needs a special edition on DVD with stuff that got cut out of the final version.
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Don't complain if there are not enough oscar-winning awards in this list, you have your taste ? i have mine too, i don't give a sh!t if my taste in movies sucks, so don't even bother to write stupid comments saying "Your taste in movies sucks".
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List of my favorite directors, in no particular order.
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My favorite movies of they year, don't expect me to add "Inception" as the best one, because i hated that one.

My concept of "best movies of 2010" doesn't depends on how many oscars a movie is going to win, i choose the ones that i appreciated.

you have your opinion ? i have mine too !