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Awesome movie!, 13 August 2003

Rob Lowe plays the strikingly good looking GQ styled stranger who befriends an affluent wimp named Michael. He also introduces him to evil, threesomes and robbery. You never know why Rob Lowe does what he does(maybe it's sexual?) but it doesn't spell it out for you. He even tapes him while having sex so Alex clearly has a sexual power over Michael. Rob Lowe in his early movies was just a pretty boy who had cool hair but he was awesome in this movie. He taped himself having sex with minors just two years before this movie(he's facing his demons in this one). Oh well, Rob Lowe was the movie. Billy Zane's sister is ridiculously goodlooking and she has the mysterious, sexy look which makes her perfect in this. One question though, what is up with his stoner brother? The actor was pathetic and he looked like a librarian. He wasn't even necessary and his stupid scenes ate up time that we could have had more of the Rob Lowe-James Spader dynamic. That was bad casting but other than that this movie owns.

Bones (2001)
Surprising but not close to Demon Knight, 11 August 2003

A lot of people rip this probably because it's a so-called black movie. However, I'm white and I think it was pretty good. Unlike the overly white vs. black Tales from the Hood, this isn't meant to be racially driven. Tales from the Hood was brilliantly acted especially by David Alan Grier and the always awesome Corbin Bernson but it was too much against tha man! This is fun, Snoop comes through and it even has the hot chick from Ginger Snaps. Some of the gore is too computerized and the blood looks way too bright but I'm not complaining. The ending hurts the movie but it's obvious that this is directed by a man who loves the genre. It's not a classic like Demon Knight but it's much better than They or Darkness Falls. The girl who plays Cynthia is gorgeous and should have a long career ahead of her. I wouldn't mind seeing her in another horror flick (naked perhaps????).

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Atmospheric and near brilliant(only stupid people should avoid), 15 July 2003

This is John Carpenter's most overlooked movie other than the Fog and I guess I understand why. A lot of people aren't intelligent enough to enjoy a movie that relies on stunning visuals, a great plot, and chilling atmosphere. How can you lose with Sam Neill being the lead actor? Watching his descent into madness as reality and fantasy merge is actually pretty funny. To me it's more funny than hearing Busta Rhymes say, "Trick or treat motha fuc*a!" This is not a movie where there are a bunch of stupid teenagers running around so if your favorite movie is Urban Legends avoid this. But if you like a deep horror movie that lets you think and see some amazing acting, definitely check this out. Oh yeah, if you're not a fan of horror movies meaning if you like 10 horror movies and all of them star someone from Dawson's Creek(of course you think you're a horror freak), you'll hate this.

The Source (2002)
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I liked it the first time when it was called the Craft..., 11 July 2003

Oh yeah, the first time it had better actors(better looking actors), way better effects... well, this was a low budget movie to say the least. The writing was awful, the bullies actually said Baby go boom when they tripped a guy. Hahahhahahahahaa. I mean, the hero in this movie has wild long hair and put on eyeliner but couldn't understand why he was being made fun of. I felt sorry for the main "bitchy" girl. She was hot in kind of a not so hollywood hot but hot way. She has some incredibly lame lines. Combine the Craft, a crazy rock that makes people float and a David Deceteau flick. And you have this wild movie called the Surge. Look for Ben Affleck playing the role as the crazy mentally slow janitor with the cleanest mop and a heart of gold.

Teen Witch (1989)
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Possibly the most scary and gruesome movie of all time..., 5 July 2003

I know that the rating is PG-13 but it should have gotten an NC-17. What was the MPAA thinking? The acting alone will make you disgorge your lunch and the fact that someone compared this to the Craft, haha.... Actually in all seriousness this movie has elements of Citizen Kane and Nightmare on Elmstreet. How Robyn Lively's charisma and stunning looks didn't make her a huge star is a mystery to me and all of the other 500 people who saw this insanely wild and bloody movie. "Geez, Louise, what did you do, trip her?" When you hear this line said with ridiculous poise by the girl who plays Polly, you just know that you're in for something special. Lucio Fulci's Zombi has nothing on this movie people. And Dan Gauthier or whatever his name is should have been the next Tom Cruise with his "too cool for school" attitude. I dug this guy. It also has the kid from Near Dark. H-o-m-e-r pronounced Homer... Yes, this is a genre fan's dream.

Final Exam (1981)
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Seriously lacking gore and suspense but..., 23 June 2003

I had heard that this movie was gruesome and gory, but violent does not mean gory! The first hour of the movie is really without violence apart from the initial scene which made the movie look like it would be somewhat okay. The acting wasn't even all that bad but I would have liked to see the girls get naked more often. The director doesn't know how to lead up to kills and the score didn't deliver. But this is no Halloween or Friday the 13th. This isn't your standard slasher movie where you get to see a lot of nudity, some gore and a lot of annoying actors. I'm wondering if the MPAA did a lot of cuts like in My Bloody Valentine. That would have possibly been one of the best slasher movies of all time if they hadn't slashed it before it got released. But you should probably avoid this all the same and buy Halloween or even look for the Burning. The uncut one is my all time favorite slasher movie. It has it all, nudity, gore and horrible acting. This has too much character development for a low budget movie. And what's up with that gay/not gay kid who kept talking about how you should lock your door? Oh well, rent something else.

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Far better than Dracula 2000, 22 June 2003

This movie was faster paced, maybe had more gore and had a better looking main girl and a better looking Dracula(when he got his normal looks). Of course he had weird blonde hair, I always thought Dracula had black hair. Anyway, I liked the fact that they added historical facts(vampires like to count and are obsessed with it). The only flaws were that Jason London wasn't as good as Jonny Lee Miller(still did okay) and the black guy's part was horribly written. The reason this is better than the first is this movie gels much better and it doesn't feel as quickly edited(the really weak ending of the first). I'm not saying this is on the level of Near Dark or Lost Boys but it was a fun watch.

Bad Karma (2001/II)
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Lots of blood, babes and Patrick Muldoon's perfect hair!, 22 June 2003

I thought this movie ruled. Why you ask? Because it doesn't take itself seriously, has tons of nice fun gore scenes and there are plenty of babes in it. Patsy Kinsit is soooo hot. Patrick Muldoon is also a pretty good actor, I wonder why he never made it off of Hollywood's b list. I do really feel sorry for him here though, because he and Kinsit don't belong in b movie hell. They look too good and can actually act. Go into this with the lowest of expectations and don't pretend you're watching Hamlet and you'll dig it.

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I guess I'm sick but this movie was hilarious, 22 June 2003

Donny was one smooth cat with the ladies. Tarantino was right when he said this was a classic and think God he got this forgotten movie a little more attention. This movie sort of reminded me of Maniac but wasn't quite as funny as that. Donny didn't put up with lip from his mother, and he had tons of friends. But then he got mad because they were selfish and vain. Everyone should own this on DVD and remember, Donny says, "No more laughing."

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Finally a director who doesn't rely on Dawson's Creek alum, 21 June 2003

It's about time that a serious horror movie director emerged and this guy is gonna be something. Horror is better, his newest movie, but this shows that you don't need 10 million to make an effective horror movie. Now this movie is not perfect but for $150,000 that is going to be kind of hard. This isn't a slsher film and if you don't want to watch something artistic and creepy go rent I Know What You Did Last Summer. Obviously people on here are lacking intelligence and don't want something different cause this only has a rating of a 3.4 and it should be around a 6.5 or 7. If you dug this movie definitely check out anything from Dario Argento.

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