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The best fantasy films I saw as a child.
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No they were not Oscar calibre but I love these movies...
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I have read the comics since I was 6 (almost 30 years now) and adore the X-Men. However the recent string of movies, while very popular, sucked to me. The casting was way off 90% of the time and the characters were not themselves at all. Relationships and roles within the team were reworked to EPIC FAIL level. Here is my rather long list of who I think should play the Uncanny X-Men and a few facts about lesser known characters.
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I adore the idea of Lex Luther as President! So if I had my way I would create a triology of Justice League movies were Lex rises to power (part one), the public turns its back on the heroes (part two) and the final fall of Lex by his own hand (part three).

Part One: Lex would use his financial power to crash the world economy; using people's fear and desperation to rise to President of the US. Once in office things "mystically" become better in the US only.

Part Two: He works with the villians to deface the image of the heroes; framing them for harming or killing civilians during a fight with the villians or something. The heroes are then looked upon as dangerous.

Lex, backed by the public, pushes congress to pass a law that outlaws the work done by the heroes. However enforcing this law means creating a state under a pseudo-martial state. It works the heroes are either arrested or go into hiding. However, now the US is under martial law for its own protection. The people stay quiet because they have "bread and circus" (good paying jobs and all the reality tv they can watch) to keep them quiet.

Other countries essentially turn to Lex for help and he is eventually crowned a sort of "King" by the UN. He now has complete power. This was the plan all along.

Part Three: His tyrantical leadership is more than the world can handle. Still, people do little to stop him as they are comfortable as long as they do nothing against him. Humans, like Amanda Waller, free the heroes to deal with him and his minions.
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After falling in love with the "Thundercats" reboot I started to wonder what other cartoons I want to see relaunched and updated.
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Parental discretion is advised!
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While I have rated a few action films higher than the one on this list due to writing, visuals and/or the acting talent of the cast; the films listed here are the ones I just keep coming back to! I adore them on an emotional level.